Alta’s slopes are blooming! Credit: Judy Calhoun

Any one living in or visiting Salt Lake City can escape the heat and enjoy the remarkable wildflowers at Alta. Contributor Harriet Wllis reports that the Alta’s wildflowers are blooming like crazy right now. The meadows and slopes are like Persian carpets — covered with color!


  1. Just one more reason to live in proximity to Alta! Although, I must say the lupine in and around Franconia Notch (cannon Mountain) are also pretty spectacular when in bloom (sorry no photos).

  2. Roger Monty says:

    Try the easy (2+ mile) hike from the Carson Pass trailhead (on Cal. 88, near Kirkwood) to Winnemucca Lake, to see some of the best wildflowers anywhere – usually at peak in late July, probably a bit later this year due to last winter’s extraordinary snowfall. If you’re up for it, continue up the considerably more challenging ascent to the summit of Round Top, where there’s still snow you can ski down on!

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