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George Jedenoff, 100, Is In Love With The Mountains, The Snow, And Life. Everyone Who Meets Him Says, “I Want To Be Like George.”

The paparazzi chase George while trying to keep up.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

“Age is just a number,” he says adding: Don’t let age be a barrier. Do your best. Become your best. And keep on going. He’s a living legend at Alta.

He’s also quite a super skier who skis like a kid. He swings his feet on the chairlift. He cruises down steep trails. And when jumps into patches of powder he shouts with glee.

Two moguls meet. Alta’s new General Manager Mike Maughan welcomes George.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

To maintain his fitness, he works out every day for 45 minutes before breakfast. The workouts toughen him mentally and physically to keep him going even when life is unkind.

“Never give up,” is his motto.

On a chairlift ride, he leaned over to me and said: “People come up to me — sometimes with tears in their eyes — and tell me that I’ve inspired them to keep going and never give up. Of all the things to be remembered for, I’m so surprised that I’m being remembered for my skiing.”

But it’s more than just about skiing. It’s about life.

George stirs others to become their better selves — to try harder, to reach higher, and to never give up. While others are revered for their academic achievements, business success or community service, George is loved because he touches people’s souls.

Age is just a number even when it’s 100.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Back in 1960, George was transferred to Utah to be the general manager of the Geneva Steel Plant. He was athletic, and he learned skiing from the best: Alta’s legendary Alf Engen, Snowbird’s iconic Junior Bonous, and Earl Miller, the granddaddy of release bindings.

George grew to love Alta’s powder, and when he was transferred away in 1967, community leaders honored him with a gift that was sure to lure him back: a lifetime season pass to Alta. He’s still using it! He now lives in California but he returns annually to ski Alta.

He’s a celebrity and a living legend. Skiers cluster around him to have their photos taken with him. The digital images become reminders to reach higher, try harder, and keep going — just like George.

Ski Utah has produced annual videos of George. The very first one, when he was 95, is still my favorite. Enjoy!





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  1. He is amazing! I was thinking about getting twin tips and this convinced me. He is skiing them in the first video. I just told my granddaughter that I could ski with her when SHE is 53 and I would be 100.

  2. Hey you ole timers, try a rocker tip and rocker tail and reg camber under foot. They turn on a dime and they’ll add 20 years younger to your reflexes. Any one who wants to ski into their 90’s MUST start a 45 minute exercise routine by the time you hit 60 years old. (I think)!

  3. I saw George ski under me while riding the Sunnyside lift on this outing. By the time I got to the top, he was nowhere to be found. I had the pleasure of accompanying him on his 100 birthday ski at Snowbird in June. The guy is unbelievable. Incidentally, he will correct you when you quote his age–he says, “I’m 100 and a half!”

  4. Bobbie Dodson-Nielsen says:

    George is an inspiration to his many, many friends here in the Bay Area ofCalifornia.Although we only get to see him ski on UTUBE that’s enough to convince us of is superior ability to ski with the best of them.

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