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Marketing A Rental Unit In Your Ski House: Part 2

Marketing A Rental Unit In Your Ski House: Part 2

Attracting Renters Using Online Booking Tools. So, once you purchase the right house, how do you rent out the guest unit?  You could rent on a long-term basis, but we found that to be a problem.   A long-term lease gives the tenant a lot of time to mistreat the apartment.  In the past, we rented to a long-term tenant.  She[Read More…]

by November 12, 2020 3 comments Features
The author's ski house has a rental apartment over the garage.

Finding A Ski House With Rentable Space: Part 1

A Rental Apartment Can Pay For Your Ski House. Perhaps you have daydreamed about buying your own ski house in a great resort, but dismissed it as out of your reach financially.  But don’t give up your dream!  In July 2018, my wife and I took the leap and we landed happily with a ski house in beautiful mountain country. [Read More…]

by November 3, 2020 6 comments Features

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