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Pond Skimming

Short Swings!

Skiing’s Silly Season starts this weekend with the annual ritual of the pond skimming competition. They’re generally associated with live music, costumes, BBQ, beer and LOTS OF FUN. Seven Springs (PA), Stratton (VT), Mt Snow (VT), Nashoba Valley (NH) and others have theirs scheduled for Saturday. Many others will be in April. Mt Bachelor‘s (OR) is the latest I found —[Read More…]

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Dermatologist on Sunscreens and Skiing

Dermatologist on Sunscreens and Skiing

Memo to Skiers: Always use a “broad- spectrum” sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30. Commercial sunscreens are divided into two classes: physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens contain Zinc oxide and titanium oxide. They deflect ultraviolet energy from the skin by scattering ultraviolet light. All other sunscreen compounds are “chemical,” which act by absorbing ultraviolet light and re-emitting the[Read More…]

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Marc,71, left, and brother Scott, 61 at top of Snowbird Tram

Three Lessons Learned From 157,906 Vertical Feet In Six Days

No, This Is Not Bragging. My brother and I have proof through an app we used to track our movements. More important than the great early March skiing at Snowbird, Solitude, Park City and Deer Valley, were three takeaways that should interest senior skiers… Lesson #1. We found lift ticket bargains in two flavors – military discounts and over 70.[Read More…]

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Photo: Harriet Wallis

This Week in SeniorsSkiing.com (March 10)

Stay conditioned to keep skiing. It’s a message I, not as well-conditioned as I’d like to be, think of every time I feel the need to take a break. The other day, I took a few runs with a couple from Arkon, OH. It was their third day at elevation and he, 75, was feeling it. Fortunately they’ll be out[Read More…]

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Mountain goats in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Photo: Harriet Wallis

Short Swings!

Contributor Harriet Wallis snapped this pic on her way down one of the Cottonwood Canyons connecting Salt Lake City with several resorts. Mountain goats are visible from the road this time of year. They maneuver the narrowest ledges like they’re strolling Main Street. Thanks for the picture, Harriet! CALIFORNIA Dennis Quaid’s band, The Sharks, will kick off Squaw Valley’s Toyota[Read More…]

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Fred Frost, 74, skis 35,000 - 40,000 vertical daily.

Super Seniors Rack Up Vertical at Whitefish Mountain Resort

Up the mountain he goes, down the mountain he goes. Repeat, endlessly. Fred Frost, 74, is a marvel of skiing stamina, regularly racking up more than 4 million vertical feet per season at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Frost is among the many hard-charging senior skiers at the Montana resort who take advantage of a free-ticket policy for anyone older than 70.[Read More…]

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (March 3)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (March 3)

March!!!!! Can you believe it’s here already? Warm temps are blanketing much of the East. In D.C. cherry blossoms are predicted to  appear a month early. I’m writing from the West, where snow is plentiful. Subscribers recently received a brief notice that the mid-Winter reader survey will be emailed in the next two weeks. Your responses will help us continue[Read More…]

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Tucked in the woods, this is a cozy cabin. No bears, too!
Credit: Homeaway

Rustic Elegance with Fairy Tale Flair In Stowe

It’s More Than “Just Right” Just One Mile From Stowe Resort. In Stowe, Vermont, a stone’s throw from world class downhill and cross country skiing sits quintessentially rustic Goldilock’s Cottage, welcoming overnight guests. When Jill Evarts purchased the cabin and four acres of land about twelve years ago, she didn’t need to do a lot of work on it. She[Read More…]

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A Terrific $600+ Ski Jacket For $280!

A Terrific $600+ Ski Jacket For $280!

Orsden is a New OnLine Manufacturer of Quality Ski Wear. For much of my life the word “disruptive” was associated with toddlers and teenagers. More recently, it has been associated with the introduction of radically new and better ways of doing things. It’s the impact of the cell phone on the traditional telephone; digital photography vs. film; Wikipedia vs. shelf-bound[Read More…]

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This Week in SeniorsSkiing.com (12/23)

This Week in SeniorsSkiing.com (12/23)

And To All, A Good Night. This week, as we celebrate our respective holidays and share in our love of Winter, we bring you a short and beautiful video that gives new meaning to the idea of night skiing. There’s a piece on Utah’s Powder Mountain. And Short Swings! is loaded with interesting developments and product information. In case you[Read More…]

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Skiing trees at Utah's Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain: The Cuba of Utah Ski Areas

Visit Soon, It’s About to Change. Before the end of this season, Powder Mountain, Utah’s slightly out of the way ski area will become the largest in all of North America with 8464 acres, surpassing in size Park City (7300 acres), Whistler Blackcomb (8171 acres) and Big Sky (8000 acres). Even without the 1000 new acres that will be available[Read More…]

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Seasons Greetings From SeniorsSkiing.Com

Seasons Greetings From SeniorsSkiing.Com


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A Message to Our Readers

We need your support. SeniorsSkiing.com is the only dedicated source of information for older snow sports enthusiasts. Our sole source of income is through advertising, and right now there are enough advertisers — bless them — to keep the lights on. We — Mike and Jon — put in a lot of unpaid time to bring you SeniorsSkiing.com. Our contributors[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

CALIFORNIA Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows received seven inches of new snow earlier this week; more is forecast. The resort plans to open early between November 11 and 18, weather and conditions permitting. Bear Valley Resort and Backcountry Pictures presents “A Walk in the Park with David Vassar” featuring the Academy Award®-nominated and Emmy® Award-winning writer, director, producer, and documentarian, David Vassar[Read More…]

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Volcano Erupting On Ski Hill?  No Problem.

Volcano Erupting On Ski Hill? No Problem.

  It’s only ash.  Volcano erupts at Chile’s Nevado de Chillan ski resort.  Let the lifts spin and the skiers slip along!        

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