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Hermitage Club inhabits the Haystack Mt. as seen across the Deerfield Valley, VT.
Credit: Hermitage

This Week In (Mar. 24)

Sun Screen Explainer, Tremblant 1948, Private Ski Area Visit, Climate Change In New England Skiing, Visiting A Non-Profit Ski Resort, Senior Achievement: Notching Up Mega Vertical Feet. ATTENTION SUBSCRIBERS: EXPERTICITY HAS CHANGED THE NAME OF THE SENIORSSKIING.COM GROUP TO “SKI EXPERTS”.  The recent quota problem that some of our subscribers have reported has been resolved.  Try signing on to your account[Read More…]

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Skiing Mt. Tremblant 1948

Skiing Mt. Tremblant 1948

Ski buses, single-seat lifts, bear trap bindings, racing wipe-outs, skinny trails. From SkiPresse/Cycle Presse.  Nostalgia.

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Brodie Mountain in Western MA was ground zero for St. Paddy's Day Skiing.
Credit: Brodie Mtn

This Week In (Mar. 17)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Senior Skin Sun Protection, Tamarack Bargain Resort, Steamboat’s Masters’ Program, Learning To Ski As An Adult. There was a wicked big, late winter snowstorm in the Northeast this week.  While not living up to dire predictions, this one (Stella, according to the Weather Channel) brought yet more snow to the high country in NH, VT and[Read More…]

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Photo: Harriet Wallis

This Week in (March 10)

Stay conditioned to keep skiing. It’s a message I, not as well-conditioned as I’d like to be, think of every time I feel the need to take a break. The other day, I took a few runs with a couple from Arkon, OH. It was their third day at elevation and he, 75, was feeling it. Fortunately they’ll be out[Read More…]

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This Week In (March 3)

This Week In (March 3)

March!!!!! Can you believe it’s here already? Warm temps are blanketing much of the East. In D.C. cherry blossoms are predicted to  appear a month early. I’m writing from the West, where snow is plentiful. Subscribers recently received a brief notice that the mid-Winter reader survey will be emailed in the next two weeks. Your responses will help us continue[Read More…]

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The upper-mountain Lakeview Triple delivers skiers to mostly advanced terrain.
Credit: John Nelson

This Week In (Feb. 17)

Looking Through Turns, Tricks You Can’t Do, Ski Industry Leader, Lifts For XC, Fairy Tale Cottage, Schweitzer’s Hidden Secret. High season in ski country everywhere.  Seems everyone, everwhere has enough snow to last well into Springtime. Glory. What a difference a year makes. Thanks, La Nina or El Nino. Whatever. We have a group of interesting articles this week.  In the[Read More…]

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Mirror Lake Inn is a tasteful and modest spot to relax and enjoy winter sports activities.
Credit: Joan Wallen

This Week In (Feb. 10)

Fab Parka Deal, Pleasant Lake Placid Inn, DIY Teaching Part 3, Sundance Senior Group, How To Do Demos, And Industry News. We finally have a blockbuster storm hitting the Northeast with big dimensions. Expecting 14+ from this one. This weekend will have fantastic skiing throughout the region.  Meanwhile, the West is getting yet more snow, but heavy and wet “cream[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

POV Ski lifts are public places and, in my experience, an opportunity to exchange pleasantries with friends and strangers. Over the years, I’ve rarely encountered hostility on chair, gondola or tram. Last season a person on a quad at Alta launched into aggressive hate speech with his friend. At one point I voiced that the chair was an inappropriate place[Read More…]

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Park City is lower in altitude than other Wasatch resorts, making it easier to adapt for low-landers.
Credit: Park City Mountain Resort

This Week In (Feb. 3)

Park City Review, Self-Teaching Tips, Industry Insider Book Review, Changes With Ages, Hand Warmer Frugality. There’s an old New England axiom that says half your wood pile should be left on Ground Hog day, the official mid-point of winter. However, this year, we have a feeling “winter” is going to stretch well into spring thanks to the amazing quantities of[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

February is National Bootfitting Month. Boots! You either love them or you hate them. If yours give you grief, take heart. February is National Bootfitting Month, and the folks at America’s Best Bootfitters are encouraging skiers to visit one of the America’s Best Bootfitters shops to improve boot performance, comfort, warmth, and fit. Skiing Magazine Folds. The buzz during last[Read More…]

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Mt. Rose lift inundated.
Credit: Mt. Rose

This Week In (Jan. 27)

Mountains Of Snow, Ski Fashion Legend Obermeyer, Resort Reviews From BC, PA, NH, DIY Instruction Part 1, Old Style Freestyle Video. The meteorological world and just about everyone else is in awe of what is happening in the West.  Snowfalls are breaking records, and Bay Area-based correspondent Rose Marie Cleese reports on what’s going on out there.  We have some[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

CALIFORNIA According to online ticket vendor, Mammoth Mountain has the deepest snow pack in the country. They’re currently at 20+ feet and more is on the way. Ms. Nature has dumped 52″ on Mountain High. It’s the resort’s largest snowstorm in the last five years. NEW HAMPSHIRE Jackson Ski Touring Center, the largest in the northeast, features free, supervised 90-minute[Read More…]

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Alpine Meadows

This Week In (Jan. 20)

New Senior Ski Tips eBook, Solitude Races, Big White Resort Review, “Snowbound” Excerpt, Lift Tickets From Speeders?, OR Show Finds. Oh, and the skiing ostriches.  Don’t ask, just watch. It’s been a busy week at We are seeing ongoing, monumental snow falls in the West that are relieving drought conditions in California and creating avalanche hazards all over the[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

CALIFORNIA January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month, when many resorts offer special “learn to ski or snowboard” programs. Among them is Mountain High where guests can purchase a two-for-one midweek, non-holiday Half-Day First Timer Package with lesson, rentals and a lower-mountain lift ticket. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows to host the Elite FIS Astle Memorial January 17-20, 2017. The[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: Snowbound by John Greenleaf Whittier

[An excerpt from Snowbound by John Greenleaf Whitter (1807-1892) to reflect on the tremendous snowfalls in the US and Canadian West.] So all night long the storm roared on: The morning broke without a sun; In tiny spherule traced with lines Of Nature’s geometric signs, In starry flake, and pellicle, All day the hoary meteor fell; And, when the second morning[Read More…]

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