Harriet Wallis is a veteran journalist who regularly skis the resorts around Salt Lake City. She is a long-time corresponent for SeniorsSkiing.com.

Harriet Wallis Hailed As Ski Utah’s Journalist Of Year

It’s The Second Time Harriet Has Won This Award! Harriet Wallis earned Ski Utah’s top award – Journalist of the Year – for outstanding and consistent ski stories and photos about skiing in Utah.  She’s had 64 stories and 71 photos published this year in a variety of publications, including SeniorsSkiing.com. It’s the second time she’s earned the award. The[Read More…]

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Western states got ka-powed last week.  Here's Breckenridge.
Credit: Joe Durzo.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Apr 1)

Skiing In Literature Series Launched, Fun Products, Snowshoeing At Ski Resorts, Plus A Report On Roads Scholars Trip to Telluride, CO. This isn’t an April Fool joke. There is a forecast of snow for this weekend in the Boston area. Come on, Old Man Winter, make up your mind. Our friends in the West are celebrating even more powder as[Read More…]

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A great idea whose time has come.  Get those boots off easily! 
Credit: Debooter

DeBooter: DeLovely Way For Easy (And Painless) Boot Removal

A Smart Ski Boot Jack That Really Works. They are the collective sounds of people removing their ski boots: the moans of agony and the sighs of joy heard in lots and lodges around the globe. I’m simply relieved to get the damn things off, but getting the top of my foot past those two nasty tabs of plastic are[Read More…]

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Snowshoeing a Mt. Snow where you can tour followed by a massage.
Credit: Mt. Snow

Seniors Snowshoe At Alpine Resorts

Snowshoeing—Fun, Easy, Safe—Steps Into Ski Country. Find Out Where. Not everyone who visits a ski resort wants to or is able to ski or snowboard, so resorts offer other activities. Among those options, guests can explore and enjoy the outdoors on snowshoes. These snowshoe outings at ski resorts range from guided naturalist tours to nearby destinations to athletic fitness treks[Read More…]

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Mittens for newborn children, which can be bought at any store that carries infant clothing.

Helpful Handy Hand Warmer Hints

From Newborn Mittens to YOUR Mittens. Editor Note: Sue Z. is a senior skier and craftsperson who hangs out at Alta.  She wrote a recent gift idea that showed how to transform worn out ski socks into a cool scarf.   Like many older skiers, I rely on disposable glove warmers to keep my hands comfortable. I open the package at[Read More…]

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Riding Coonskin Lift down at the end of a day. Credit: Jan Harold Brunvand

Road Scholars Ski Telluride

Wonderful Value With Close-to-Lift Lodging. “You can’t find a better value than Road Scholar” is their claim. My wife Judy and I decided to test it the first week of March with the Telluride program run for Road Scholar by the Mountains and Plains Institute of Fort Collins. The price of $1495 each seemed a bit daunting. But, when I[Read More…]

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Bombadier snowcoaches have operated in Yellowstone since 1954. Photo: brytta/iStock

Feds Auctioning Yellowstone’s Snowcoaches

$10K for Previously Owned Bombadiers Could Make Your Commute Interesting. For years, Yellowstone National Park transported winter visitors down snowy roads in large—no, humongous—Bombardier snowcoaches. Slow, noisy, and big-time gas guzzlers, their tank-like treads and heavy weight made them reliable. Now the fleet is being retired and auctioned off buy the Feds. The first batch fetched $10,000 to $12,000 per.[Read More…]

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Killington gives Old Man Winter a little feedback. 
Credit: Killington Resort

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar. 25)

Serious Senior Discounts Now, A Seattle Ski Area That Challenges, A New Energy Bar That Tastes Good, Poll Results: Are You Done?, And Fun—A Ski Slope On An Incinerator and Feedback Time for Old Man Winter. This week, we reveal the results of the latest SeniorsSkiing.com poll directed primarily at Easterners.  We wanted to see how done with the season[Read More…]

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Skiable incinerator being built near Copenhagen.

“Waste” Deep Skiing Due Soon In Copenhagen

Incinerator With Skiable Roof to Open in 2017. For reasons I can’t fully explain, Denmark ranks at the top of the 2016 edition of the United Nations “World Happiness Report.” I’ve been to Copenhagen a few times and enjoyed the people and the food. Skiers there have painfully few options: a few tiny runs and an indoor facility. That’s about[Read More…]

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Poll Results: Easterners’ Sense Of Done

Poll Results: Easterners’ Sense Of Done

Short Year Of Skiing For Seniors In The East. As you can see, the results of our recent SeniorsSkiing.com poll reveal that about half of Eastern respondents are done or almost done with skiing this season.  On to taking the cover off the boat, cleaning the bike chain and even gassing up the lawn mover. However, note that there are[Read More…]

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Yes, folks, last year we had too much.  This year, too little. Now this.  Too little, too late.
Credit: CBS News/

Why, Winter, Why? Snow On First Day Of Spring In Boston

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Killington gives Old Man Winter a little feedback. 
Credit: Killington Resort

Winter In The East: Performance Review

We’ve Been Watching Your Performance, And We Have To Talk. Thanks to Killington Ski Resort for this hilarious take down of Winter.  You guys in the West have no idea…  

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar. 18)

A Senior Boarder Tells All, Crazy Matterhorn Run, Products and Senior Day at Jack Frost. We received a post card in the mail from a reader who explained that the weekly delivery of SeniorsSkiing.com to her electronic doorstep was lessened by hard-to-read, too-light blue lettering. Notice the new look. There are also some other subtle graphic changes that make it[Read More…]

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Former skier, now boarder, Dave Hayes with son learning how-to.
Credit: Dave Hayes

Confessions Of A Senior Snowboarder

He Went To From Skier To Boarder. Here’s How And What Happened. I have to confess, I was once one of you before I moved to the Dark Side. Yes, I skied in the East Coast and the West Coast, in the Rockies and also in Austria, enjoying the feeling and stability of two boards under my feet and with[Read More…]

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Magnificent views provide a backdrop for senior friendly skiing at Waterville Valley Resort.
Credit: Waterville Valley Resort

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar.11)

Resort and Product Reviews, Another Jackson Hole, Snowless Skiing, Skiing With Life-Long Friends, and An Artist On The Ski Slopes. Well, it was 77 official degrees when we left Boston Wednesday this week to go a-skiing in Vermont.  This is the season of strange to be sure, at least in the East.  Out West, we are learning of 6o” snowfalls[Read More…]

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