Remember the old Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs? For many readers, those thick bibles of material culture were a fixture of my youth.

The comprehensive, new Masterfit Buyer’s Guide is close to being their skiing equivalent. In addition to it’s gear reviews, the guide has numerous helpful articles about how skis and boots are reviewed, kids gear, packing for a day trip to the hill, keeping gear in good condition, picking the right pole, pre-season fitness exercises, etc. 

The Guide is intelligently organized and attractively laid out.

Whether a sophisticated ski gear consumer or someone who dials in when the snow falls, the 2021 Masterfoot Buyer’s Guide demystifies gear and gear choices in a series of well written, well illustrated articles.

The Guide, accessible on line, only, sets a high bar for the genre.

While checking it out at, don’t miss’s full page ad.

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