Congratulations to the 2016-17 Trail Masters!

Trail Masters are those senior skiers whose number of days skied last season matched or exceeded their ages. Seventy-seven qualified, compared to 42 in 2015-16, the first year Trail Masters were recorded.

At the top of the list is our oldest Trail Master, Fredi Jakob, who skied 83 days at age 83. Fredi’s home resort is Alta. He has been skiing 66 years. Next is Jack Nixon, 82, who skied 110 days, whose most frequently skied resort is Crested Butte.  Jack was also in second place last year.

Several people made the list both years. Among them is David Orlinsky, a ski buddy of the past few seasons. We’re both 73, and when we skied Copper Mountain in January, he was always waiting at the end of the run. Glad to see “Speedy” clocked 85 days.

The average age of all Trail Masters is 66. Their average number of days skied last season is 83.5, and their average number of years skiing is 48.5.

Each of the ten oldest Trail Masters will be mailed a DeBooter, that outstanding ski boot jack that lets your remove boots quickly and painlessly! Every older skier should own one.

Skiing one’s age is a terrific accomplishment. For all of us it will be easier to accomplish next season than the season that follows.



  1. Howard Fishman says:

    How does one join trail masters?

    • Michael Maginn says:

      By responding to a question in our Spring Subscriber Survey. This year, as in past years, we had a 27% response rate to our survey which in the world of surveys is quite impressive. This is our second Trail Master list of senior skiers. Both are posted under Features in the blue menu. Perhaps next year, Howard? That will give you something to shoot for 😉

  2. Karen Lorentz says:

    What a great inspiration you all are. Tempted to give up ski writing and ski more!

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