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An Old Pro Shares Thoughts on Staying Safe on the Hill

An Old Pro Shares Thoughts on Staying Safe on the Hill

The way skiers and boarders enter the sport determines their behavior on the hill. Years ago, many were introduced to skiing by their parents; skiers who knew the commonsense safety rules and made sure their children knew them, as well. For decades, those entering the sport through ski school have been exposed to the Skier’s Responsibility Code during lessons, their[Read More…]

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Dave had to teach a group of local women, and he never even had a lesson.

My One Morning Career As A Ski Instructor

A Ski Patrolman Rises To The Challenge. Before I ever had a ski lesson, I had become a ski patrol director, certified (the highest level) by both the National Ski Patrol and the Professional Ski Patrol Association. One morning while working at a small ski area (240 feet of vertical), I was called into the base lodge by the woman[Read More…]

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