’s Reviewer Tried Againer Exoskeleton On His Second Day On Snow. Find Out How It Worked For Him.

I am a 75-year old, advanced intermediate skier with 10 years experience as a PSIA instructor in the East and mild osteoarthritis in my left knee.  I currently ski at Alta; that’s where I recently tested the Againer Exoskeleton.

Againer Exoskeleton attaches to thigh and boot, using a gas piston as a shock absorber.

The Againer consists of a hinged plastic frame which runs from the upper thigh to the lower calf and is held in place by two straps.  The key to the Againer system is a gas cylinder attached at the top to the upper section of the frame and at the bottom to a bracket on the rear of the ski boot.  When the gas cylinder is engaged, it works like a shock absorber when flexing the knees and provides upward lift at the end of each turn. 

The Againer helped me ski one of my favorite runs at Alta, Devil’s Elbow, a long intermediate run with a fairly gentle lower half.  On my run, I made as many short radius turns as I could—probably 50 or 60 in a row—in the lower half .  When I stopped, my legs were not tired, as they often are at the end of this drill, especially considering that this was only my second day on snow this season.

I can also see two advantages of wearing the Againer in case of a fall, which can be especially damaging to senior skiers.  First, the Againer would prevent any lateral movement in the knee, reducing chances of ligament damage.  Second, when I fall in powder, I often find one of my knees (usually my weaker left one) flexed underneath me.  The Againer system would eliminate that problem and, of course, protect against the opposite occurrence, hyperextension.

The Againer was easy to use, thanks mainly to a well-illustrated and detailed instruction manual.  I attached the brackets to my ski boots in about five minutes and put on the frames in another five to 10 minutes.  The repetition of daily use would, I’m sure, reduce the time needed to get into the frames, and the brackets would stay on the boots all season.

For more information about the Againer Exoskeleton, check out the website at

[Editor Note: Below is a product demo video from Againer Ski.]


  1. Would like to talk. Can we meet up some morning in Goldmines or Albion?

    • Avatar Dave Zangrilli says:


      I’m not sure what else I could tell you, as I covered my experience in the article. I encourage you to check out the website,

  2. How would a person demo these? The concept is sound, but would like to make sure it really works.

    • Avatar Dave Zangrilli says:


      Go to Againer’s website

      On the home page there is a tab with the info on demos.

    • Avatar Murray Jacobson says:

      Please feel free to give me a call at 909-557-3000 my name is Murray Jacobsen Us sales manager or to my email address so we can open up communication thank you very much

  3. You mention falling and potentially “preventing” knee injury. Keep in mind, the forces placed on your body need to go somewhere. And could potentially cause more serious injuries elsewhere.

  4. Avatar Tom jacobsen says:

    What is the cost .? … Sounds interesting Dave

    • Avatar Dave Zangrilli says:


      Check out Againer’s website:

      The home page has a tab for purchasing the system.

    • Avatar Murray Jacobson says:

      Hello Tom my name is Murray Jacobson Us sales manager a Gainer exoskeleton I can help answer any of your questions by you contacting me through my email or calling me at area code 909 557 3000. Thank you very much

  5. Avatar Michele Decardenas says:

    Dave & others, Something to consider, another HIGHLY EFFECTIVE exoskeleton system, that can be worn on top of or under your ski pants, your choice, is less expensive and extremely fun and easy to use once set up for the individual user.
    I’m in my 60s, been skiing since I was a teen, still skiing lots, LOVE living in Utah and needed and used the CADS system to help with my arthritis and bad knees for almost 15 years, and glad I did. Last year I got my Ski Mojo and I was delighted at how much better, easier to use and mostly how much more playful and confident you feel while skiing, and let me mention again, your choice, you can wear them under your ski pants or on the outside.

    Ski Mojo is based out of the U.K., but the USA rep is Keith Zaring from Colorado and is available to help you out.
    [email protected]

    Here’s a couple links for Ski Mojo

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