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Massanutten Resort

What’s New for the 2022-23 Season—Southeastern Edition 

Terrain expansions and technology upgrades are routine at the seventeen ski resorts south of the Mason-Dixon Line. This year, that trend continues. Here’s what’s new for the 2022/2023 season in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Virginia – Massanutten – 2022-23 marks the 50th year of skiing inside the “Kettle” bowl of Shenandoah Valley landmark Massanutten Mountain. In 1990, the[Read More…]

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History Awaits Your Next Ski Trip (Part 2)

History Awaits Your Next Ski Trip (Part 2)

No matter where you ski or ride, historic ski country lodging may not be far away. One of the most offbeat indicators of that is how many Southern Appalachian ski accommodations compare to the coolest historic places skiers check into up North and out West. A stay at the fanciest won’t be cheap, but it won’t be ordinary either. Just[Read More…]

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The historic Mount Washington Hotel makes a riveting backdrop from the resort's cross country ski trails.     Photo courtesy Omni Hotels and Resorts

History Awaits Your Next Ski Trip (Part 1)

As serious skiers gain years and experience, many become interested in the history of their sport. And a lot of us are also better positioned economically to savor that heritage by checking into some of the country’s more historic ski settings. A budget bunker motel beside the access road might be OK, but it’s surprisingly easy and affordable to set[Read More…]

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