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Appleton Farms, Ipswich/Hamilton, MA. Credit: Mike Maginn

Snow In Literature: The Winter’s Spring

By John Clare (1793-1864) The winter comes; I walk alone, I want no bird to sing; Tho those who keep their hearts their own The winter is the spring. No flowers to please—no bees to hum— The coming spring’s already come.   I never want the Christmas rose To come before its time; The season, each as God bestows, Are[Read More…]

by March 11, 2019 2 comments Features
Start of the Vasaloppett March 3, 2019.

This Week In (Mar.8)

[Editor Note: We sent packages and envelopes to readers who donated in our recent fund-raising campaign this week. Jon and I are truly gratified by your support. Thank you. If you haven’t received your premium, please be patient. More patches and stickers are being shipped to us.] Vasaloppett And Memories Of The Great Washington Birthday Race, Fat Bike Amateur, Mystery[Read More…]

by March 8, 2019 1 comment Features
Ask An Expert: Knee Replacement

Ask An Expert: Knee Replacement

Advice From An Orthopedic Physician. A reader asks: I need a knee replacement. Is there one implant (Zimmer, Depuy, Stryker, etc.) that is better for returning to skiing? Here’s the reply from Dr. Peter Schmaus, Orthopedic Spine and Sports, Paramus, NJ: Thank you for that interesting and timely question. There are nearly 700,000 knee replacements done in the United States[Read More…]

by March 6, 2019 11 comments Ask An Expert
Mystery Glimpse: Ski Legend Of The Rockies

Mystery Glimpse: Ski Legend Of The Rockies

That’s A Big Hint. He sure looks like a rugged dude.  Considering what he did for a living, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn he was a thorough outdoorsman.  Do you know who this is? Where he hung out? What he did for a living? Our bet is a lot of our readers know who this is. Last Week This[Read More…]

by February 27, 2019 1 comment Features
Not us.

This Week In (Feb. 22)

Thank You So Much for your supporting Your response has been gratifying. If you haven’t sent a donation, please help us defray expenses. There are different premiums for different contribution levels. Please click here to make a donation.  Senioritis, RV and Ski, Flat Light Blues, Mystery Jump II, More Gratitude When we started, we struggled with what to[Read More…]

by February 22, 2019 2 comments Features
A rolling hotel. An adventure to some, a frugal alternative to others. Credit: Frank Valentine, Upsplash

Take A Ski Trip In An RV

[Editor Note: As the new year begins, is again asking our readers to contribute to support our online magazine. Yes, we have grown in the number of subscribers and advertisers. But our expenses have also grown. You can help us defray some of these expenses by helping us out with a donation.  This year, we have a mix of[Read More…]

by February 20, 2019 2 comments Gear
This Week In (Feb. 15)

This Week In (Feb. 15)

Gratitude!, Snow Floods And Deserts, Big Jump, George at 101, Folk Tale, Steamboat Guide, You Never Know. The response to our appeal for financial support to help defray expenses at has been extremely gratifying. We are humbled by the donations we’ve received, and thank each contributor most heartily. If you haven’t yet considered making a donation (and getting a[Read More…]

by February 15, 2019 1 comment Features
Ask An Expert: Getting Up From A Fall

Ask An Expert: Getting Up From A Fall

How To Get Up From A Fall A question from reader Jeffrey Dunning: What are good exercises to help skiers get up after a fall? Getting up with both ski boots attached to skis is a lot harder than when I was young. For an expert opinion, we turned to Seth Masia, founder of the instructional approach, offered at the[Read More…]

by February 14, 2019 6 comments Ask An Expert
The NFL has embraced yoga to make muscles supple and flexible. Credit: Equinox

This Week In (Feb.8)

Mellow Sundance, Tow Line, Backstage World Championships, Bike In Winter, Ask The Expert. [Editor Note: As the new year begins, is again asking our readers to contribute to support our online magazine. Yes, we have grown in the number of subscribers and advertisers. But our expenses have also grown. You can help us defray some of these expenses by[Read More…]

by February 8, 2019 0 comments Features
Ask The Expert: Ski Boot Advice

Ask The Expert: Ski Boot Advice

How To Buy A First Pair Of Boots At 65 Years Old. A Question From Reader Greg Merritt: I just found and joined your group. I was wondering if you can give me some guidance on how to buy my first pair of boots (so many choices). I am 65 years old and weigh 215 on a 5’10 frame. Have[Read More…]

by February 7, 2019 19 comments Ask The Expert
White Mountains,  Franconia Notch, Cannon Mountain? 
Artist unknown

This Week In (Feb. 1)

Ask An Expert, Mystery Incantation, Robert Frost, 70s Ski Test Reality, Glen Plake Tour. Last week, we pointed out that of three competitive New Hampshire ski resorts along I-93, two offered low day lift ticket prices for seniors and one didn’t. To review, both Waterville Valley and Bretton Woods offered $29 and/or $32, depending on when you buy and if[Read More…]

by February 1, 2019 2 comments Features
Snow In Literature: An Old Man’s Winter Night

Snow In Literature: An Old Man’s Winter Night

By Robert Frost All out of doors looked darkly in at himThrough the thin frost, almost in separate stars,That gathers on the pane in empty rooms.What kept his eyes from giving back the gazeWas the lamp tilted near them in his hand.What kept him from remembering what it wasThat brought him to that creaking room was age.He stood with barrels[Read More…]

by January 30, 2019 3 comments Features
This Week In (Jan.25)

This Week In (Jan.25)

Buried Alive, Magic Mt., Brian Head, 70s Ski Testing, Mystery Snowfields, Rope Tow Memories. There is prolific snow in New England these days, and despite the brisk cold, we went skiing last week in New Hampshire in the famous Ski 93 corridor. First stop was Bretton Woods on a frosty bluebird day with far-ranging views of Mt. Washington and the[Read More…]

by January 25, 2019 6 comments Features
This Week In (Jan. 18)

This Week In (Jan. 18)

Silver Streaks, PopUp Problem, Snowmaker Gloves, 70s Ski Test, Mystery Guest, Conditioning Advice, Big Bromley Resort Review. We stopped at Waterville Valley’s Silver Streak corner in the base lodge last Monday to introduce ourselves and spread some stickers to the members who had gathered for coffee and donuts. Silver Streaks is a club program that is supported by the[Read More…]

by January 18, 2019 0 comments Features

PopUp Problem Perplexes Publishers

Last Week’s Edition Had Some Issues. Imagine our surprise when we began to receive complaints—some strongly worded—from our readers about having to re-enter their name and email to access our online magazine. That is, re-enter again and again and again. And again. We thought it was a typical but annoying problem that is usually on the reader’s side of the[Read More…]

by January 17, 2019 4 comments Other News

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