About SeniorsSkiing

oldfashionedskierSeniorsSkiing is a virtual community and meeting place for snow enthusiasts over 50. It is a source of information for the older skier, boarder, snow shoer — bargains, tips on equipment and technique, travel, profiles and images, stuff, and whatever else you and we think of. Our goal is to be entertaining, informational, and fun.

SeniorsSkiing Needs Seniors Who Ski

We thrive on ideas and contributions from our senior skiing community. Post pictures and videos of you and friends, brief, relevant and curiosity-provoking articles (no more than 500 words, please), or observations about being the mountain gray-hairs.  Consider: Advice, tips, product reviews, news, suggestions, rants, jokes, comments, musings, salutes and cancellations.  Get it?

The only rules are that contributions must relate to skiers 50 plus; images and posts are subject to review and editing by the site organizers.

Who are the organizers? Well, we are two (73- and 74-year old) college buddies who never lost their love of being on the mountain. Mike Maginn (the 73 year old) was on the editorial staff of Skiing Magazine in the early 70s, before earning a doctorate and going on to a successful consulting career and authoring books on management and leadership. He lives outside of Boston.  Jon Weisberg (74) is a career public relations and communications professional who started skiing when he was 10 and hasn’t missed a season since. He taught at a few areas, including Deer Valley. Jon also has assembled a collection of vintage ski books dating to the late 19th Century. Some of the old images you’ll see on SeniorsSkiing are from that collection. He lives in Utah and New York.

Our Skiing Philosophy

It doesn’t have to perfect. It doesn’t have to be fast. It doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just keep skiing and have a good time!