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We’re Asking For Your Support; Contribute And Get A Cool Premium. is in the middle of our sixth publishing year. We are gratified and proud that our online magazine has clearly found an audience that resonates with our editorial content and our advertisers. Our new Incidents & Accidents feature has clearly struck a nerve, and we will continue to[Read More…]

by January 29, 2020 1 comment Features
John Fry. Credit: SKI Magazine

John Fry (1930-2020)

Journalist, Historian, Innovator, Hall of Fame Member Passes On. [This article first appeared in Ski History Magazine. We thank the International Ski History Association for permission to reprint this memory of a ski industry legend.) John Fry, the dean of North American ski journalists, died suddenly but peacefully on January 24, two days after celebrating his 90th birthday Fry was[Read More…]

by January 28, 2020 4 comments Ski Heroes
White Mts in background, we conquer Attitash.

This Week In (Jan. 24)

Talking To Yourself, Skis Delivered, Robert Frost, New Mystery And A Correction, Weather Coming Up, Windham Mt MidWeek Seniors. As reported in this space, the snow weather here in New England has been sketchy once a burst of fluff in early December disappeared or turned to ice. We had a miserable melt the second weekend of January with temps in[Read More…]

by January 24, 2020 7 comments Features
Snow In Literature: The Wood-pile

Snow In Literature: The Wood-pile

By Robert Frost Out walking in the frozen swamp one gray day,I paused and said, ‘I will turn back from here.No, I will go on farther—and we shall see.’The hard snow held me, save where now and thenOne foot went through. The view was all in linesStraight up and down of tall slim treesToo much alike to mark or name[Read More…]

by January 20, 2020 2 comments Features
NESIS storm distribution by month, 1956-2019. Credit: Weather Channel

This Week In (Jan. 17)

East Coast: Start Us Up.  Roll Away Stiff Muscles, Harriet Wears A Cup Cake, New Bindings Old Skis, Mystery Top Hatted Skier, Nordic Gourmet Ski Tours, Good Weather News. Last weekend, the temperature was 70+ degrees in Boston, a record high for January 4-5.  That was not a good thing for resorts, especially lower altitude areas, that are gearing up[Read More…]

by January 17, 2020 1 comment Features
Incidents & Accidents: 7

Incidents & Accidents: 7

Safety Is Up To All Of Us. [Editor Note: Dave Irons contributed this article on skiing safety which first appeared in the Lewiston Sun Journal. Dave is a veteran ski journalist and ski patroller. is collecting stories from readers about incidents and accidents that they have experienced. We intend to review these for patterns and themes and use that[Read More…]

by January 15, 2020 7 comments Incidents and Accidents
A massage ball can really concentrate gentle pressure on knots.
Credit: Pro-tecathletics

Foam Roll Out Those Nasty Knots

An amazingly simple and immediately effective DIY massage relaxes stiffness and removes pain The foam rolling technique of self- massage is exceptionally beneficial in increasing athletic performance, reducing pain, and helping with injury recovery/prevention —especially for older snow enthusiasts. The medical term for rolling out is self-myofascial release.  “Myo” means muscle, and “fascial” refers to the fascia, a framework of[Read More…]

by January 13, 2020 2 comments Conditioning
Ask The Expert: New Bindings, Old Skis

Ask The Expert: New Bindings, Old Skis

The Opposite Question From A Couple Of Weeks Ago. A Question From Reader James Davis: Ok I fully understand the mechanical aspect of old bindings, but what about the skis underneath? I have several pair of older skis in excellent visual condition that I like to use occasionally. How many times is it safe to put on new bindings? Response[Read More…]

by January 13, 2020 7 comments Ask An Expert
Lots of snow in view from Peak Lodge, Killington (4,236 feet). Credit: Roger Lohr

This Week In (Jan.10)

Where The Snow Is In The East, A Ski Learning Tool, Grandparents Teach Munchkins, Weather Coming, Apres Fire-ish Cocktail. Sounds as if the West is off to an incredible season. Snow packs in Colorado and Utah are already over normal amounts, the Northwest and Western Canada is getting more new snow.  So there’s lots of visitor activity.  A quick scan[Read More…]

by January 10, 2020 2 comments Features
This Week In (Jan. 3)

This Week In (Jan. 3)

The Top 10 Articles Of 2019. Here are our readers favorite articles from the past year, deducted by looking at the number of comments, clicks, and the help of Google Analytics. It is certainly a diverse collection of pieces, ranging from our very popular Mystery Glimpse feature fueled by historic photographs from ski museums around the country, to a[Read More…]

by January 3, 2020 0 comments Features
Ask The Expert: Old Bindings, New Skis?

Ask The Expert: Old Bindings, New Skis?

Repurposing Bindings Not A Good Idea. A Question From Reader Mike Goldman: I have the Marker IPT Wideride bindings mounted on a pair of Vokyl RTM 80. Can these bindings be re-mounted and used on something like a Nordica Soul Rider 97?  Thanks. Response From Jackson Hogan, ski industry veteran and publisher of My answer to Mike is no.[Read More…]

by January 2, 2020 9 comments Ask An Expert
Incidents & Accidents: 6

Incidents & Accidents: 6

Tracking Down The Reckless Party: YOU Must Capture Data At The Scene. Mark Stangl, Steamboat, CO What Happened: Snowboarder collided with me from behind, causing a spiral leg fracture.  Both fibula and tibia were broken and required internal hardware treatments.  Major life changes and financial impacts resulted. (The snowboarder was from Panama and although at fault resisted all contact from[Read More…]

by December 31, 2019 12 comments Incidents and Accidents
This Week In (Dec. 20)

This Week In (Dec. 20)

Happy Holidays, Injury Brings Insight, Gifts, Ski The Cone, Ski Forecasts. As a holiday gift from to you, here’s a poem celebrating the Winter Solstice and this special celebratory time of year welcoming Yuletide. The Shortest Day was written by Susan Cooper for the Christmas Revels, a wonderful show with music, dance, and poetry reflecting different cultures and styles[Read More…]

by December 20, 2019 0 comments Features
Very Last Minute Gifts

Very Last Minute Gifts

60s Ski Songs, Powder Addicts, New England Ski Museum Shop. Stuck for a present for a senior snow sports partner, friend, spouse, colleague? Here are three sources that can fill in the blank. Download 60s Ski Songs. Ray Conrad wrote and performed skiing songs in the early 60s in a folk music style that was gaining popularity in cafes, clubs[Read More…]

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NSNA Crew grooms all night for a wonderful trail in the morning. Credit: NSNA

This Week In (Dec. 13)

Nordic Volunteers, Poutine For Calories, Exoskeleton Helps Legs, More Incidents & Accidents, Southern Skiing, Mystery Team, Weather Report. This co-publisher of loves to cross-country ski. Since we live directly across the street from a 900-acre tract of conservation land, owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations, we head over the stone wall whenever there is decent coverage. In[Read More…]

by December 13, 2019 2 comments Features

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