Better Than $20 Off-The-Rack Sunglasses?

Sunglasses from Red Bull Racing uses high tech material for toughness and style. Credit: Red Bull Racing
Sunglasses from Red Bull Racing uses high tech material for toughness and style.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

Inspired by Red Bull Racing, the four time Formula One Auto Racing Champions, Red Bull Racing is introducing new eyewear that uses high-tech, cutting edge technology in sunglasses and goggles. Formula One racing cars use the lightweight XMP material to reinforce carbon fiber and Kevlar in principal components.  Red Bull Racing thought it would be a good idea to transfer XMP technology into lightweight sunglass frames. The result are lightweight, tough sunglass frames and polarized lenses. And you thought Red Bull was an energy drink.

Red Bull has also introduced a high end ski goggle to the market utilizing a matte black carbon fiber frame  with a flash polycarbonate polarized lens. The Parabolica 010, which was used in the review, is another example of a sporty and race oriented look that provides maximum visual performance along with comfort with the lightweight frame.

These cool looking goggles flip up and they're made of the same super tough material. Credit: Red Bull Racing
These cool looking goggles flip up and they’re made of the same super tough material.
Credit: Red Bull Racing

Personal Observations:

I really liked the weight and visual acuity of the lenses in the RBR series sunglasses. They utilize a wide frame and large lens which provide comfort and vision benefits versus most sunglasses which tend to ride small on the face. There are varied choices in lens flash color as well as frame color and design.

A really neat feature on the goggle is a swivel built into each side of the frame which allows the frame to be flipped up without compromising the band fit on a hat or helmet. The lens acuity is sharp and the peripheral vision design is such that your field of vision is maximized with equal protection for the eyes both physically and with the built in Polarized vision protection. Also, based on use in different conditions including skiing while the snowmaking system was on, these goggles resisted fogging. One of my pet peeves with goggles: if you pay a good price for goggles, you want to make sure that the vision is not compromised. An anti-fog cloth is provided.

The price range is comparable to current products on the market. Retail price on these goggles runs from $89.00 to $339.00. The Parabolica is the high end goggle which I was able to test. The sunglasses retail pricing is from $125.00 – $219.00.  I tested the high end sunglasses.

It’s pretty amazing that the technology from materials used in the construction of a Formula One Race Car is now being used in sunglass frames for strength and weight considerations. Good for someone like me who tends to sit on sunglasses and break them. Senior moments.

For more information visit and also This is a new product line. The US market is coming on board as we speak and the retail locator will be available in the next few weeks.


  1. Dr. Robert S Steinberg says:

    I caution everyone, skiing at altitude is far more dangerous for your eyes, than being at the beach or NASCAR race track. You want to research very carefully, the IR, UV and shatterproof ratings of any sunglass or goggle you wear skiing. Redbull does not divulge the necessary information, so at best, I would put their eye ware squarely in the fashion, not function category.

    Here is what your eyes are up against. Sand reflects less than 20% of sunlight. Sand absorbs it and gets HOT! Snow reflects most sunlight, giving your a double does of IR UV (direct and indirect reflection). Cheap, dark sunglasses the most dangerous. Dark glasses allow your pupils to dialate, allowing in more sunlight. If IR and UV are not filtered out, the result can be serious eye damage. SPAM filters did not allow me to post links to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Do a Google search on “Sunglasses that protect your eyes from IR & UA”

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