You Are Never Too Old To Be Young.

70+ Ski Club group photo. The club ventures to US, European, and this year, New Zealand resorts. Credit: 70+ Ski Club

Ski clubs have been around ever since people strapped skis on for fun. But the 70+ Ski Club has a unique niche. It’s the only ski club for skiers – and boarders – who are at least 70 years old. 

People often give up skiing when their spouse passes away or when they simply run out of friends to ski with. The 70+ Ski Club fills the need and serves up week long ski trips and also short events so skiers can make new friends and find new ski buddies.

Red and Jim: Newfound friends become new ski buddies. Credit: Harriet Wallis

This winter, the Club’s week-long international trips included the French Alps, Vermont’s Okemo, Big Sky, Banff/Lake Louise, and Utah, where they skied a different resort every day. And the season isn’t over when the snow melts here. The Club is scheduled to go down under to ski New Zealand this summer.

There are shorter jaunts and day events especially in the Mid-West and New England. While the mountains might not be as big, the game is on with new trails to explore, ski clinics, race clinics, good natured events, and apres ski parties.

At a time when our doctors are urging us to be active, the 70+ Club members already have the message. They continue to be active skiers and they engage in living life to the fullest. Becoming 70 is just the beginning. Many members are in their 80s and 90s and even a few at 100. As the saying goes: “You’re never too old to be young.”

The Club was launched 43 years ago, in 1977, by Lloyd Lambert, an enthusiastic and accomplished skier and patroller who saw the need to keep skiers skiing as they grew older. He urged ski resorts to give discounts to older skiers. And he helped turn the tide from skiing being a sport for the adventurous young into a lifelong sport for all. The Club started with 37 members and has grown to 3,000 members.

Today, grandson Richard Lambert heads the Club and plans the trips. He gets universal praise for his thoughtful preparation and well organized trips.

I asked very modest Richard to say something about the Club for this story. Instead, he sent a note he received from skier who met some of the 70+ers.

It said: “Met several of your members and would love to be part of this amazing group. I vow not to adapt to a sedentary lifestyle and this group is an inspiration. I plan to wear out, not rust out. The enthusiasm of the group is contagious.”

Membership includes a distinctive 70+ (or 80+, 90+, or 100+) jacket patch, a helmet decal, a lapel pin, a list of ski areas that offer seniors free or discounted skiing, a twice annual newsletter, and a membership card. All for $15.

Are you old enough to be a 70+ Ski Club member?

Not quite 70? Check the website for details on becoming a 70+ Ski Club member-in-training.

70+ Ski Club members Sandra, Red, and 102 year old George Jedenoff. Credit: Harriet Wallis


  1. john sheridan says:

    Harriet, It was a distinct pleasure to have met you at Powder Mountain and then continuing our friendship at Alta. Thank you for introducing me to GEORGE and starting another new friendship. Both you and George are amazing people. That`s what Senior Skiing offers – a chance to meet active, interesting people who will accompany some of us into the 100 + Ski Club ! It is a privilege and an honor for me to be able to call very special people like you, my new friends. Although my Ski season is only 10 days long, hopefully we will Ski together again next year at Alta on the world`s best snow, in Utah of course ! No where else. God bless, Red

  2. Michael w Sharkey says:

    I am 81 and ski plenty I have not been on any of the trips but folks I know have gone on some of these trips all have said it is very worthwhile . Plenty of the people are really outstanding skiers along with lots of fun. Thanks for the article.

  3. I am 85 and would love to be able to join this group. I mostly ski alone now but it is not as much fun than with friends. Most past away,but is still love the outdoors. Please let me know how I can become a member and meet new friends. Sincerely Harald Goeckeritz

  4. Harriet Wallis says:

    How great to hear from you. The 70+ Club is a terrific organization! It’s easy to get to their website.

    I tried to do the hyperlink for you (blue and underlined so all you’d have to do is click on it, but it’s not taking), so please type it in. More questions? Just let me know. Thanks so much — Harriet Wallis

  5. Harriet Wallis says:

    Hi Harold,
    How great to hear from you. The 70+ Club is a terrific organization! It’s easy to get to their website.

    Click here: (if clicking doesn’t work, please type it in)

    And when you come to Alta with the Club or if you come alone, please hook up with the Wild Old Bunch – Alta’s group of senior skiers. They gather Monday through Thursday about 11 at Alf’s mid-mountain restaurant with easy access from the beginner slopes as well as access from the top of the mountain.

    Look for them at the only round table there.
    Some days there will be many WOB and other days just a few. It all depends on who’s skiing that day. We gather for snacks and camaraderie. Jump in and introduce yourself and you’ll be welcomed. We love new comers who might be at Alta for a day, a week, or more.

    More questions? Just let me know. Thanks so much — Harriet Wallis

  6. Thanks for reminding me about the Wild Old Bunch – now that I am old enough to join the 70+ Club.

    I once joined the “Women’s Group” at Alta & I forgot what they call themselves?

    Seniors should really get reduced Parking too!!

    At Alta spaces are VERY limited I understand the problem.
    UTA’s decreasing the Ski Bus Routes for 2022-2023 makes it even worse.

    But skiers in Northern Vermont are quite miffed that Stowe is now also charging to park.

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