New Zealand's Whakapapa   has lots of ice.

Whakapapa Ice: Happening Now

North America Swelters, NZ Freezes. In case you missed it during this hottest summer of all time, the ski season is in full swing down under.  Here’s a clip from Whakapapa Ski Field, New Zealand’s largest winter resort.  Located on the North Island, Whakapapa is on the north side of Mount Ruapehu.  You really have to give the crew credit for[Read More…]

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Vandals Destroy World’s Oldest Skier Image

Vandals Destroy World’s Oldest Skier Image

Picture Used as Lillehammer Games Logo. The world’s oldest known image of a person on skis — a 5,000 year old petroglyph on the Norwegian island of Tro — has been destroyed by vandals. The image was used as the logo for the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics.   This is a tragedy for those interested in skiing history. It also[Read More…]

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Mt. Baldy is small but powdery and friendly.
Credit: Mt. Baldy

Resort Review: Mt. Baldy BC Has A $19 Senior Season Pass! Seriously.

A Small Area Enchants Seniors, Offering Bargain Skiing In Big Powder. Editor Note: This review was written by Jim Barber, a long time skier and ski business veteran.  He lives near Mt. Baldy and loves his retirement home in BC.  Here’s his story:  “My wife and I started our life together in the ski shop business at Hunter Mountain N.Y. in the[Read More…]

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Heli-Skiing in the Canadian Rockies: A peak skiiing experience.
Credit: CMH

Skiing Eye Candy For Hot Summer Days

Yes, It’s An Ad, But—Wow—Some Awesome Videography. Okay, okay, this is a video ad for CMH Heli Skiing, but it’ll do for a bit of a visual fix for these mid summer days. (BTW, we weren’t paid to show you this.) Back in the early 70s, we wrote some captions for high-quality pictures sent into SKIING magazine by Hans Gmoser,[Read More…]

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Woweee. Lynsey Dyer having a blast in a Chilean snowfield.
Credit: GoPro

GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain

Heli-Skiing In Chilean Andes With Breathtaking Lines. Yes, it’s summer and the snow is gone.  Not in Chile.  As you may be aware, the resort at Portillo received nine feet of snow earlier in June.  Nine feet! So, we decided to follow up with an awesome video from GoPro, the versatile mini video camera company that shot this production at[Read More…]

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This is the mountain road to Portillo. Switchbacks are completely inundated.

Ski Portillo Gets 9 Feet!!!!!

Road to Resort Blocked. Winter shifted hemispheres quickly this week and delivered a 9-foot monster dump of snow on Ski Portillio. Resort operators there are ecstatic with the early season delivery. Dramatic satellite images show the day-before/day-after difference in coverage. If any readers are on their way or have plans to go this season, take some pictures and send a[Read More…]

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Sunrise on Mount Jagungal.
Credit: Jerry Nockles

Skiing In Oz: The Season Is Just Beginning

Here’s A Snapshot Of Skiing Down Under. [Editor Note:  This was written by Melbourne, Australia-based Marg Malkin, a retired ski industry veteran who spends February and March at SilverStar, BC.  She is’s first Australian contributor.  We hope to see more news from her.] Australian seniors only have a very small window to enjoy skiing in Australia given the ski season is[Read More…]

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Shredding is possible on 
"dryslope" faux snow.

Indoor Skiing Tries Again: Toronto Next

Experts And Beginners Can Ski All Year On Faux Snow. Many years ago, we remember when the town of Etobicoke, ONT, a suburb of Toronto, used its municipal trash collection to build a ski hill. That’s a clue to how geographically feature-less the terrain around Toronto is.  While the greater Toronto area has at least 10 ski areas in driving[Read More…]

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SilverStar Village is a mid-mountain, self-contained resort in itself with restaurants, shops and lodging.
Credit: SilverStar

SeniorsSkiing Guide: SilverStar—BC’s Uncrowded And “Happy” Ski Resort

Great Skiing And Social Life Makes SilverStar A Lively Scene For Seniors. [Editor Note:  This review was written by Melbourne, Australia-based Marg Malkin, a retired ski industry veteran who spends February and March at SilverStar.  She’s also the informal SilverStar liaison with a group of Ozzie skiers who travel to BC every winter. welcomes her as our first Australian contributor.  We[Read More…]

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Professional athlete Candide Thovex makes gravity work. Click below for video

Candide Thovex Hops Down The Alps

Folly Or Finesse? Hold my beer while a take a run, will ya?  Actually, it’s Candide Thovex, professional athlete, making a spectacular run off-piste somewhere in the Alps.  Some might say this kind of extreme skiing is irresponsible; others might say there is skill here to be admired.  Whatever your stance on this kind of dramatic skiing activity, you have[Read More…]

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Skiable incinerator being built near Copenhagen.

“Waste” Deep Skiing Due Soon In Copenhagen

Incinerator With Skiable Roof to Open in 2017. For reasons I can’t fully explain, Denmark ranks at the top of the 2016 edition of the United Nations “World Happiness Report.” I’ve been to Copenhagen a few times and enjoyed the people and the food. Skiers there have painfully few options: a few tiny runs and an indoor facility. That’s about[Read More…]

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From The Tippy Top Of The Matterhorn

From The Tippy Top Of The Matterhorn

When You Run Out Of Challenges, There’s Always The Matterhorn. Nicolas Falquet, a 37 year old athlete from Switzerland, starts his run from the top of the world’s most impressive mountain.  He has a GoPro camera attached to a wand device from the top of his helmet.  Bet there was no line for the lift. Thanks to Milkyway Scientists and[Read More…]

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Home, home on the range? Not really.  This Jackson Hole is not where you think.

Way, Way Out West, There’s Another Jackson Hole. Know Where?

A few miles north of Beijing, there’s a town that is named Jackson Hole.  No skiing, but…seriously?

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Marmolada and its glaciers.
Credit: Paolo Gaudiano

SeniorsSkiing Guide: Italy’s Dolomiti Superski

­Winter wonderland in one of the largest ski areas in the world. Although I was born and raised in Italy, I did not do much skiing until I moved to Colorado for college. So I jumped at the occasion to join some old friends for a week of skiing in the Dolomites—a portion of the Italian Alps characterized by their[Read More…]

Design by Shokhan Mataibekov Architects is a finalist in World Architect Festival Awards.

Ski At Home: Faux Mountain Condos In The City

Vail, Are You Paying Attention? Remember Borat, the hilarious Kazakhstanian character created by British comic, Sasha Baron Cohen? His spoof helped define Kazakhstan in a way that has it trying to get respect ever since. The country has five ski resorts, at least one reaching higher than 10,000-feet. Now a proposed apartment building for Astana, the nation’s capital, would add[Read More…]

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