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Ask An Expert: Getting Up From A Fall

Ask An Expert: Getting Up From A Fall

How To Get Up From A Fall A question from reader Jeffrey Dunning: What are good exercises to help skiers get up after a fall? Getting up with both ski boots attached to skis is a lot harder than when I was young. For an expert opinion, we turned to Seth Masia, founder of the instructional approach, offered at the[Read More…]

by February 14, 2019 6 comments Ask An Expert
New Feature:  Ask An Expert

New Feature: Ask An Expert

Ask An Expert is the new feature that answers your snow sport questions with responses from experts. Send in your questions, and we’ll find the experts to answer them. The feature will appear as frequently as we have your questions. We start the series this week with this question from reader, Terry Kureth: While skiing with a friend not[Read More…]

by January 31, 2019 3 comments Ask An Expert



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