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Lessons Ski Resorts Learned from Their Covid Experience

The pandemic caused ski area management teams to change how they run their resorts. Covid affected every business function from technology to marketing and communications to day-to-day operations. As a group, ski areas were forced to learn how to react quickly to an ever-changing set of guidelines emanating from the Federal government as well as those from state governments that[Read More…]

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Season Ending: The Last Perfect Turn

Season Ending: The Last Perfect Turn

The last turn of the last run on any ski day is a bittersweet moment.  If it’s the last day of the trip, it is sad, if not melancholic. As I come down the mountain on what will be my last run of the day, I go through the same routine.  Partly because I am tired, partly because the beginner[Read More…]

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Skiing Crested Butte

Skiing Crested Butte

Source: Travel Crested Butte The first thing one notices about the terrain at Crested Butte is the jagged, arrowhead shaped mountain peak thrusting into the sky. The base of the mountain is 9,820’, and lifts take you to a notch, several hundred feet below its 12,162’ summit. There’s lots to like about skiing Crested Butte: beaucoup, well-groomed beginner, intermediate and[Read More…]

Trek Navigator allows a comfortable, upright riding position. A fat seat helps.

Three Bicycling Lessons Relearned

Reflection On The Past Before Starting This Year’s Biking Season. With gyms closed to Covid, way back in August 2020, I started riding my bicycle five days a week as a way to get ready for the ski season. I live in North Texas where the terrain is relatively flat. We don’t have hills or mountains, we have rises. I[Read More…]

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Spring brings corn for a few precious hours. Credit: Jans

Corn Snow And Mashed Potatoes: Know The Difference.

One Fun, The Other Not So Much. We’re nearing that time of year in New England and the upper Midwest where the snow melts a little during the day and freezes at night. The repetitive process creates tiny balls of ice. In the morning, they’re rock hard but as the sun comes up, they melt a little and turn into[Read More…]

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Demoing Demo Skis

Demoing Demo Skis

Guidelines For An Objective Assessment. One of the great things about ski rental shops today is their willingness to rent top of the line skis. This is a great deal because for $35 – $50/day, you can try skis that will set you back $1,000. For the CPAs, math and economic majors, the break-even at $50/day on a $1,000 pair[Read More…]

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Crowded ski tool box: There must be a pony in there somewhere. Credit: Marc Liebman

The Skiing Tune Up Pack

DIY: Prepare And Repair  Ski Bottoms. Here’s What It Takes. Way back when I used to drive to ski resorts, I used to slide a toolbox into the back of the car with everything needed to tune a pair of skis, fix a gouge in the P-Tex and wax the bottoms. The biggest and most important item was my Toko[Read More…]

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Why I Don’t Read Ski Test Reports

Why I Don’t Read Ski Test Reports

[Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Seven Ways To Make Ski Tests More Objective. Way back in the late 20th Century, while running the SKIpp Testing program for SKI Magazine, John Perryman and I learned the most difficult problem to solve and the biggest variable was the ski tester. In conversations with almost every[Read More…]

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The Personal Ski

The Personal Ski

Does The World Need A Custom Ski Just For You? [Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Way back in the winter of 2018, long before Covid raised its ugly head, I asked the heads of marketing (none of whom would qualify for a SeniorsSkiing/com subscription) from three manufacturers a simple question: “Has ski[Read More…]

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Some planes are full; others are half empty. Credit: Picture Alliance

The How-Do-I-Get-There Conundrum

What If Driving Is An Undesirable Or A Non-Option? The world’s COVID hangover is going to continue well into 2021 so obviously ongoing precautions are needed to keep from contracting the disease. For those who live within three to four hours by car of a ski area, you’ve got options. Your car becomes your transportation bubble and then while skiing,[Read More…]

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Personal Note: Sources Of Inspiration And Frustration

Personal Note: Sources Of Inspiration And Frustration

A Military Epic Pass Discount Special Became A Big Motivator To Get Back In Shape. Last winter and spring, like many others, I watched the ski season melt away. For those who went before the big shut down, good on you. For, me, the only hopes I had of skiing was in late April or May or June at Mammoth. [Read More…]

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Gone In A Flash

Gone In A Flash

What Happened To Me And WhyYou Should Treasure Your Health And Fitness. As I get older, each ski season is more precious than the one before.  I’m pushing 60+ years of skiing, and early in my life, I learned never to take one for granted.  Except for being deployed overseas during Vietnam and Desert Shield and Storm, I haven’t missed[Read More…]

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My First Run

My First Run

Do You Have A Plan For Your Debut? Marc Does. My favorite condition for my first run on my first day of skiing on any trip is freshly raked frozen granular.  Why?  Because I can feel the edges of the ski carve in the snow. Early enough in the season, even if one skis out west, you’ll see more hard[Read More…]

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Season Ending: The Last Perfect Turn

Season Ending: The Last Perfect Turn

Make It A Good One. The last turn of the last run on any ski day is a bittersweet moment.  If it’s the last day of the trip, it is sad if not melancholic.  On one hand, I’ve spent the day or days enjoying my favorite sport and on the other, there’s no more skiing until the next trip that[Read More…]

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First run of the day from the top of Lift 5. Credit: Marc Liebman

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Mammoth Update

Spring Skiing Paradise Editor Note: As of April 12, even more snow has fallen on the Sierra Nevada since this report was written. Mammoth is known for its late closings, generally after Memorial Day, but this year, closing is scheduled for July 4th!  On April 1st, the snow depth at the top of the 11,059 ft. mountain was a 230[Read More…]

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Nice blue groomers as well as steep glades. Credit: Solitude

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Solitude

New England Trails With Western Snow. I love skiing Solitude Mountain Resort for its wide range of trails for all levels and ages of skiers ranging from wide-open trails to steep, narrow trails that remind me of skiing Stowe, Mad River Glen, and Sugarbush. All the parking is right out front of the Moonbeam Lodge or Solitude Village. Management loves[Read More…]

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Report From The NSAA Winter Meetings

Report From The NSAA Winter Meetings Correspondent Makes Presentations On Senior Skiers’ Needs and Wants. NSAA is the National Ski Areas Association, publishing the NSAA Journal six times a year. The publication’s audience, along with its competitor, the independent Ski Area Management, are those who manage and market ski areas. A growing topic of interest is the senior skier and how to bring them to[Read More…]

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Decide for yourself if this is for you. Credit: MechanicsOfSport

Coping With Flat Light

[Editor Note: As the new year begins, is again asking our readers to contribute to support our online magazine. Yes, we have grown in the number of subscribers and advertisers. But our expenses have also grown. You can help us defray some of these expenses by helping us out with a donation.  This year, we have a mix of[Read More…]

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70s Ski Testing: Political Fall Out

70s Ski Testing: Political Fall Out

Advertisers Or Readers? Ski testing in the early 70s challenged SKI magazine’s leaders in ways they didn’t anticipate.  While our readers loved the reviews and wanted more, we were careful about what we wrote. A huge proportion of SKI Magazine’s income came from advertisers.  Our publisher regularly reminded me that ad revenue dwarfed what came in from subscriptions and special[Read More…]

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70s Ski Testing: On The Snow

70s Ski Testing: On The Snow

Step 2: Go Out, Do It. One of the joys of working at Ski Magazine was that I was paid to test skis!!!  Ski manufacturers shipped skis to our lab for testing and when it was completed, the skis were covered with self-adhesive shelf-paper and numbered so the testers couldn’t identify the ski.  Mother Nature dictated our location and we[Read More…]

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70s Ski Testing: Defining How Skis Work

70s Ski Testing: Defining How Skis Work

Step 1: Inventing The Right Metrics [Editor Note: In this new series, former SKI editor Marc Liebman recounts how serious ski testing began as a way to provide consumers with objective information about ski performance.] In the early seventies, ski design was in the midst of a revolution that is still going on today.  It started in 1959 when Art[Read More…]

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Safe Driving: Wrap Tires With Chains

Safe Driving: Wrap Tires With Chains

How Many Readers Carry Chains And Actually Know How To Mount Them? Back in the old days, many of us had knobby snow tires even studded ones mounted on a separate set of rims stashed in the corner of the garage, ready for mounting.  Tire designs and compounds changed over the years.  Snow tires still exist, but all season tires[Read More…]

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70s Ski Testing: A New Series

70s Ski Testing: A New Series

This is the first in a series about Ski Magazine’s 1970s ski testing program called Ski Performance Prediction or SKIpp.  Its methodology combined engineering analysis as well as a structured series of on the snow maneuvers designed to bring out the best and worst of a ski under a variety of conditions. Part one of the series Determining How Skis[Read More…]

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Gene Hackman and Robert Redford in "Downhill Racer" (1969). This heart throb loved to ski.

Guest Ski Tester

SKI Magazine Ski Testers Meet The Sundance Kid. Back in the early ‘70s, SKI Magazine (remember it?) developed a program called SKIpp that stood for “ski performance prediction” developed by the late John Perryman. He was a talented engineer who spent years in aerospace and worked with Howard Head at Head Ski Company. SKIpp had two parts, the laboratory analysis[Read More…]

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APEX Ski Boot combines a removable Open Chassis with a walkable boot.

APEX Ski Boot System: Rethinking Ski Boot Design

History Suggests That Designing A New Boot Is A Multi-Million Dollar Gamble. Just the molds for a plastic shell boot cost a million dollars, and that doesn’t include engineering costs and other expenses. Then there is the need to make it profitable when annual manufacturing runs are in the thousands, not hundreds of thousands or millions. These and other factors[Read More…]

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