Whether You Day Hike Or Trek, There Is Some Woodsy Wisdom You Need To Know.

[Editor Note: We are reprising this article from July 2014 to remind our readers that there are definite skills and knowledge needed when heading into the woods. As noted elsewhere this week, people are going into state and national parks without proper preparation, some getting into trouble. This guide, as eccentric as it appears, has worthy information to take on board.]

Folksy but wise advice from Maine Guides.

Several years ago, we stumbled on a unique resource to surviving in the woods if you become lost.  Now you might think that is probably something that won’t happen to you because you are either experienced, well-equipped, cautious about where you wander, or just lucky.

Well, getting lost out there happens all too often in the woods, even with prepared, expert hikers and campers. Unexpected stuff comes down: GPS batteries die, injuries happen, weather changes, equipment fails, that luck of yours runs out, and knowing how to make it out is a critical set of skills.

The State of Maine has published a truly valuable guide for surviving in the woods if you are lost.  It’s called, “You Alone In The Maine Woods,” and it is billed as a practical guide to woods comfort, safety, and survival.  It’s been updated frequently since the original 1972 edition by various authors from the Maine Warden Service and Search and Rescue from the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

We offer it here as a PDF download for you and your friends and family for all readers who visit SeniorsSkiing.com. Notice its whimsical but clear illustrations and straight-forward advice.  Typical Maine.

Click the image below to download the 72-page guide.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Alone-in-the-Maine-Woods


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  1. Thanks, Michael. After reading some of the other “gloom and doom” and “science-based” articles in this week’s issue, it was refreshing to find one based on common sense which was entertaining, as well.

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