How many of you remember the days when you got to the mountain early, skied all day, and quit when the lot was empty? I didn’t fully appreciate it then and look back on those times with nostalgia. Youth is wasted on the young.

But what if we could be out there a bit longer and ski a bit stronger? There’s a device that helps do just that.

It’s called the Againer, and for more than a decade, European skiers have used it to reduce pressure on their knees and backs and to increase their leg muscle performance. Now, for the first time, the Againer is available in the U.S. and Canada via a unique demo/purchase program. More on that later.

Againer attaches easily to boots and legs and employs a shock absorbing system that provides an overall boost to the skiing experience.

An Expert’s Point of View

I won’t be able to try it until January when I’m back on the hill. But I have a copy of a letter about the Againer written by Mark Spieler, a ski pro for 45 years, a PSIA Alpine Examiner, and Ski School Director of Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, a nonprofit adaptive ski school in Mammoth Lakes, California. 

He characterizes the Againer as “…a device to help people save energy while skiing” and states that before trying it he was skeptical. Spieler explains that he tested it “through hard, fast and dynanic skiing.” He was “impressed by the constant lifting action at the top of the femurs…”

“The gas powered strut placed on the outside of each leg consistently helps the skier move up and forward through the turn initiation. The lift the Againer provides is surprisingly powerful! I found the product to be quite comfortable and easy to use on the hill. The switch to disengage the gas strut when riding the chair is simple and effective.

“I am convinced that over the course of hundreds of turns a day, the energy savings the Againer can provide a skier will make a significant difference in a skier’s ability to conserve energy and help the skier with better technique, as well! “

Spieler goes on to say that the Againer is “perfectly suited to assist any skier who has any type of fatigue challenges while skiing,” whether due to advancing age or because of a disability.

According to Murray Jacobson, Againer’s U.S. Sales Manager, the Againer’s performance is most noticeable during turns and when skiing powder.

How To Demo and Buy

Jacobsen sells the units directly to skiers and to adaptive skiing programs. He makes the units available on a 2-week demo basis for $250. If the user wants to buy, the demo fee is applied to the $1300 purchase price. He is available by phone to explain set up and usage and to answer questions. The Againer carries a two-year warranty.

To reach him, call 909-557-3000 or email [email protected]. To visit the Againer website, click on the Againer ad on the Home Page. Yes,  this is an advertiser, and YES, this device looks and sounds like it will help a lot of our readers.

Reviews of Againer will be forthcoming as the season progresses and as I and others experience it. 

I don’t expect to be making turns continuously for seven hours, but I do look forward to adding some octane to my aging tank.


  1. katie van hees says:

    Jon – hope you have sent this to all the groups that can make use of it, not just really old people. Come to think of it, I guess that is the distributors job. Just trying to keep you busy and out of trouble until the snow flies.

  2. Wayne Ferguson says:

    Ski Mojo used to advertise on this website. I bought it 2018 and found it to be almost miraculous in providing help to both knees and hips. It made skiing the groomers at speed (within acceptable limits) run after run a pleasure I hadn’t enjoyed for several years. Its spring mechanism works extremely well and is easily released for lift riding. About half the price of the Againer.

    • Murray Jacobson says:

      I am glad you are having good results with with the product you are wearing. But three clients of mine last year that was skiing on the ski Mojo bought the a Gainer exoskeleton from me and ship the ski mojo back, for the following reasons, for the superb quality and Perfection of a skiing experience with the adjustable gas Springs. Easy on ski and walk switch the shell interest lightweight and Superior toughness with Aviation plastic. The padding ensures comfort and safety with excellent durability and a light foam material. The adjustable straps work wear one-size-fits-all due to the fact that the shock absorbers can be adjusted per person a hundred pounds all the way up to 400 plus. With no extra sales pitch to upgrade them to a stronger system. No drilling involved because the boot connectors are professionally designed to slip right between your bladder and your shell no drilling involved. There is more I could stay but the best would be Wayne I would like to offer you a demonstration if you are still skiing and you love skiing, like I do I have over 250 days on the set of a gainers I’ve been working would not one problem and I can put my againers on within 10 minutes or less

      • Wayne Ferguson says:

        A generous off, Murray, thank you. I’d love to take you up on your offer, but the likelihood of my putting out the cash is slim to zero. My health insurance covered the cost of the Ski Mojo and wouldn’t go for a second device, even if my doctor would write the prescription. I forgot to mention that the Ski Mojo is worn under the ski pants – still some vanity left at 80. I’m hoping this year to try to get them on under my speed suit for masters racing.

      • Jack McCarthy says:

        Hey Murray
        This is Jack McCarthy
        I lost my boot and need a replacement for the boot attachments
        Call me at: 916-952-4466

    • Murray Jacobson says:

      Superb quality is worth paying for when it comes to the quality of your life while you are skiing and allows you to get many more Days in of Happiness on the slopes

  3. These things are a remarkable outcome of devices developed for physical rehabilitation and military uses. There are two others on the market: the ROAM and SkiMojo, and they all function a little differently. It would be interesting (and of value to readers) to have stories about each – and comparisons.

  4. Greetings,
    My friends and I are making our own version of this. If you’re interested in the technology, please email me to give some input on the design!

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