A Good Idea For Apres-Ski Tailgating.


fifty-fifty wine growlers are perfect for picnics and parties. Be the one with the shiny Chardonnay. Credit: fifty-fifty

When we picnic or party, we usually carry glass wine bottles like most people do. Well, the people at fiftyfifty have come up with a better way to transport wine. It’s a double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottle that keeps wine at the perfect temperature—all day long. What’s unusual about the container is its terrific style and its 750 mL capacity. You read that correctly. It’s the same volume as a bottle of wine, hence its name, Wine Growler. Available in tasty wine colors (Chardonnay Silver, Shiraz Red, Champaign Gold, etc.), Wine Growler starts the conversation going as soon as it makes an appearance. Ours has worked out more the past several months than I have. It will be part of the après ski kit this season when we tailgate at Alta and Snowbird. Come January, it will carry something warm. But as soon as those comfortable, sunny days enter the scene, it will be filled with something to be passed around in style. We won’t be the only ones carrying: at about $25 each (less online), they’ll be this year’s Holiday gift to family and friends. The company makes other high quality insulated stainless steel bottles, as well. fiftyfifty Wine Growlers.

Editor’s Note: This is not a paid ad nor a sponsored post.  It’s just Jon’s enthusiastic discovery of a cool product. Enjoy.

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