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Teach Yourself Part 5: Horse Training Tips For Seniors

Teach Yourself Part 5: Horse Training Tips For Seniors

DIY Rule One: Make Doing It Right Easy; Doing It Wrong Hard. Far too many people on the DIY path do exactly the opposite. They make doing the right thing hard and the wrong thing easy. I’ve trained horses, dogs, cats, kids, and even a squirrel. No matter what creature you may try to train, Rule One always applies. It’s a broad[Read More…]

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Teach Yourself Part 4: Practice Where To Look

Teach Yourself Part 4: Practice Where To Look

There Is No Denying The Wisdom Of Keeping Your Eyes On The Road. I have only a few mantras. A couple are: “Good turns start with the eyes” and “If you are looking at the next turn, you’re too late.” When you are trying a new drill, it is entirely natural to look down at your feet and legs and[Read More…]

by February 15, 2017 16 comments Features
Rick Schnellman's videos demo technique.

Teach Yourself Part 3: “Building Blocks” Review

Veteran Coach and Ski Racer Has A Six-DVD Package. The problem with trying to teach your old-dog-self some new tricks using videos is that you tend to adopt “positions” when mimicking the skiing on the video. Just because you wound up in a similar position doesn’t mean you moved things in the right order to get there. Remember, all good[Read More…]

by February 7, 2017 2 comments Features
Teach Yourself? Part 2: Tips & Tools For DIY

Teach Yourself? Part 2: Tips & Tools For DIY

You Can’t Make It Real If You Ain’t Got The Feel. Be Mindful When you DIY! When you hit a golf ball, tennis ball or baseball cleanly, you really feel the FLOW. You did everything just right….and BAM… Same deal with skiing. When you do it right, it feels right. Pay attention to the sensations you get while skiing, ESPECIALLY[Read More…]

by January 31, 2017 4 comments Features
DIY very carefully. But it can be done.

Teach Yourself? Part 1

Can You? Should You? How? Perhaps the real, central question is, “Can you do it yourself?” The answer is, absolutely you can! I am living proof. Like many of us, I had taken a long hiatus from the sport. While I was gone, some clever person invented the parabolic ski. The technology created new opportunities on the snow but, how[Read More…]

by January 23, 2017 3 comments Features
Face The Facts

Face The Facts

Can You Brush Up Your Skiing With Online Lessons? [Editor Note:  Last spring, polled our readers about their interest in taking a ski lesson.  We were surprised to see that 46 percent of respondents said they would be taking or had taken lessons during the season. And they said they’d be interested in lessons tailored to the needs of[Read More…]

by January 9, 2017 6 comments Features
Intelliskin Compression Shirt has a certain Batman look, doesn't it?
Credit: Intelliskin

Product Review: Intelliskin Performance Shirt Supports Posture

High Tech, “Smart” Compression Apparel Brings Muscles Into Balance. “Michael, sit up straight! If you slouch like that your back will stay that way your whole life!” Yep, I’ve been a lifelong sloucher. Mom may have been right. I am the poster boy for disc problems. So, when the boss gave me a shot at testing the anti-slouch base layer[Read More…]

by March 7, 2016 1 comment Accessories
Knee Bindings add heel rotation to traditional toe rotation as an innovative safety feature.
Credit: Knee Bindings.

Knee Binding: Heel Release Promises Safer Skiing For Seniors’s Correspondent Mike Stebbins Reviews An Innovation In Binding Engineering That Addresses Knee Injuries. Back in the day, the fractured leg was “The Ski Injury”. With the advent of release bindings, broken legs all but vanished from our sport. These days, the torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is king of season-ending-injuries. Well documented research concludes that ACL injuries are caused[Read More…]

by January 6, 2016 9 comments Accessories
Cool?  You bet.  SPINE Optics  fashionista sunglasses are designed to both look good and stick on.
Credit: SPINE Optics

Stocking Stuffer: Cool, Hi-Tech SPINE Sunglasses Stay Put

When Bouncing The Bumps, These Shades Stick On Your Face. “The sun will come out, tomorrow…” The good folks at SPINE Optics sent me a really nice looking pair of sunglasses to evaluate, and the sun refused to shine for two weeks. Patience, Grasshopper…. In defiance of the science, the sun came out for a glorious three hours yesterday despite[Read More…]

by December 22, 2015 0 comments Accessories, Gear
Lost Trail/Powder Mountain Ski Area, Sula, MT

Sneaky Cheap Western Skiing

Ski Out West Without Penury. Hey, who doesn’t want to get in a ski trip to the Rockies? In’s last reader’s survey, keeping costs down was high on your list of vacation priorities. With lift tickets over $100 per day at the big name resorts and “low end” lodging starting at $200 per night, the price of a week’s skiing can[Read More…]

by November 17, 2015 5 comments Resort Reviews, West
Clendenin Method offers a way for seniors to ski smoothly and comfortably.

Next Season’s Priority: Take A Senior-Smart Ski Lesson

Correspondent Mike Stebbins Has Found A Ski Guru For Skiing Seniors. So Geezer Guys & Gals, if you have been following the bouncing ball and singin’ along with Mitch, by now you have either found a club in your area or are busy building one of your own. You have new friends to ski with, and you want to keep[Read More…]

by April 7, 2015 2 comments Conditioning
Gym exercises are only one way of building small muscle strength.  There's also fun.

Fine-Tuning Fitness Means Playing Around

Don’t Neglect Small Muscles Over The Non-Snow Season. If you love snow sports, this is always the time of year you start thinking about other stuff. Still, in the back of your mind is that voice, “If I had just been in a bit better shape….”. Perhaps All Things are not possible anymore, but Better Things are. So, at this[Read More…]

by April 6, 2015 1 comment Conditioning
No ski club? Organize! Power to senior skiers.
Credit: Hippie Dippie

Power To The Ski Club!

Join A Ski Club.  Or Start One.  More Fun, Friends, Frolic. By now, you know that senior ski clubs are a great way to enjoy winter sports. The social aspects alone are inviting! Unfortunately, there may not be a senior ski club where you ski most often. Hey, it’s time to organize! Time to make new friends, develop some collective[Read More…]

by March 24, 2015 6 comments Features, Home Top Box 4
Ah, the good old, old days.  Boomers were inspired by these ski pioneers from the 1920s.

Just Sayin’: Are Boomers The Wrinkled Irrelevant?

Marketing Consultant Launches Rant About Seniors and the Ski Industry My fellow Geezers, we brought this on ourselves. Back in the Hey Days of the 70s and 80s, we represented the youthful exuberance that was the core of the sport. To this day, thanks in part to us, The Industry still sees itself as youthfully exuberant. In the following quote[Read More…]

by February 4, 2015 14 comments Features, Home Top Box 3, Other News
Senior Ski Clubs Are Boomer Be-Ins

Senior Ski Clubs Are Boomer Be-Ins

Clubs Come In Many Forms. Which Is Right For You Remember taking over the college administration building back in the 60s? Remember, organizing hootenannies, peace rallies, and “Be-Ins”? You betcha. We, The Boomers, know how to organize! We have ski bus clubs, ski house clubs, ski team clubs, ski travel clubs, ski-bike-sail clubs and just plain senior skier clubs which[Read More…]

by January 26, 2015 0 comments Features

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