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Hannes Schneider brought "technique" to the US in early 30s.

Question For You: How Did You Learn?

Did How You Learn Help Or Hinder Your Current Technique? I remember taking couple of lessons when I started skiing in the mid-60s. Lessons were based on the snow-plow, stem christie, christie school.  Very Austrian. It served me well over the years I skied up to the time my Alpine career went on hiatus. When I came back to skiing[Read More…]

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This Week In (Jan. 15)

This Week In (Jan. 15)

Don’t Let The Old Man In, Vortex Coming, More Poetry, Luxury XC Resort, Ski World Art, Season Pass Value, Ski Boot For Seniors, Norway . My self-image has always been as an active, healthy, strong, relatively athletic person who also happened to be 76 years old.  Friends were frequently impressed when they learned my age. “Really? You certainly don’t look[Read More…]

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Question For You: What’s Santa Bringing?

Question For You: What’s Santa Bringing?

What Snow Sports Stuff Do You Have On Your List? It’s not too late to write to Santa to request that single, elusive item you crave for your ski kit. What would make a nice present for you? A new knit hat? Expensively warm gloves? New boots? Our own research into reader wants reveals that underwear and layers are at[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Multiverse of Santas

Mystery Glimpse: Multiverse of Santas

Santa Santa Santa Where are we? What’s special about what’s going on? Last Week Clearly, there are some fantastic ski history buffs in among our readership. We had some spot-on descriptions of this old hotel last week. This is the Poland Springs House in Poland Springs, ME. Here’s a bit of this famous landmark’s story from Glenn Parkinson, the historian[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: The Old Hotel

Mystery Glimpse: The Old Hotel

Where? When? What? This week’s Mystery Glimpse is a challenge. Major hint: The identity of the magnificent hotel can be found on the website of the Maine Ski and Snowboard Museum. Spend some time there browsing around and consider supporting the Museum and its mission. If you know where, when and what this is a picture of—or when you find[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Where And When?

Mystery Glimpse: Where And When?

This Is An Oldie. Can you identify where this rope tow was and when? If you can, write your comment in Leave A Reply below. Many thanks to Ski History magazine for this picture. Ski History magazine is the publication of the International Ski History Association. Find out more about ISHA by clicking here. Last Week In keeping with last[Read More…]

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Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA. Credit:

Question For You: Groomed Or Au Naturel?

What Is Your Preference?  We live across a little country road from a 900-acre conservation property. For years, we’d walk across the road, stumble over the stone wall bordering the street, and plod our way about 20 feet through tree-falls and heavy brush to a trail where we’d put on our xc skis. And then we’d break trail around our[Read More…]

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Question For You: Preparing

Question For You: Preparing

What’s On Your Agenda? Last week, we noted that Warren Miller’s new movie Future Retro has hit the internet. For many, the premier of a Warren Miller film has been the starting gun of the season. Which got us to thinking about routines we have developed to start our own personal snow sports season. As we mentioned, perhaps it’s something[Read More…]

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Credit:Creasy Mahan Nature Preserve

Snow In Literature: Dust of Snow

By Robert Frost   The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree   Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued.  

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Mt. Norquay early birders on opening day.

Question For You: Early Birders

Yes, It’s Early Days, But How Is It Out There? Wild Mountain is open in Minnesota (Oct. 19). So is Mt. Norquay (Oct 24) and Lake Louise (Oct. 29) in Alberta. And Wolf Creek, (Oct. 28) Arapahoe Basin, (Oct. 9th!), Killington, VT (Nov. 6th), and perhaps a few others are spinning lifts by the time you read this. Perhaps we[Read More…]

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Take it easy, wait for perfect conditions, think positive. Credit: Liftopia

What You Said About Joint Replacement

“Not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at my pain-free knees and thank my luck stars I had this technology available.” Nancy P. We had a number of comprehensive, well thought out, and even emphatic responses to our Question For You last week. Recall, we asked for advice about getting joint replacement as an active snow sports-loving senior.[Read More…]

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Credit: David Zalubowski

Question For You 16: The Right Thing To Do

Let’s Do Some Scenario Planning. We all realize that the snow season we are about to enter—or which has already started in some places—is going to be the most remarkable in our entire lives.  We’ve asked what you were going to do about heading or not heading to resorts, and it’s clear everyone has a plan or at least an[Read More…]

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Question For You 15: Returning With New Joints

Question For You 15: Returning With New Joints

What Does It Take To Come Back With Artificial Parts? Here’s a question for a subset of our readership. This question is being posed by your faithful editor because he is facing the prospect of a hip replacement.  Assured by our capable and competent orthopedic surgeon that skiing and other athletic activities (not running or impact sports) are in the[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Home Movies

Mystery Glimpse: Home Movies

Vintage Scenes Of Skiing. Here’s a different Mystery Glimpse challenge.  Correspondent Don Burch has uncovered some old home movies from an online video archive.  Can you spot where this footage might have been taken? Are there clues in these different videos that might reveal when these were taken? Even if you can’t identify the locations, check out that equipment and[Read More…]

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Alone In The Woods Maine Guide Survival Manual

Alone In The Woods Maine Guide Survival Manual

Whether You Day Hike Or Trek, There Is Some Woodsy Wisdom You Need To Know. [Editor Note: We are reprising this article from July 2014 to remind our readers that there are definite skills and knowledge needed when heading into the woods. As noted elsewhere this week, people are going into state and national parks without proper preparation, some getting[Read More…]

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Book Review: Staying With It

Book Review: Staying With It

An Aging Athlete Becomes Enlightened [Editor Note: We are reprising this article from Nov. 2015 because it contains important themes of persistence and adaptability. And the book Staying With It was written by one of our favorite authors, the venerable John Jerome, a former editor of SKIING magazine.] What happens when a 50-year-old writer decides to fight aging by becoming[Read More…]

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Light weights are good for bone density and muscle mass preservation.

Keeping Tight: Maintain Muscle Mass As You Age

Four strategies make fitness simple When it comes to fitness, the old saw about “use it or lose it” is not only true, for certain age groups, it is a challenge of sorts.  Why?  Because, according to Dr. Frank Lipman, founder of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center,  New York, muscle decline starts at age 40 and actually accelerates every decade[Read More…]

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La Nina Is Here

La Nina Is Here

She Is Bringing Snow For Some. Find Out Who. La Nina is has been lurking around the west coast of South America since August. That frosty little senorita brings cooler temperatures to the mid- and eastern Pacific waters which in turn impacts atmospheric circulation, which affects the shape of the Jet Stream across North America.  And that determines precipitation and[Read More…]

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Book Review: Fitness Can Be Everywhere, Every Day

Book Review: Fitness Can Be Everywhere, Every Day

How To Integrate Exercise Into Just About Everything You Do. SeniorsSkiing’s readers all know and appreciate the value of fitness and exercise. Our surveys have shown that when the snow season is over, out come the golf clubs, bikes, tennis racquets, kayaks, hiking boots, and the like. Active lifestyles are us and part of who we are. Enter the Corona[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Yes, It Was Buddy

Mystery Glimpse: Yes, It Was Buddy

Buddy Werner, Movie Star Many readers identified this Bogner-clad high-flyer as Buddy Werner, the celebrated ski racer. And yes, there is a strong resemblance to Jean-Claude Killy in this pic. Many thanks to Steamboat’s Tread Of Pioneers Museum for contributing this photo. Just three weeks after the 1964 Innsbruck Olympics, Buddy Werner was in Switzerland to film a movie produced[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Movie Star

Mystery Glimpse: Movie Star

Who’s This? This is a still from a movie this celebrity ski racer was in. Many thanks to the Tread Of Pioneers Museum in Steamboat Springs, CO, for this photo. Last Week From the Journal Of The New England Ski Museum: “Pete Seibert worked as a ski patroller in Aspen just after the war, then in 1950 attended L’Ecole Hoteliere[Read More…]

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Appleton Farms, Hamilton, MA

What You’re Saying: Wisdom And Kindness

Activities and Advice Our editorial intuition proved to be correct when we decided to ask you, our dear readers, about your reactions to the current situation we are all facing and the premature shuttering of ski resorts and snow-sports related activities. In fact, we had more responses to the three questions we posed last week than any other article we’ve[Read More…]

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Credit: Journal New England Ski Museum

Mystery Glimpse: Cool Sun Glasses

A Founder Another easy one.  Let’s hear from you. Do you have any stories about this person? Last Week Nancy Greene-Raine, skiing’s girl next door. Not only was she a successful ski racer for Canada, she became a senator for British Columbia in 2009 until her mandatory retirement in 2018. She has a long list of ski industry related accomplishments,[Read More…]

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James Niehues in his studio, creating maps by hand. Credit: LA Times

The Man Who Paints Mountains

James Niehues Creates Hand Painted Maps Of Ski Resorts And Now There’s A Book. If you’ve ever taken a second look at the resort trail maps you casually pick up and put in your parka pocket, you are most likely looking at a painting by James Niehues. James has created trail map art of over 200 resorts around the globe[Read More…]

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Credit: Dorothy Crossley, New England Ski Museum

Mystery Glimpse: Young Racer

Who Is This Racer? Major hint: O, Canada! This one should be easy. This week, we all need an easy one. Can you tell us about her history? Her extraordinary career? Thanks to the New England Ski Museum for this picture. Last Week This photo was taken at Crested Butte Mountain Resort in 1963, showing off the installation of their[Read More…]

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