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Amazing vistas on a long, long at Les Deux Alpes

Les Deux Alpes: Top-To-Bottom

One Heck Of A Long Run. We’re getting hooked on these top-to-bottom videos.  For one thing, they are showing us ski resorts we have not visited. That alone is interesting in a vicarious vacation kind of way.  For us New England-oriented skiers, this video of the French Alps resort of Les Deux Alpes opens up a whole new world of[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: Dear March-Come In

Snow In Literature: Dear March-Come In

By Emily Dickinson Dear March-Come in How Glad I am- I hoped for you before- Put down your hat- You must have walked- How out of breath you are- Dear March, how are you, and the Rest- Did you leave Nature well- Oh, March, come right upstairs with me- I got your letter, and the Birds- The Maples never knew[Read More…]

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Question For You: Foggy Goggley?

Question For You: Foggy Goggley?

Here’s A Common, Perhaps COVID-Amplified Problem For Skiers. A question from reader Steve Rosen: A new to me and persistent problem this season has been fogging of my goggles from the inside, particularly in the morning.  It seems to be caused by local requirements to wear masks while in the lift lines, on the lifts, and skiing, all of[Read More…]

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Aspen Top To Bottom

Aspen Top To Bottom

Take A Virtual Vacation And A Long Run On Us. Ok, so no Aspen for you this year.  But here’s a video of a run from the top of Aspen Mountain all the way to the bottom.  Sounds like scratchy snow, and, come to think of it, where is everyone? Last season, SkiCo topped 1.5 million visits to Aspen Mountain[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: On A Tree Fallen Across The Road

Snow In Literature: On A Tree Fallen Across The Road

[Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] (To hear us talk) By Robert Frost The tree the tempest with a crash of wood Throws down in front of us is not bar Our passage to our journey’s end for good, But just to ask us who we think we are Insisting always on our[Read More…]

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Once In A Year, It Is Not Thought Amiss. SeniorsSkiing is halfway through its seventh publishing year. Over that time, we’ve advocated for seniors, conducted research on on-hill accidents, published best skis and best boots listings, recognized those seniors who really ski a lot, and provide a directory of where seniors can ski for free or almost free. We publish[Read More…]

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Coming soon: Prognosticator of Spring.

This Week In (Jan.29)

Mid-Winter, Ski Art, SmartPhone Photography, XC Booming, Question About Racing, Reminiscence, Skiing Weatherman, AI Ski Coach, Rx Goggles, And More. Jon WeisbergComing soon: Prognosticator of Spring.We are approaching the middle of the winter season, and Ground Hog Day, coming up next week on Feb. 2, marks the half way point till spring.  Hope you have half your firewood and half[Read More…]

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Billy Kidd making his move.

Question For You: What Lessons From Racing?

Have You Raced? When? What Did You Learn? We are curious how many of our readers have actually been involved in ski racing in the long arc of their skiing careers. Did you race in college? High school? World Cup circuit? Olympics?  Or just the odd NASTAR race at the local hill?  Regardless what level you raced or your degree[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: Fwooosh

Snow In Literature: Fwooosh

Fwoosh! By Matthew Haddad (Age 12) [Editor Note: This poem was written when Matthew was 11 for his grandfather reader Doug Haddad. Proud grand dad submitted it on his behalf.] Past snowy hills On a 100 degree down Intricate snowflakes Frozen hearted yet making a winter wonderland  Where skiing takes place Over thousands of moguls Making the snow a[Read More…]

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This Week In (Jan. 22)

This Week In (Jan. 22)

Does Technique Matter? Corduroy XC Tracks,  Beginning XC, Making Turns, Think Arc, Robert Frost, How Did You Learn? This week we reflect on how you ski and how you learned. We learned by following a fellow college student down the baby trails at Song Mt in Tully, NY, many decades ago. “Just do this”, he said showing me how to[Read More…]

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Make More Tracks: Beginning Cross-Country

Make More Tracks: Beginning Cross-Country

Looking For Alternatives? Here’s A Starter Kit For XC. has published several articles on getting started in cross-country skiing.  Here’s another view from Breckenridge Nordic Center. We watched all nine minutes and picked up lots of new tips, despite our many years of xc skiing.  Get going!

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Credit: M. Maginn

Snow In Literature: Brown’s Descent

Or the Willy-Nilly Slide By Robert Frost (1916) Brown lived at such a lofty farm That everyone for miles could see His lantern when he did his chores In winter after half-past three. And many must have seen him make His wild descent from there one night, ’Cross lots, ’cross walls, ’cross everything, Describing rings of lantern light. Between the[Read More…]

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Question For You: Was Your Investment In A Pass Worth It?

Question For You: Was Your Investment In A Pass Worth It?

Or, Do You Regret Shelling Out The Bucks? Here we are in mid-January.  The Northwest has seen abundant snowfall, the West needs more, the East, well, there’s been some uneven days, and trail counts are down. And we have COVID restrictions in place, changing the experience for lots of visitors from getting to resorts to the hill experience. Even Pitkin[Read More…]

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Credit: MD Maginn

Snow In Literature: Interlude

By Linda Pastan We are waiting for snow the way we might wait for a train to arrive with its cold cargo— it is late already, but surely it will come. We are waiting for snow the way we might wait for permission to breathe again. For only the snow will release us, only the snow will be a letting[Read More…]

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There's a groomed trail, but lots of folks just went their own way across the pasture at Appleton Farms. Credit: A. Maginn

This Week In (Jan. 8)

Happy New Year, It’s January. The Year Has Flipped. We launch into 2021 with the notion that positive change is just over the horizon, on the other side of the hill, beyond that copse of trees, around the next turn, and down the road.  The vaccine is coming, and, eventually, we will get out from the shadow of this miserable[Read More…]

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Question For You: Resort Report Card

Question For You: Resort Report Card

The Holidays Are Past, We Have Data. There’s been snow from coast to coast over the holiday season, the busiest time of the year for many ski resorts. From what we’ve heard, resort management and staff have done sterling work in preparing for guests, from signage to new structure and policies, to reservation systems and food service options. In this[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: The Snow Man

Snow In Literature: The Snow Man

By Wallace Stevens One must have a mind of winterTo regard the frost and the boughsOf the pine-trees crusted with snow; And have been cold a long timeTo behold the junipers shagged with ice,The spruces rough in the distant glitter Of the January sun; and not to thinkOf any misery in the sound of the wind,In the sound of a[Read More…]

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This Week In (Dec. 18)

This Week In (Dec. 18)

Once in a year, it is not thought amiss To visit our neighbors and sing out like this: We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Chanukah We wish you a Merry Holiday And a Happy New Year!   More Music And Snow Sports Here’s another holiday treat. The Colorado Snowsports Museum has compiled a YouTube music[Read More…]

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Protect yourself and others. Things have changed. Credit: Marketwatch

More On Taking A Lesson With COVID

Things Are Different. More Ideas For Successful Lessons. Correspondent Keller Minton’s article last week on taking a lesson in COVID times was praised by a ski world notable. Seth Masia, president of the International Ski History Association, long time ski journalist, active ski instructor at Aspen/Snowmass, and member of’ Board of Advisors, wrote to us with some additional comments. [Read More…]

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John Denver filling up our senses. He wrote the lyrics to Annie's Song on a chairlift.

This Week In (Dec. 11)

More Music And Skiing, Jackson Nordic, John Denver, Storms On Parade, Difficult Moments, Question: Handling Clutch Situations, Early Season Videos, COVID Lesson Advice, Old Maine Hotel. After last week’s discovery of the two musical events that are held in the middle of the ski world, we thought we’d explore the intersection between snow sports and the music world one more[Read More…]

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Uh-oh, the mojo ain't working today. Credit: AlexanderTT

Question For You: Difficult Situations

How Do You Manage Your…Apprehensions? Yesterday, you did fine on Wild Thing, that steep, narrow trail on the shady side of the mountain. Today, Wild Thing is crusty, heavy, or worse, boilerplate, and it’s the only way down. Or, the afternoon light has gone totally flat, you’re at the top of the mountain, heading through the trees to the bottom. [Read More…]

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This Week In (Dec. 4)

This Week In (Dec. 4)

Music In The Mountains, Question For You Redux, Snow Coming, Aosta Trattoria Interlude, XC Starter Kit, Mystery Tow, Dispatch From Wolf Creek, Rental Apartment Advice, Inspiration For Recovery, Utah Resort COVID Summary. Imagine our surprise when we were searching YouTube for tunes from one of our favorite bands when we found, wait for it, the “Gondola Sessions.” We love the[Read More…]

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Restrictions: Help, hinder, hopeless? What is your experience? Credit: USNews&WorldReport

Question For You: Dispatches From The Snow Frontier

Let’s Try Again: What Is Your First Visit To A Ski Resort In COVID Times Like? A few weeks ago, we asked our readers to tell us how their first visits to a ski resort went in this unusual year.  We wanted to hear reactions to constraints, regulations, and policies designed to keep visitors and staff safe. Unfortunately, we didn’t[Read More…]

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Wolf Creek, CO, opening weekend end of October. "Fall conditions". Credit: John Farley

Early Turns At Wolf Creek

A Report From The First North American Ski Area To Open. After the big snowstorm that dropped two feet of snow at Wolf Creek from Sunday, October 25 through Tuesday morning, October 27, Colorado’s Wolf Creek became the first ski area in the United States to open on Wednesday, October 28.  I skipped the first day to avoid the likely[Read More…]

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Credit: Trapp Family Lodge

This Week In (Nov. 20)

SPECIAL EDITION: MAKE MORE TRACKS! Focus On Nordic, Snowshoeing, Fat Biking: Rationale, The Market Forecast, Videos: How To XC, Snowshoe, Fat Bike, Hidden Gem XC Resorts, Lesson Advice, Mystery Nordic Star, Trail Preferences. There’s more to winter besides downhill skiing. This issue will explore additional ways you can Make More Tracks. Let’s be clear at the top: We love Alpine[Read More…]

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