Shifting From Snow To Summer Activities?  Beware Of This New Menace.

We’re starting to hike or bike in the woods between the receding snowbanks here in New England.  We’ve just learned that you better make sure you review your tick-avoidance-and-protection practices.  Powassan virus is yet another tick-borne disease that, according to this new report from CBS, can be lethal.  So, this is very serious stuff to pay attention to.  Don’t get complacent: check this site for more information on ticks and tick checks before you head to the woods.

Click for CBS News story on Powassan virus in Connecticut.
Click for CBS News story on Powassan virus in Connecticut.

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  1. I have several friends who got sick with Lyme disease and it’s awful. Now, with the investigation into Powassan virus the outdoors can become a scary place. It doesn’t have to be that way with a few precautions. If you live in deer country (deer –> deer mice –> deer ticks). 1. long, light colored trousers tuck the bottoms into your socks 2. tick/mosquito repellent 3. tick checks after time in the outdoors.

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