Take A Virtual Vacation And A Long Run On Us.

All the way down. Thanks James Beatty.

Ok, so no Aspen for you this year.  But here’s a video of a run from the top of Aspen Mountain all the way to the bottom.  Sounds like scratchy snow, and, come to think of it, where is everyone?

Last season, SkiCo topped 1.5 million visits to Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highlights.  This year, visitors are going to need a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arriving or quarantine for 10 days. Not surprisingly, arrivals at the tiny Aspen airport are down 50 percent, and occupancy data from the Aspen Chamber Resort Association reflects the drop in visitors. In December, occupancy rates at lodges were down 34 percent from the year prior in Aspen, and 16 percent in Snowmass.

Result: You can enjoy a vicarious run without much people-traffic. And your quads don’t have to suffer!

Thanks to Jack Beatty for posting his Feb. 5, 2021 run for all on Youtube.



  1. Richard Kavey says:

    What a rattlely ride! I feared for the trees. Stand on your skis and turn man!

  2. This skier is more considerate of the skiers below. Nice run.

  3. David Wilson says:

    Brings back good memories.
    Thank you

  4. Is that a green or blue trail? Thanks.

  5. Patti Farkas says:

    Sounds like Vermont to me! We don’t hear this stuff in Utah 🙂 , also no virus tests or quarantine here, and masks only when boarding the lifts and in the lodges. That said, stay home and be “safe” – we like it with very few skiers here!!

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