A Superb Skiing Year In Most Places Deserves A Fitting Remembrance. This One Is Over The Top.

Night skiing under the North Lights. One of the amazers in this compilation video.
Credit: Good Time With Rider










In this video, you will see some examples of skiing in 2016, including cool powder skiing, jumping off cliffs, skiing on roads, night skiing under the Northern Lights, bikini skiing, nude skiing, street skiing, jumping from buildings and bridges “skiing”, indoor skiing, skiing down Joy Street, Boston, on tops of cars, ski joring (horse skiing), rock skiing, kite skiing, tandem skiing, and lawn skiing.

As we said, it was quite a year.  Thanks to Good Time With Rider for this video.


  1. Bernie W says:

    Pretty amazing footage – but i couldn’t tell which shot was Mike Maginn!

  2. NIce enough didn’t see much actual skiing. A lot of gymnastics assisted by the acceleration provides by gravity and wearing skis running downhill over snow.

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