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One of our best ski tours of the season came at the beginning of April at Walden Pond.  We go there occasionally throughout the year to reflect on the messages of Henry Thoreau and to take a picture or two of the “pleasant hillside” where he built his tiny cabin.  When we skied in, the trails along the ridges surrounding the pond were chopped up and icy, so we scooted around the snow-covered ice on the edges, thinking that Henry probably walked this way when the snow at Walden got too thick. It’s a short ski, maybe three miles around, but it was a beautiful spring day, we were pretty much the only ones there, and the spirits were a-rising, so to speak.  There’s more to be told about skiing at Walden, and we will have to save that for next season.

Early spring ski tour on a quiet day around Walden Pond.  Priceless. Credit: Mike Maginn
Early spring ski tour on a quiet day around Walden Pond. Priceless.
Credit: Mike Maginn

Based on the responses from Subscriber Survey 2015, we learned that you, our readers, are interested in fitness and product ideas for seniors.  As we move through the summer months, we and our correspondents will be offering both of those topics—as well as whatever pops up—in the spirit of keeping in touch with you, our active and engaged readers.  Please note that we will be starting our online Forum very shortly—another major recommendation from the survey—so you can more readily talk back to us and your fellow snow sport enthusiasts.

Two requests:  Tell your friends about And please watch for our Forum, coming soon.

Let the non-snow season at begin!


  1. Barbara Church says:

    Anxious to hear summer tips for fitness. I sent the article about Nortic Walking on to our hiking group. We took some workshops on this when we were hiking in the Dolomites with a European group a couple of years ago. It was dun and truely a full workout. I will encourage them to check out Seniorskiing site. Take care. Talk soon. B

    • Michael Maginn says:

      A new series will start soon, following a woman who is starting her “full-body rehab program” so she can get back to skiing after several years hiatus. That should be interesting. We’ll also have a follow up on foam rollers and other tips for keeping flexible and fit. Stay tuned!

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