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Are your skis still in the bag by the furnace where you left them after your last ski day? Hmmmm.
Credit: Mike Maginn

Putting Away Your Skis And Stuff

It Pays To Spend A Little Extra Effort On Your Gear. Here’s How. [Editor Note: Don Burch’s article on storing your gear is published each year around this time.  We are reprising it to help remind you that a little care for your stuff goes a long way.] Hopefully your ski equipment has taken good care of you all winter,[Read More…]

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Season Ending: The Last Perfect Turn

Season Ending: The Last Perfect Turn

The last turn of the last run on any ski day is a bittersweet moment.  If it’s the last day of the trip, it is sad, if not melancholic. As I come down the mountain on what will be my last run of the day, I go through the same routine.  Partly because I am tired, partly because the beginner[Read More…]

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Setting Our Sights on e-Biking in Umbria

Setting Our Sights on e-Biking in Umbria

Last Sunday, I took a few heavy corn runs at Park City. It was in the mid-60s, and two runs were enough. The Salt Lake Valley reached 78F, and driving up and back, passed scores of cyclists. I know I should be pedaling more, both for the sheer enjoyment of being on a bike and for its great health benefits.[Read More…]

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Editor’s Note: TheSkiDiva.com is an online community of women skiers without the male orientation. The forum’s founder, Wendy Clinch, recently posted this report, comprised, in part, of comments by forum participants. In the past few weeks, there have been at least 10 deaths at North American ski resorts. While one death is way too many, The National Ski Areas Association says ski fatalities are[Read More…]

Skiing Crested Butte

Skiing Crested Butte

Source: Travel Crested Butte The first thing one notices about the terrain at Crested Butte is the jagged, arrowhead shaped mountain peak thrusting into the sky. The base of the mountain is 9,820’, and lifts take you to a notch, several hundred feet below its 12,162’ summit. There’s lots to like about skiing Crested Butte: beaucoup, well-groomed beginner, intermediate and[Read More…]

Ice Fishing With Skis?

Ice Fishing With Skis?

I was skiing with three friends at Lake Louise in 1995. We were heading over to “Rock Garden” on the far side of the mountain. On the way, we took a tree run. Only three of the four of us made it out. Where was Dick? We waited a while before trudging up into the woods to find him. It[Read More…]

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Don Burch: Things I See While Skiing

Don Burch: Things I See While Skiing

This fast-paced, short video from Don Burch combines several artistic techniques, including some fleeting Mondrian-like moments. I think it’s fair to say that Don is developing a new genre of ski video. Watching it evolve is a treat.  

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Breezy Days Skiing the Ice Coast: Don Burch’s Newest Video

Breezy Days Skiing the Ice Coast: Don Burch’s Newest Video

FINALLY, the East Coast got hammered. Although this newest addition to the Don Burch ski video canon was produced before the big storm, everything about it – color, sound, scenes – expresses its title: Breezy Days Skiing the Ice Coast.

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Hanging On for Life and (Almost) Getting Eaten by the Rope Tow

Hanging On for Life and (Almost) Getting Eaten by the Rope Tow

Editor’s note: Spend enough seasons skiing and most of us will get into some form of trouble. Last issue, I explained how I got into hot water by inadvertently becoming end-of-day Pied Piper to a bunch of kids who followed me on a long winding trail, while their parents anxiously waited their return. A few readers emailed their tales of[Read More…]

Source: Trapp Family Lodge

Four Bucket List New England Cross Country Ski Towns

XCSkiResorts.com recommends these classic New England towns and areas for a cross country  ski vacation: Stowe, VT, is quintessential New England with its white steepled church and main street lined with stores. It’s also the home of the Trapp Family Lodge of Sound of Music fame. Trapp Family Lodge has a 110 km trail network with 60 km of groomed[Read More…]

Wecome to Latigo Ranch

Latigo Ranch: High-Country Nordic

Sometimes life exceeds expectation. That’s what I’ve found with winter ranches in the Rockies. In summer, hundreds of dude ranches draw thousands of visitors. They’re crazy-diverse: homespun and elegant; private and heavily peopled; mostly self-service or with staff at your call. You’ll find Spartan working ranches as well as places with canapés and kidney-shaped swimming pools. The few ranches open[Read More…]

The Day Three Slump

The Day Three Slump

This is my shortest ever blog, but it may have a significant impact on your next ski holiday. It’s your first day back on the slopes, and you want to hit the ground running.  You don’t want to miss a thing, so you‘re up early, on the first chair, and skiing like a mad thing all day.  It feels so[Read More…]

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Source: FreeSkier

Things to Remember when Choosing Alpine Ski Equipment

SKIS The ski shop makes more money renting out or selling higher performance equipment. Be honest with yourself – if you don’t ski hard and fast you probably don’t need it. Higher performance skis perform worse when not skied hard – they need higher momentum, and more force to get them to work well. Skied slower they can be harder[Read More…]

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Skiers are among the many ice sculptures.  Source: Lake Louise Tourism

A Down-Under Skier Reminisces About His 2019-20 Canadian Road Trip

I was inspired by (SeniorsSkiing.com contributor) Yvette Cardozo and her excellent missives re skiing Canada and the world. Her unique turn of phrase will inspire some to write, but mostly will move others to keep skiing when they can. Those three words, ‘when they can’ are important. COVID has jolted us to the here and now, prompting many to get vaccinated.[Read More…]

Secrets for Your Best Ski Season Ever

Secrets for Your Best Ski Season Ever

Over 11 seasons I’ve probably taught 500-600 kids and adults as a part-time instructor at Stratton/VT & Butternut/MA. “Never-evers”, experts, 4-yr olds to 80-yr olds. Me: flipping through trail names like a deck of cards, choosing the best run for the task at hand and my eager, anxious learner.  Here’s the huge thing I’ve learned: Anyone can become a better[Read More…]

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Fun Fact: Bananas skins can  help mollify mosquito bites.
Credit: Mike Maginn

Have A Banana: A Senior Skier’s Friendly Fruit

A banana a day goes a long way in keeping you fit. [This article was originally published in October, 2014. The message is still relevant and worth reprising. Put a banana in your boot bag!] We have recently discovered the magnificence of bananas which we long regarded as a kid food and something to by-pass on breakfast buffets. Wrong attitude.[Read More…]

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The National Ski Council Federation can connect you to a local ski club.

Find Ski Buddies Near You Through NSCF

Now Our Readers Can Pinpoint Local Ski Clubs. Check Out Their Events And Activities. In Flying Solo, a recent article by XCSkiResorts.com publisher Roger Lohr, the joys of solitary skiing, nordic or alpine, are highlighted.  From the comments, many readers agree.  There are definitely benefits to going at your own speed, especially when you ski with people whose skills are at[Read More…]

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John Andrew points out ski areas he's skiied on a the wall-sized map in his Renton, Wash., home. 
Credit: John Nelson

Skiing North America: Every Resort, Everywhere

An 85-Year Old Believes Someone Has To Do It; It Might As Well Be Him. So many ski areas, so little time. Yet at age 85, John Andrew is still busily crossing them off his list. Over the past 20 years, Andrew has been on a mission to ski all 700 alpine resorts in North America. He’s currently at 528,[Read More…]

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Crater Lake water is pure and deep blue.  It's 33 miles around the rim and 4000 vertical feet of ups and downs.
Credit: John Nelson

Cycling Series: Around Crater Lake

Riding The Rim Was One Of The Best Rides Ever. As I topped a ridge near 8,049-foot Llao Rock on the north rim of Oregon’s Crater Lake, I had that giddy moment cyclists get when everything comes together. I felt great. I had just finished one of my biggest climbs of the day. And I was alone on a road[Read More…]

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Flipping out: Lofoten, Norway
Credit: Oystein Aasheim

Special Edition: Great News for SeniorsSkiing.com Subscribers!

Subscribers to SeniorsSkiing.com are now eligible to receive substantial discounts on a wide variety of equipment, gear, accessories, clothing, etc. We have arranged for this subscriber benefit with ProMotive.com, the online community for industry experts and influencers that matches qualified members with exclusive discounts on top brands. These offers—the same as or similar to those available to professional ski and[Read More…]

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Bebe Wood: Approaching 90 And Going Strong

Bebe Wood: Approaching 90 And Going Strong

Skiing Since The 30s, She Has Seen Lots Of Changes. In 1949, 23 year old Bebe Wood left her job at Dartmouth College and traveled to Idaho seeking adventure as a ski bum in Sun Valley. By then, she had already been skiing for about 10 years!  Thus began her long association with the ski industry. Today, approaching her 90th birthday,[Read More…]

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Now you can get a direct flight from Dallas to Bozeman.  Welcome to Big Sky Country.
Credit:Michel Tallichet

American Airlines Introduces Direct Flights to Big Sky

Now It Is Easier To Get To A Montana Destination Resort. American Airlines now has direct service between Dallas/Ft Worth and Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN), 40 miles from Big Sky Ski Resort. The once a day flights are scheduled through April. Big Sky is one of America’s most spectacular resorts. It has 5800 acres spread over four peaks and sports[Read More…]

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Special Edition: SeniorsSkiing.com Announces “Senior-Friendly” Resorts

Special Edition: SeniorsSkiing.com Announces “Senior-Friendly” Resorts

Results of SeniorsSkiing.Com’s Recent Survey And Industry Research Reveals 16 Winners Sixteen resorts in the East. Midwest, West/Northwest, and Canada are recognized as “Senior Friendly” for their proactive efforts to meet the needs of older skiers. The selection is based on input from SeniorsSkiing.com’s second annual survey of US and Canadian resorts, reader input, and industry sources. Factors taken into account[Read More…]

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Time To Get Moving: Now

Time To Get Moving: Now

Five Ways To Start Your Fitness Program. No more procastination.  You have from six weeks to three months, depending on where you live, to get ready for snow season.  If you are a year-round sports activist, then good on you.  If you are a part-timer, weekend warrior, you probably have to start getting more diverse muscles toned up.  If you are[Read More…]

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A Skier’s Journey: Pushing The Envelope

A Skier’s Journey: Pushing The Envelope

A Senior Skier Reflects On The Thinking Part of The Sport. Since I was five I’ve been on a voyage of self discovery through skiing that started at the ski areas of the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada and grew to be an integral part of my life the older I became. Initially learning to ski on riverbank in Winnipeg[Read More…]

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