Articles by: Mike Roth

Taos Kachina Peak is at 12,481 where the snow stays cold. Credit: Taos

A New Yorker Discovers New Mexico Resorts

A Veteran Skier Can’t Find Ice On His Visit To Taos, Angel Fire, Ski Santa Fe. The past three times I skied here in the East the skiing was good.  That means the trails were all skiable but every run you would encounter different conditions.  Most mornings after a cold night, you will find nice groomed corduroy which had set[Read More…]

by March 11, 2020 3 comments West
Incidents & Accidents: 5

Incidents & Accidents: 5

Here’s A Less Serious Report, But Is There Some Truth In This Cartoon? We’re lightening up this week for our ongoing series of Incidents & Accidents. Instead of recounting a collision, here’s a cartoon from veteran journalist Mike Roth, depicting the Gen X-er on the snow.  What think? Truth?

by December 17, 2019 9 comments Incidents and Accidents
Skier’s Code: Let’s Review

Skier’s Code: Let’s Review

Remember The Right Of Way Rules Please. [Editor Note: This article by ski journalist Mike Roth originally appeared in the Albany Times Union. It has been edited slightly from the original.] On Monday the 19th of March, I skied Mount Snow which was fantastic. Since the week before they had received over five feet of snow. The trail conditions were[Read More…]

by November 19, 2019 15 comments Incidents and Accidents

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