A Day on Skis with a Bunny Rabbit.


When my daughters were young, I read them to sleep with Goodnight Moon, Animal Cafe, and other terrific children’s books. The words and pictures of these simple stories always delighted, regardless of how many times they were read.

Now that I’m grandfather to four, I actively look for new children’s classics. It’s not easy to find books without too many words, with simple graphics and magical stories.

Last week, I found a new one about skiing that more than qualifies!

The book is bunny slopes. It’s the story of a bunny who likes to ski. The art is deliciously simple, and the book is interactive, in a clever, analog,way

“Oh, It’s you. Want to join me for a ski day?” asks the bunny.

A few pages later he wants us to shake the book to make snow. On the next page there’s snow.


When bunny wants to go downhill he asks us to tilt the book. Soon he’s headed off a cliff and we help bunny recover by turning the book upside down. A bit later, bunny drops into a rabbit hole and tumbles into a cozy den where Mommy serves a cup of something warm.


bunny slopes is written and illustrated by Claudia Rueda, a New York Times bestselling children’s book author/illustrator. It was just published (October, 2016) by Chronicle Books  and is also available in French. Cost: US $15.99; Amazon lists it from $5.65 to $11.74.

For skiing grandparents who want to share their love of the sport with the little ones in their lives, bunny slopes is a gem.

Click the short video below for more bunny slopes.

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