This Week In SeniorsSkiing.Com (Dec. 15)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.Com (Dec. 15)

Unusual Snow Stat, Happy Holidays, Celebrating Retro Togs, 10 Reasons To Be A Senior Skier, Urban Wilderness. Here’s a strange stat from the National Weather Service:  There has been snow cover in every state this fall, and we are days away from the start of winter. That includes Hawaii and Florida. Remember, the La Nina forecast for winter includes colder[Read More…]

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Even retro ski poles...Skiing at Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA.
Credit: A. Maginn

Going Retro

If You’ve Been Into Snow Sports For A While, You’re Gonna Have Retro Clothes. Find Them, Take A Pic, And Send To Us. We have hats from the 60s, sweaters from the 70s, boots from the first time we went cross-country skiing, knickers, lots of old stuff we could never toss.  Well, we’re having a bit of fun wearing them[Read More…]

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A guy with the right attitude that I met at Deer Valley a couple of years ago. He told me he wanted to add to the message on his helmet, “ . . . but not today.

Top Ten Reasons I Enjoy Being A Senior Skier

#10. I have nothing to prove.             I don’t need to ski bumps, steeps or crud. It’s challenging enough just skiing blues at age 84. #9. Skiing impresses my non-skiing peers. When folks ask “Are you still skiing,” they mean “still” as in “At your age?” not “still” as in “Is there still any snow up there?” I try to[Read More…]

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.Com (Dec. 8)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.Com (Dec. 8)

Free Magazine Subscriptions For Readers, Tale Of The Yellow Suit, Choosing A Condo Rental, More Gifts For Seniors, A Funny Remembered Incident. This week is a special time of the year for those of us who are Baby Boomers or, more likely, pre-Baby Boomers. When we were growing up, Pearl Harbor Day was more than a mention in the newspapers.[Read More…]

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Bill skiing Park City on his 80th

The Story Of The Yellow Ski Suit

Ski Suits Don’t Age, Just Their Owners. In 1974 while living in Vienna, Virginia, I had a midlife crisis. On December 27, I turned 40 with the thought that I had reached middle-age and would have to limit my skiing. In the past, while living in California, the family had gone skiing on my birthday. Now in Virginia, my nine-year-old[Read More…]

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Choose a small chalet...

Commute, Rent, Or Buy?

The Best Way To Enjoy Your Ski Time. While some snowsports enthusiasts are fortunate enough to live and work in ski country, most skiers and riders have to commute from their homes, often two, three or more hours from their favorite mountain. For the frequent skier—those who want to spend every weekend, plus vacation weeks on the slopes—their commute can[Read More…]

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A surprise awaits and it’s not fruitcake.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Three Holiday Gifts Senior Skiers Wish For

When It Comes To Holiday Gifts, Sometimes Our Adult Children Don’t Have A Clue What We Would Like To Have. Here Are Some Hints To Pass Along. Or, Just Send A Link To This Story! Idea #1. A private lesson: A gift of confidence and fun. You know you’d love to have the undivided, one-on-one attention of a skilled instructor[Read More…]

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Mikela Shiffrin wins the FIS World Cup over Thanksgiving Weekend at Killington. She's an inspiration and a role model for young skiers everywhere.
Credit: FIS

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Dec. 1)

Unusual Gift Ideas For Senior SnowsSporters, Becoming An Instructor, Blind Skier Tribute, Walking With Wolves. The Women’s FIS World Cup event at Killington over Thanksgiving showed us: 1) There is real skiing in New England going on right now, and, 2) Mikela Shiffrin won the slalom and came in second in the GS in front of 34,000 enthusiastic fans. While[Read More…]

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Short Swings!

Short Swings!

We’re still transitioning into the Information Age and, like a well-skied trail, the bumps are plentiful. Personal data is compromised. Weird account charges are difficult to get removed. Criminals and other rogue players are changing how we would normally communicate with each other. But there are some bright spots. Older skiers are pleased with purchasing lift tickets online. In fact,[Read More…]

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How many silly ski instructors does it take to change a ski’s load capacity?
Credit: Tamsin Venn

Becoming A Ski Instructor At An Advanced Age

Consider A Second Career For Fun, Fitness, Fulfillment. Many SeniorsSkiing.com readers are seriously committed to skiing, and many have the experience, time and skills to actually teach skiing. Here are ten good reasons you should consider working as a ski instructor. Plenty of other advanced age ski instructors are doing the same thing. You are in good company. You are[Read More…]

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Nov. 24)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Nov. 24)

Happy Thanksgiving, La Nina Delivers, Reader Input Needed, Great Gift Idea, Funny Urban Legend, Lift Maintenance, Birthday For 98 Year Old Olympian, Experticity Reminder. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! We know you are happier than the poor turkey to the left. In many places, this weekend marks the official start of the snow sports season. In fact, Killington is[Read More…]

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Novice Skier Loses It On The Slopes

Novice Skier Loses It On The Slopes

An Urban Legend From The World Of Skiing. Editor’s Note: Jan Harold Brunvand is a frequent contributor to SeniorsSkiing.com. An avid skier, he is a retired American folklorist, researcher, writer, public speaker, and professor emeritus of English at the University of Utah. Jan is best known for popularizing the concept of the urban legend, a form of modern folklore or story telling. Urban Legends[Read More…]

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Reassembling parts takes time and patience.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Lift Maintenance 101

The Whole Summer Was Spent Getting Ready For Winter. It’s 80 degrees at Deer Valley. Mountain snow melted long ago. A summer breeze rustles leaves on the aspen trees and wafts through the open doors of the maintenance shop. The crew wears shorts and T-shirts. It’s mid-July. Gears and gizmos cover the work benches, and the crew is meticulously polishing,[Read More…]

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Bretton Woods is making world-class snow.  This shot is from 11/11/17.
Credit: Bretton Woods

This Week in SeniorsSkiing.com (Nov. 17)

New England Areas Opening, Updates In Free* Skiing For Seniors, X-C Correctly, And More. It’s happening. The Western ski resorts are getting snow, especially in the Pacific North West. New England areas are opening, too. Bretton Woods in New Hampshire’s White Mountains is spinning lifts, the first to open in the state.  Other NH resorts are making snow, and for[Read More…]

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The University of Utah’s ski team won the NCAA Championship, and the ski team members have high GPAs.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Coveted Honors Awarded At Ski History Gala

Rossignol’s Top Executive And The University Of Utah Ski Team Earned Top Honors. The country’s largest ski history and research organization, Ski Archives, held its annual gala and fundraiser to help support its mission. In addition, the event honors individuals and organizations that set a high mark for their influence on the ski industry. This year, Ron Steele, philanthropist and[Read More…]

by November 16, 2017 1 comment Snow Sports Leaders

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