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Here’s a note from Shelley Canalia, a reader, who has come into possession of this old hat with numerous pins from resorts and events.

My brother is Anthony Isham West. Great guy, comes from a Nordic ski family on his Father’s side. In 1985-86 he was working at Beaver Creek in Vail. He found this hat. Fast forward to 2021. He gives it to me. I want to find the owner or the owner’s family. Most of the pins are fromEuropean ski areas and a lot are from different Olympic events. There is a Lake Placid 1980 Olympics ABC pin. Also American Express Olympic pin. The person was definitely a skier. The hat is classic 60’s Moriarty Hat from Stowe, Vermont. So, if everyone would share this post maybe we can find the person or family this hat belongs to.

Anyone have a clue who this might belong to?  Or, what can you infer about the owner from what you see, knowing it was lost at Beaver Creek in the mid-1980s?

If you have any information or what to comment, please LEAVE A REPLY below. Shelley will be monitoring responses for leads and clues.



  1. Michael Cahn says:

    This hat is a treasure, if no one claims it consider donating it to the Ski History Museum in Vail.

  2. Richard Kavey says:

    Makes my forehead itch just to look at it! Love all the pins! Sorry I can’t help with it’s owner. My father had a similarly pin bedecked Tyrolean hat through which I treasure his memory. Good luck with your search.

  3. Carol Finer says:

    I have a Moriarity hat I got in Killington, VT with the same Lake Placid 1980 Olympic pin on it. This issue is full of nostalgic reminders!

  4. Dr. Gretchen R. Besser says:

    Having worked as a volunteer in the VIP lounge at the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid, I recognize at least five of the pins from that event. Since I cannot enlarge the items sufficiently to read the accompanying identification, I can only hazard a guess. Judging by the “official” American colors on the Moriarty hat and the numerous Olympic references, including gold rings along with Swiss, Italian, and Canadian symbols, I conclude it’s a precious souvenir of the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics that the owner unhappily mislaid at Beaver Creek some 4-8 years later and has longed for ever since.

  5. Alice Kane says:

    Wow! In the midst of our unquenchable “ME ME ME” society, it really hit a chord in me to read this awesome act of kindness by Shelley Canalia, who came across a very special Moriarty hat with pins denoting its skier’s very special memories. This hat is no doubt STILL missed by its original owner. Hope ‘hat’ and ‘head’ are one day reunited. 😀 Thanks, Shelley!

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