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Advice From The Marketing Head of Powder Mountain.

Reader Ellin Jaffe  asks:

I’m curious about Powder Mountain near Eden, Utah, and wonder if there are any ski-in ski-out condos there?

Here’s the reply from J. P. Goulet, Director of Marketing, Powder Mountain:

Powder Mountain has ski-in ski-out luxury homes for rent. There also are many condos available in Eden only four miles from the resort and on the public transportation route. All info can be found at

Powder Ridge Condos and Columbine Inn are other lodging options on mountain. 

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  1. Avatar April Umlauf says:

    Another wonderful place in Eden is the Snowberry Inn.
    Great breakfasts to get you primed for fabulous skiing at Powder Mtn!

  2. Avatar Gary E Nielsen says:

    We at “Life Elevated Utah” a nonprofit organization based in Utah, would love to have anyone join us for a week of skiing at Powder Mountain next winter! We have rented out the Columbine Inn which is the best ski-in, ski-out facility right next to the Timberline Lodge and Ticket Office. We have a few rooms available each week from Mid-January to the end of February. Programs begin on Sunday evening and end the following Saturday morning. This program is dedicated to senior skiers. The program fee covers your 6 nights lodging, transportation to/from airport, all meals home-cooked in our condo in Columbine Inn, evening programs, and more, all for around $2,200 for the entire week! Seniors 75+ ski free. Senior ticket ages 65-74 are purchased separately individually for a nice discount around $55 per day. Questions?? Email Gary Nielsen at [email protected]

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