Big bargains await older skiers this season at 157 North American ski areas. Fifty-two allow them to ski free. The rest have heavily discounted the cost of skiing.

But it all depends on your age.

The comprehensive list includes season pass prices, age requirements, and links to each area’s website. To access, click “Community” on the menu bar, then click “Subscriber-Only Content” in the drop down box.

The areas are in 30 states and five Canadian provinces. Many are large and well-known.

It you’ve reached 70, there are 101 areas offering free or extremely low cost season passes and lift tickets. If you’re 75, there are 122 areas. If you’re 80, the same privileges are available at virtually all listed areas. A few extend the benefit to skiers in their 50s and 60s.

The states/provinces with five or more listed areas are: 

  • California (6)
  • Colorado (7)
  • Idaho (10)
  • Maine (5)
  • Michigan (11)
  • Montana (9)
  • New Hampshire (9)
  • New Mexico (6)
  • New York (6)
  • Pennsylvania(7)
  • Utah (6)
  • Vermont (6)
  • Washington (5)
  • Alberta (15)
  • British Columbia (6)
  • Ontario (5)
  • Quebec (5)

The list was researched on line and will be updated throughout the season as readers report new information. first published the list for the 2015-16 season. 


  1. marilyn j sundstrom says:

    Item #3 is interesting,it gauges super seniors as a group over 80.
    New owner is missing the boat. M

  2. Bruce Sherman says:

    It would have been nice if you had published my poetic tribute to my long time ski buddy..lLee Wilson. Do you plan to use it…and the great pic of him skiing the powder? Bruce Sherman

  3. What website do I access to see the comprehensive discounted lift ticket prices. Thanks


    where is the detailed list. and what happened to new jersey?

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