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Summarizing Skiing History Magazine’s Sept-Oct 2021 Issue

Summarizing Skiing History Magazine’s Sept-Oct 2021 Issue

Skiing History magazine, a project of the International Skiing History Association (ISHA), is published six times a year. Its collection of articles is always interesting. Click on ISHA’s “Take A Run With Us!” advertisement and register for a free digital issue. Better yet, support skiing history and ISHA by becoming a member! Membership is a terrific gift for any older[Read More…]

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Each dimension can be varied in different ski types. Know your preferences.
Credit: Brittanica

Picking Your Next Skis: The Essentials

When buying skis, choose a ski based on matching width and turn radius to the kind of snow you like. Hard snow: select a ski with a narrow waist – 76mm or narrower. Soft groomers (or general western front-of-mountain skiing): select a moderate waist – 75 to 85mm. Resort powder (with firm surface underneath): select a mid-fat waist – 85[Read More…]

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