Mystery Glimpse: Straight Down

Mystery Glimpse: Straight Down

Who Is This And What Is He Best Known For? Let’s see if you can identify this skier who blazed some very impressive trails back in the 40s and 50s. Hint: He was also a pilot.                     Last Week We are frequently impressed by the deep knowledge our readers have on[Read More…]

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On the Kingdom Trails in Lyndonville, VT. Credit: Herb Swanson

Kingdom Trails: Vermont’s Fat Bike Mecca

A New Sport Bridges Snow and Non-Snow Seasons: Fad Or Here To Stay? [Editor Note:  SeniorsSkiing.com is interested in bringing new activities to our reader.  In this story originally published on XCSkiResorts.com on biking with fat, balloon tires, publisher Roger Lohr does an explainer and reports the adventures of a group of neophytes on Kingdom Trails in Northeastern Vermont.] Fat[Read More…]

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IKON Pricing Hurts Some Older Skiers. May Help Others.

IKON Pricing Hurts Some Older Skiers. May Help Others.

Pricing of the new IKON Pass has raised concerns among older skiers, especially people living close to Mammoth and Squaw Valley. Those and some other IKON resorts are eliminating local season passes, most of which had senior discounts. Like EPIC, Mountain Collective, and other bundled packages, IKON generally offers good value. Ski pass pricing is complicated and making a decision[Read More…]

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Medaling were left to right: Leigh Breidenbach (Turner). Ginny Bousum (Kingfield), Paul Rogers (Camden), Jill Gray (Farmington),  Michael Becker (Winthrop), Tip Kimball (Cumberland Center)
Credit: David Eden

New Legends In The Making

Ski Museum Of Maine Holds First Annual Seniors Race. Just when the afternoon light was at its best, the Ski Museum of Maine hosted its first Legends of Maine GS Race at Sunday River. The goal was to benefit the growing museum based in Kingfield as well as to show racing for seniors is both doable and fun. Twenty skiers,[Read More…]

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Groomed trails at Applleton Farms, Ipswich, MA, easier and less tiring.
Credit: NS Nordic Assn

Cross-Country: Tracks vs Touring

Groomed XC Trails Are Becoming More Prevalent; Does That Ruin The Aesthetics Of The Sport? For the past 50 years or so, there’s been a generally amicable debate whether cross-country skiing on machine-groomed trails is preferable to making your own way over the fields and through the woods. The argument has a lot of angles, including “Free vs. Fee” and[Read More…]

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Brodie Mtn, MA, ground zero for St. Patrick festivities, circa 1970.
Credit: NewEnglandSkiHistory.com

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (March 16)

St. Patrick Brings Snow To (Much Of) Ski Country, Mystery Myth, The Snow Song, Bundled Pass Impact On Seniors, Maine AMC XC Lodge, Friendly Little Mountain In Idaho. The good St. Patrick might have driven the snakes from all of Ireland, but his advent this year has brought late winter snow into the resorts of the West and Northeast which[Read More…]

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Reader Opinion: MAX Pass Replaced by Less Diverse IKON Pass

Reader Opinion: MAX Pass Replaced by Less Diverse IKON Pass

The MAX Pass offered skiers 5 days of unrestricted access to 44 ski areas ranging from local, family-oriented areas to large, destination resorts spread out evenly across the East and West. The MAX Pass was available through Intrawest and included 5 of its resorts. My understanding is that the Boston area had the highest concentration of MAX Pass holders, and[Read More…]

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Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, This Is Maine, It’s Gonna Snow

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, This Is Maine, It’s Gonna Snow

The Half Moon Band Delivers Truth About Living In New England. It’s been snowing a lot around New England this March. Three Nor’easters in less than two weeks delivered plenty of snow and have basically rescued the spring skiing season for most resorts from Pennsylvania to Maine. But, there are people who think that snow is just frozen water that[Read More…]

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This Week in SeniorsSkiing.com (March 9)

This Week in SeniorsSkiing.com (March 9)

Many of you took advantage of the new Discounts for Seniors page. New advertisers joined the program in the past week. We encourage you to visit the page and take a look. Jon and I are selecting advertisers we think you’ll like. To participate in the program, they commit to giving a decent discount. For example, Wild West Jerky is[Read More…]

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (March 2)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (March 2)

Introducing NEW DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS, Mystery Pic, Smuggs Resort Review, Injury Lesson, Women XC Gold. This week, SeniorsSkiing.com is very happy to introduce Discounts For Seniors, a new feature that brings real savings to our readers.  All our research surveys have revealed a constant finding: Senior snow sports enthusiasts—our readers—are looking for discounts. Knowing that, we have curated a number[Read More…]

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New Discounts For Senior Skiers!

New Discounts For Senior Skiers!

Select Vendors Are Offering Special Savings 15-20% Or More Off. Starting now, you can access special deals just for SeniorsSkiing.com readers on our new Discounts For Seniors page. From our surveys of our readers, we’ve learned that senior snow sports enthusiasts are interested in discounts.  We’ve shown you where you can ski for free or almost free at 115 ski[Read More…]

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Who, where, 1950.

Mystery Glimpse: Who And Where?

Hint: 1950 Can you spot who this is dashing through the poles? Might be easy. But where and what event and what’s the significance? That’s the challenge. Note your replies in Comments, just scroll down. Thanks to the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum for contributing this photo. Last Week Yes, a rope tow gripper. We’ve never used one, we just[Read More…]

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Igor, the medical boot, keeps the broken ankle stable. 
Credit: Yvette Cardozo

Learning From Injury

Correspondent Ends Her Season In “Routine” Fall, Provides Us With Lessons Learned. [Editor Note: We’ve heard correspondent Yvette Cardozo’s story numerous times, especially the part about immediate post-incident denial. Perhaps there is some biological reaction, perhaps a form of shock, that masks the pain of more serious injury.  In any case, her advice is well worth heeding.] I don’t remember[Read More…]

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Jessie Diggans and Kikkan Randall after winning Gold in the Women's Cross-Country Team Spring

US Women Win XC Olympic Gold!

Will Historic Victory Raise Profile Of Competitive Cross Country? [Editor Note: SeniorsSkiing.com thanks XCSkiResorts.com publisher Roger Lohr for this article on the incredible Olympic accomplishment of Randall and Diggins.  An expanded version first appeared in XCSkiResorts.com.] Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins made American Olympic history, winning the gold medal in Pyeongchang for the Women’s Team Sprint Freestyle Cross Country Ski[Read More…]

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White Mountains,  Franconia Notch, Cannon Mountain? 
Artist unknown

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Feb. 23)

Losing The Mind Game: Confidence Versus Competence, Mystery Device, SLC As Ground Zero, Buying Mountain Home Advice, History Ski Poster Explainer. Thanks to those who have offered financial support to SeniorsSkiing.com. We very much appreciate it. Like you, we’ve been checking into the Pyeong Chang Olympics, watching the Alpine, Nordic and various snowboarding events with considerable admiration. Some performances were[Read More…]

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