A Chill Is In The Air.

It’s usually the cusp of late summer and early fall when I first start thinking about skiing. All it takes is some cool days and seeing the first leaves starting to turn. Wearing long slacks for the first time, turning on heat for the first time, and the beginning of football season get me thinking I’ll be skiing in the not too distant future. I hear weather reports of snow flurries in the high mountains and maybe even see photos of the dusting.

I start getting e-mails from ski resorts that have the audacity to put to print opening dates. Though I know these are pie-in-the-sky expectations I buy into the hope that they will open that early in the season.

Warren Miller Entertainment sends me a link to the trailer of their new film. I recall that as a boy, my father, a non-skier, took me to numerous Warren Miller films. It was just him and me, and I am forever grateful. I’m nostalgic when I hear Warren’s live narrations.

I start to visit my favorite online skiing sites. When I see something particularly interesting, I email it to my ski buddies. For the sake of my non-skiing wife, I try not to talk too much about skiing.

I daydream about special moments from last ski season. In the gym, I double down on ski-related workouts.

I start to make plans for the upcoming ski season. This includes visiting some resorts I’ve never been to. I think about friends I didn’t get to ski with last season and promise myself to make plans to do so this year. I’ve already renewed my membership in the Mountain Laurel Ski Club.

I make mental notes on things I need to do. I know I need a new parka. I think I’ll get my skis tuned. My snow tires should still be good, but I need new wipers.

I often wish I could ski year round but suspect this would detract from my passion for the sport.

My wife says I need to live more in the moment. Obviously I haven’t been able to limit talking about skiing. I know she’s right so I continue to enjoy my other sports and hobbies. But deep inside there is a longing to ski again.

Maybe I’ll write some ski articles.


  1. Marye Gail Harrison says:

    It would be great if everyone had a hobby like yours to be passionate about. Hope it’s a great season.

  2. A few differences from my list. My ski club starts taking sign-ups and deposits for their following year out-of-state trip in July, this year it was in June. I’m online daily on 2 ski forums year round, and I know I’m not alone in this. Fall is a low-key affair in my part of the country, and temps stay high. But I feel that anticipation ramping up, wondering how will my body (knees, back) feel this year, wondering if there’ll be enough snow to ski in November, conversations with friends about skiing. Like Marye said, hope it’s a great season.

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