Tucked in the woods, this is a cozy cabin. No bears, too!
Credit: Homeaway

Rustic Elegance with Fairy Tale Flair In Stowe

It’s More Than “Just Right” Just One Mile From Stowe Resort. In Stowe, Vermont, a stone’s throw from world class downhill and cross country skiing sits quintessentially rustic Goldilock’s Cottage, welcoming overnight guests. When Jill Evarts purchased the cabin and four acres of land about twelve years ago, she didn’t need to do a lot of work on it. She[Read More…]

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Mirror Lake Inn, Lake Placid, has been recognized 
Credit: Joan Wallen

Mirror Lake Inn: A Peaceful Haven In Lake Placid

Activities, Elegance, Extraordinary Service In The Heart Of The Adirondacks. I entered the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid through a back door, walked right past the front desk without noticing it, and down the wide staircase. When I ended up at the entrance to the spa, looking somewhat confused, an employee asked if he could help. When I told[Read More…]

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Now this is what a comfy lodge looks like.  Winter sports, good food, excellent accommodations at Glendorn.
Credit: Glendorn Resort

Cross-Country At Historic, Cozy PA Lodge

The Lodge At Glendorn Named Number One Resort Hotel In US. When I first said to our friends that we were having my wife’s 50th birthday party several years ago in Bradford, Pa. they cringed and all remarked, “In the middle of the winter in the icebox of Pennsylvania?”  They were sure surprised when they all drove through the wrought iron gates[Read More…]

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SeniorsSkiing Guide: Easy Going At Bretton Woods

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Easy Going At Bretton Woods

Seniors (65-79) Ski For $25 Mid-Week At This Classic NH Gem. Down Cascade, up to Rosebrook Summit, down Upper Swoop, down Cascade, across to Diamond Ridge, down Deception Bowl, up the Bethlehem Express, down Big Ben, up Zephyr High Speed Quad, down Granny’s Grit. The skiing at Bretton Woods, NH, was so smooth and our trips so fast, that you[Read More…]

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January 10, 28 degrees, 11:30 AM

What A Difference A Day Makes

Cross-Country Skiing In Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA., January 10-11.

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Fun Fact: Legendary Hannes Schneider designed the trails at Laurel at around the same time he created Cranmore. 
Credit: Laurel Mountain

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Saving Laurel Mountain From Obscurity

Western PA Pioneer Area Comes Back To Full Operation. There has been a lot written about the lost ski areas.  For one reason or another, ski areas sometimes are unable to meet the financial or operational requirements and end up closing the lifts.  They fall into disrepair and end up on a list of lost ski areas forever.  But, there is[Read More…]

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New England Ski Museum Tells 3,000 Years Of Ski History

New England Ski Museum Tells 3,000 Years Of Ski History

From The Stone Age To Today. The tiny museum in Franconia, New Hampshire is located next to Cannon Mountain’s gondola base, and it’s a wonderland. Even before you enter, you’re intrigued by what you see just outside the door and you ask yourself: “What’s that thing?” The big red boxy thing is one of Cannon’s original tram cars from 1938.[Read More…]

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Here Comes Winter: From Mt. Washington, NH

Here Comes Winter: From Mt. Washington, NH

Home Of Big Time Extreme Weather Looks Over Dramatic Moving Clouds. Mt. Washington is the Northeast’s highest summit.  At 6,288 feet above sea level, the mountain is a mecca for campers, hikers, and fast-changing weather conditions.  This video was taken from the Observatory on the summit in late October this year.  It reveals an “undercast”—opposite to overcast—as the dawn sun warms[Read More…]

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View from top of slide at Mountainside Water Park.
Credit: Janet Franz

Vermont Ski Hill Morphs Into Summer Water Park

Grandkids Would Love A Summer Day At Smugglers. [Ski resorts are being creative about developing off-snow season attractions.  Smugglers Notch in Northern Vermont has gone the extra mile in creating three separate water parks.  There’s still time to get up there if you’re looking for a getaway for Labor Day.  Special thanks to Janet Franz, a feature story writer covering[Read More…]

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Cannon Mountain is a state-owned area, famous for its aerial tram and free skiing for 65+ seniors.
Credit: Cannon Mountain

Cannon Mountain Update: Seniors To Continue Free Skiing

House Rebels Against Bill That Would Have Ended Free Senior Skiing. Senior resident skiers can breath a sigh of relief after NH legislators agreed to drop a plan that would have ended free skiing for seniors. House and Senate representatives had agreed to a plan where resident NH seniors would begin to pay $5 a day for lift tickets, increasing[Read More…]

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Spruce Peak's bull wheel was pulled downhill by the weight of the cable and chairs after the foundation gave way.
Credit: WCSH

Sunday River Lift Foundation Detaches From Ground

Mysterious Accident Luckily Happened In Mid-Summer. The top terminal of a triple-chair lift at Sunday River, ME, has pulled out of the ground, collapsing the lift.  The foundation failure was discovered by a maintenance worker during a routine evening inspection on July 10. The detachment caused the top terminal to be pulled downhill which released tension on the cable, causing[Read More…]

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Ellicottville is a cool place the just hang-out.  Non-cycling spouses can browse in many boutiques.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Small Ski Town Turns To Bikes In Non-Snow Season

Western New York Ski Town Has Lots Of Cycling Opportunities. One of the more interesting things that happens to a ski town is the metamorphosis that occurs after mud season.  Mud season is traditionally when spring rolls along and the snow melts and the locals in ski town head for vacation.  Soon after, the festivities that define the area in[Read More…]

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Cannon Mountain is a state-owned area, famous for its aerial tram and free skiing for 65+ seniors.
Credit: Cannon Mountain

Update: Free Senior Skiing at Reinstated In NH House Bill

Now The State Senate Must Approve. A bill that would have eliminated free skiing for NH seniors has been amended to reinstate the senior benefit and is being sent back to the Senate for approval. The bill would have charged seniors different rates for weekday and weekend skiing and was an attempt to cover the large deficit at state-owned Cannon[Read More…]

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Tower of Babel watches over Arches National Park, UT.
Credit: John Nelson

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (May 20)

Spring Survey Responses A Wow, Fling Golf, La Nina Coming Soon, More Cycling Series. We are truly awed and grateful for the incredible, enthusiastic responses we’ve been getting to our Spring Subscriber Survey 2016. If you’re familiar at all with surveys, you know that response rates are often in the single digits. So far, we’ve received fantastic 27.5% response rate.[Read More…]

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The Globe reports about 600 skiers showed up for a final fling before Black Fly season.
Credit: Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

Final Ski Run In New England

May Skiing In Maine? Who Knew? The hardcore showed up in the first weekend of May this year to take their last licks on the…ahem…snow.  As we all know, it has been a bad, bad season in the East, but the miracle snowmakers and groomers have managed to salvage a tendril of a season. Here’s a story from the May[Read More…]

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