A Tragic Accident Turns A Ski Racer Into A Believer And A Healer.

Siri says alternative medicine returned her to real life. Credit: Harriet Wallis
Siri says alternative medicine returned her to real life.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Siri Wieringa was born into a skiing family. It’s in her genes. By college she was an accomplished ski racer. But a horrific on-course accident tossed her down the hill, flipping her over and over, breaking up one side of her body and terrorizing her brain. When she regained consciousness, life as she knew it was gone.

Doctors fixed her broken bones. But they were baffled about her brain which, even though she wore a helmet, was slammed again and again against her skull. Perhaps she should drop out of college, they said. Perhaps she should just rest.

Cancelling life did not suit Siri.

“I needed Western medicine,” she said. For example, “they Life Flighted me to the hospital.” But rather than letting her just rest and stagnate, her mom sought alternative healing methods.

Siri believes alternative healing returned her to real life. “I was in a fog,” she said. “I had to learn to walk and talk and then learn to ski again.”

She finished college with a masters degree, coaches a freestyle ski team, and is so passionate about alternative healing she has studied several healing arts and is a practicing healer.

I met the vivacious, energetic 26-year-old when I went to Alta to get my season pass. She’s the daughter of Alta’s revered, long-time General Manager Onno Wieringa.

Trauma, illness, emotions and the rigors of every day life can stress the body and cause bottlenecks that derail the body’s energy and its ability to heal itself. The body is a closed eco system designed to nurture itself, Siri said. You just have to give it a chance.

Most alternative healing methods were developed by ancient cultures centuries ago. Several are modern combinations. Some you might recognize, such as: acupuncture, crystals, quantum, cupping, Reiki, Accunect, Tibetan cranial and chiropractic. And there are others—all geared to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Siri is now a Reiki and a Accunect healer. Both methods use a light touch and are non-invasive. The effectiveness cannot be measured by traditional techniques. Non-believers call such healing methods nonsense. Others believe that alternative healing saved their lives. Alternative healing worked for Siri.

Might alternative healing be right for you?

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  1. johanna jackson says:

    it shows you that there is more out there for healing the body than a pill and doctor’s appt.

  2. Patti Stoppi says:

    Very interesting and inspiring .. thanks, Harriet (look forward to seeing and skiing with you at Brighton) and Siri..

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