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Fast Fred Siget on the left with Pat McCloskey, center, and friend at a long ago National Blind Skiing Championships.

Fast Freddie

Blind Skier Inspired All Who Knew Him.   The first time I skied with Fred Siget was in Snowshoe, WV, with Larry Walsh of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. This was my maiden voyage guiding a visually impaired skier. I had Fred, the first blind skier in our area, in front of me. Right turn, left turn, right turn, stay, stay.[Read More…]

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Innovator, pioneer, snowmaker, Herman Dupre is a legend in snowsports.

Snow Sport Leaders: Herman Dupre, An Original Maker Of Snow

Son Of Immigrant Parents, Herman Dupre Found A Way To Give The Sport Snow. Aside from building the Seven Springs ski area in western Pennsylvania into a major mountain resort, Herman Dupre’s claim to fame is that he is a pioneer in snowmaking.  He always tinkered with how to utilize high pressure air and water to help Mother Nature spread[Read More…]

by October 23, 2017 5 comments Snow Sports Leaders
Check the smiles and the kids on the nice smooth single track.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Designed Trails Make A Difference In PA.

Mountain Bikers: These Trails Are Worth The Trek. One of the smoothest, most  buttery trail systems in the east is situated in the middle of rural Pennsylvania near a beautiful body of water—Raystown Lake.  The Alligrippis Trails were IMBA( International Mountain Bike Association) designed in conjunction with the Appalachian Regional Commission, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the[Read More…]

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Trails at Rothrock require some technical skills.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Adventures In Cycling Series: Happy Valley (PA) Cycle

Serious Cycling For This Senior Who Hangs With A Younger Crowd. Nothing like a road trip with 23 of your mountain biking friends to State College, Pa. aka “Happy Valley”.  Our merry band of warriors converged on the Hilton Garden Inn and prepared for three days of riding the challenging terrain of the Rothrock State Forest.  As one of two[Read More…]

by May 14, 2017 1 comment East
How Can You Tell You’ve Had A Good Ski Lesson?

How Can You Tell You’ve Had A Good Ski Lesson?

A Good Lesson Is One Where The Student Comes Away With A Positive Feeling. [Editor Note: Pat McCloskey is a Level III PSIA Instructor and a wicked, good skier and teacher, according to his friends.  This article is his response to last week’s “Taking A Lesson At 72.” Fun Fact: A past subscriber survey revealed that almost 40% of seniors intended to[Read More…]

by April 4, 2017 4 comments Features
Hangmans at Mammoth. Pat calls the big mountain a hybrid between corporate and local.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Ski Areas Versus Ski Resorts

There Is A Clear And Distinct Difference. Which Is For You? Just returned from my annual ski adventure with my group of guys from all over the country.  We all converge on our friend in Tahoe and enjoy the Tahoe areas and then head to Mammoth to end the week.  Have to tell you folks, there is a lot of[Read More…]

by March 30, 2017 2 comments West
Now this is what a comfy lodge looks like.  Winter sports, good food, excellent accommodations at Glendorn.
Credit: Glendorn Resort

Cross-Country At Historic, Cozy PA Lodge

The Lodge At Glendorn Named Number One Resort Hotel In US. When I first said to our friends that we were having my wife’s 50th birthday party several years ago in Bradford, Pa. they cringed and all remarked, “In the middle of the winter in the icebox of Pennsylvania?”  They were sure surprised when they all drove through the wrought iron gates[Read More…]

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Fun Fact: Legendary Hannes Schneider designed the trails at Laurel at around the same time he created Cranmore. 
Credit: Laurel Mountain

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Saving Laurel Mountain From Obscurity

Western PA Pioneer Area Comes Back To Full Operation. There has been a lot written about the lost ski areas.  For one reason or another, ski areas sometimes are unable to meet the financial or operational requirements and end up closing the lifts.  They fall into disrepair and end up on a list of lost ski areas forever.  But, there is[Read More…]

by December 28, 2016 4 comments East, Ski History
Note arms elevated and away from the body, a key to stability and balance.  That's Ted Ligety, by the way.

Hands Up For Balance: A Technique Tip

Keep An Eye On Your Arms. One of the best tips I ever got was from a guy who was a former Colorado Pro Tour racer.  Frank Anderes had a keen eye for what was happening on the hill and besides telling me that it was important to make a lot of turns on a smaller hill, his tip about[Read More…]

by November 28, 2016 5 comments Features
Study up if you're buying new gear this year.  There is a lot of nuanced knowledge to learn.
Credit: SkiSaltLakeCity

Ski Instructor Advice On New Alpine Gear

If You’re Buying, Know Before You Go. This is the time of year when a lot of people buy ski equipment for the upcoming season.  Ski swaps, retail sales, online blowouts, etc. are all in full swing once the weather starts to turn cooler.  But aside from the great deals, caution should definitely be applied when purchasing equipment. As a ski[Read More…]

by September 19, 2016 7 comments Gear
Not easy these WV rock pots.  But that's why correspondent Pat McCloskey and his senior cyclist pals took them on.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Black Diamond Mountain Biking In WV

Correspondent Pat McCloskey Rides With Cycling Pro Over Technical Trails. What in the world is an ex-World Cup mountain bike racer doing leading a bunch of old guys around the rock strewn trails of West Virginia?  Well, that is exactly what happened when Sue Haywood graciously agreed to lead our group of aging warriors around some of the most challenging trails[Read More…]

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Ride down to the ocean after you ride up from the beach.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: The Laguna Wilderness

Miles Of Mountain Trails On The OC Coast. My wife Janet was a flight attendant for US Air for many years, and she always referred to some crew members as “slam clickers.”  They go to their hotel, slam the door and click the lock and don’t go out to visit any of the local sights. Too bad, especially since there is[Read More…]

by July 20, 2016 1 comment West
Dirt Fest Riders on the Alligrippis Trails in Raystown Lake, PA.  Dirt Fest is an annual event sponsored by Dirt Rag magazine.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Riding With A Mountain Biking Legend

Scot Nicol, A Founder Of Mountain Biking, Is A Heck Of A Rider In His 60s. Dirt Fest is an annual event that is presented by Dirt Rag Magazine and always takes place in May at Raystown Lake, Pa. The nationally known Alligrippis Trails are there, and it is an opportunity for 5,000-plus people to attend, ride the trails, and intermingle[Read More…]

by July 5, 2016 2 comments Features
Tour de France winner Greg LeMond snapping pics on charity ride with Pat McCloskey.

Cycling Series: Join A Charity Ride This Summer

Cycling With A Champion On A Charity Ride: Priceless. One of the more enjoyable events in cycling are those which support a charitable cause.  Throughout the country there are road rides where participants receive donations per mile or flat donations to support different organizations.  These are usually marked with support from the local motorcycle club escorts, food vendors and volunteers at[Read More…]

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Ellicottville is a cool place the just hang-out.  Non-cycling spouses can browse in many boutiques.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Cycling Series: Small Ski Town Turns To Bikes In Non-Snow Season

Western New York Ski Town Has Lots Of Cycling Opportunities. One of the more interesting things that happens to a ski town is the metamorphosis that occurs after mud season.  Mud season is traditionally when spring rolls along and the snow melts and the locals in ski town head for vacation.  Soon after, the festivities that define the area in[Read More…]

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