Kathy Brennan, new CEO, PSIA-East, at Seven Springs, PA

I recently skied with Kathy Brennan, the new CEO of PSIA -E (Professional Ski Instructors of America- Eastern Division).  Kathy has an impressive background in the snow sports industry and is currently on staff at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. She has been touring areas in her division which extends from Maine to North Carolina.

An accomplished skier and excellent teacher, Kathy did something at the beginning of our session suggesting how she‘ll function in her new role:  She asked everyone for feedback on how to make PSIA better, any suggestions or comments on the organization and, in short, what she could do to improve the organization’s mission of being an education platform.

She received numerous comments and suggestions. I asked what PSIA was doing to retain older instructors. She said we never stop learning even after seniors are long past their certification exams.

She also explained that she’s dedicated to assuring that PSIA partners effectively with areas, suppliers, patrol, race programs, and the industry, in general. Educational programs can be utilized by any member, especially seniors who want to stay in the game and improve their skiing and teaching abilities. In her words, PSIA has changed from a “pin chasing” entity to an organization dedicated to providing programs for skiers and boarders of all ages. She’s meeting with area management to educate them on the value of the organization and how its current direction will lead to better instructor education, better lesson quality, and greater customer satisfaction. This approach also will help areas retain good quality certified instructors.

Our conversations were held on chairlifts. On the snow, she gave us – skiers, tele-skiers, and snowboarders – a clinic. Her emphasis, common to the three approaches: balance,rotary movement, edging, and pressure control.

I’m retired from ski teaching but maintain my membership in PSIA with the goal of learning something new every year.

Kathy’s goal is to unite the entities in the ski industry and to make them aware of the value of what PSIA brings to the table. From my time with her at Seven Springs, I’m confident she’ll have great success.


  1. Sherm White says:

    This is my 50th year teaching skiing regularly, and I still learn every day. I’m a National Life member of PSIA, so I’m not required to do events to stay current, I’ve rarely missed a year without attending a training and always find something new.
    I’ve also known Kathy for years and skied with her a lot, and am really excited about her in her new role.

  2. Thanks Sherm for all of your contributions to PSIA over all the years.

  3. I am a skier from Australia. Your photo suggests people are using cloth face masks – is that acceptable in 2022 at resorts?

    I am travelling next week to Washington State for 10 days. Then joining
    Ski Club at Vail and later at Salt Lake City.

    • John Farley says:

      It varies by ski area, and you should probably check individual ski area websites. However, I think you will find in general that it is probably more lax here than in your country. In states without mask requirements, some areas do not require masks of any kind, even in the lodges.

    • My wife and I are headed to Deer Valley. Their policy is masks inside except when you sit down to eat. No masks in the chairlift or life lines this year. Last year- that was the policy.

      Our local area in Pa ” recommends masks be worn inside.”

  4. Great article Pat, thanks for sharing. It was great seeing you and your lovely wife at Laurel Mountain this week!

  5. Congratulations to Kathy Brennan
    CEO PSIA-E !
    Margaret A Thomsen, eastern division

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