Free skiing is available for older skiers at 145 resorts in 26 states and five Canadian provinces this season.


Each resort requires a specific age for free skiing. The youngest is 55; the oldest, 90. Those 70 years and older have a choice of 69 ski areas.

This is the first time Canadian resorts are included in the directory.

Some areas, like Telluride (CO; age 80), Whitefish (MT; age 70), Snowbasin Resort (UT; age 75), and Beech Mountain (NC; age 70) are well-known skier destinations. Many are served by large airports and near communities with many attractions.

Ski areas offering free skiing to seniors tend to be independently-owned. As many ski areas become holdings of large organizations, free or deeply discounted skiing is no longer being offered. Even with advance purchase and other ways to save, a day of skiing for seniors costs $151.00 at Vail; $106.00, at Aspen, and $117 at Whistler Blackcomb.

The new directory lists 103 US areas, compared to 112  last season. Forty-two Canadian resorts are included.

The directory includes areas where seniors are given extremely deep discounts for season passes and lift tickets. To qualify for this year’s list, their senior season passes had to cost no more than $125 and their day passes no more than $25.

The list is accessible by clicking Community on the top menu bar, then Subscriber Only Content or click here.


  1. Thanks John…you might mention that in Canada, the dollar is only .76 so it’s like 25% off…on everything. Makes a big difference. It’s too bad Vail bought Whistler because there was a senior rate a couple years ago. Roger Evans, Moose Mountain, Alaska

  2. You left out NM. Angel Fire and Taos Ski Valley.

  3. Dave Carter, Nevada City, CA says:

    Boreal in Northern California is offering a $69 season pass this year for skiers 70+. It’s unlimited, seven days a week, 9am-9pm. Located on Donner Summit, Boreal is small but what makes this a great deal is that it includes 4 days at Diamond Peak at Lake Tahoe.

  4. Somehow the list on this page cuts off at NH; there is nothing on UT or Canada.

    • Jon Weisberg says:

      Roger, Click on the statement,”CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WHERE SENIORS CAN SKI FREE OR ALMOST FREE 2018-19,” and it will take you to the full list. Jon

  5. Roger B Monty says:

    Telluride’s website offers a “Palmyra Pass” (for skiers age 80+) for “$ 0.00” (??). Not clear why this would be better than just a free day ticket, but I ordered one anyway, mostly just to find out. It turns out, if you have a season pass (which, the “Palmyra Pass” IS), at ANY resort connected with Vail’s “EPIC” pass (and, Telluride IS), you can get 50% off the window senior day rate, at any OTHER Vail-owned resort, even if you do NOT have an EPIC pass. Pretty good, eh?

  6. Killington still free at 80

  7. Peter McCarville says:

    I can understand the enthusiasm for a free pass or number of days when one turns 70-80-90. But, I am still not looking forward to being 80 or 90. I am 56 now and admire the guests I guide on the mountain who are in there 80s and 90s. I really admire George J. who skis in SLC. I still, however, think that by the time I am 80 the free skiing will be like social security–not existent!

    Cheers to all you senior skiers. You all grew up in the best of times when it came to snow.

  8. Hi Jon,
    Whistler/Blackcomb offer a Super Senior Annual Pass (75+), a few years ago it was $149.00, and Vail Resorts continue this great offer. This season it was $179.00 Canadian Dollars! It gives you discounts in the cafeteria and many other places.

  9. John Chisholm says:

    List the resorts in eastern USA or Canada offering free skiing to seniors over the age of 70

    • Michael Maginn says:

      John: The list of resorts you ask for are included in our directory. Just head to the third box from the left under the blue bar. You may have to re-enter your name and email address to access Subscriber-Only Content. You can then download a pdf of 145 resorts in US and Canada that offer free or almost free skiing for seniors.

  10. John,
    Mt. Peter in Warwick, NY offers free skiing to those 70 or older.

  11. Jon, As an employee at the Vail Resort in Stowe Vermont I could not pass up Waitsfield Vt very own Sugarbush deal. The Boomer pass (65 yrs & +) mid week w/ holiday blackouts. Past spring happily paid $125 for this 2018/2019 season pass. Good seeing you even on such a sad occasion. Mark Z

  12. BERNIE DILLON says:

    Belleayre in NY is no longer free.$20 per day ,$7 off of that if you are a veteran. Cost me 13,not a huge mountain but a lot of skiing for the price.

    • Michael Maginn says:

      Hi Bernie: Just to be clear, our directory contains resorts that offer free or ALMOST FREE skiing for seniors. $13 is almost free. Enjoy!

  13. Gabor Kesseru says:

    Both Arapaho and Loveland in Colorado have a great senior discount season pass but they’re not free. $169 at Arapaho and $99 at Loveland for those over 70.

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