Comfortable going along the river behind the Woodstock Inn. Credit: XCSkiResorts.com

Make More Tracks: Hidden Gems Of Nordic Skiing

[Editor Note: This article first appeared in XCSkiResorts.com.] Less Known, Excellent XC Destinations To Explore. With torrent of people hitting the trails and the outdoors across the country, XCSkiResorts.com wanted to give a shout out to hidden gem destinations for cross country (XC) skiing this winter. There may very well be an overflow of skiers at the most popular XC[Read More…]

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Make More Tracks: Private vs Group Lessons

Make More Tracks: Private vs Group Lessons

Groups For Beginners, Private To Refine Technique. Let’s say you want to learn how to cross-country ski relatively quickly and easily – how to move with grace and minimal effort, develop endurance, and enjoy what you’re doing from the git-go. The surest shortcut to becoming a good skier is to take multiple lessons with a professional instructor. I’ve often wondered[Read More…]

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Make More Tracks: How To XC

Make More Tracks: How To XC

The Basics Of Cross-Country Skiing Demonstrated. The benefits of cross-country skiing are many. Clearly, it’s a full-body exercise that you can dial up or down depending on your mood, conditioning, and terrain. And, it’s easy. You can learn the basics in an hour and feel confident on your first outing. Advanced techniques are rather simple, too, so the learning curve[Read More…]

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Skiing Weatherman: Fast Movers

Skiing Weatherman: Fast Movers

In last week’s first installment of my weekly discussion, the Pac Northwest and northern Rockies were enjoying a parade of early season snow events while skiers and riders in the Midwest and East had to be content with tuning gear and digesting the state-by-state Covid restrictions rolling out recently. The storms have continued to hit the same general areas that[Read More…]

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Nov. 13)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Nov. 13)

Classified Bonus, Skiing Weatherman, Volcano Snowshoeing, Renting Your Ski House Apt., Dust Of Snow Poem, Prep Advice, Strange Parka, Holiday Valley Review, COVID Rules Example. So we had  six inches of snow on Halloween and two weeks later we have 70 degree weather all week around the Boston outpost of SeniorsSkiing.com. And it’s Friday the 13th. And it’s a La[Read More…]

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Marketing A Rental Unit In Your Ski House: Part 2

Marketing A Rental Unit In Your Ski House: Part 2

Attracting Renters Using Online Booking Tools. So, once you purchase the right house, how do you rent out the guest unit?  You could rent on a long-term basis, but we found that to be a problem.   A long-term lease gives the tenant a lot of time to mistreat the apartment.  In the past, we rented to a long-term tenant.  She[Read More…]

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Make More Tracks: Craters Of Moon

Make More Tracks: Craters Of Moon

Ocean Of Volcanic Lava Offers Awesome XC/Snowshoe Experience. “[It is an] area of about 60 miles in diameter, where nothing meets the eye but a desolate and awful waste, where no grass grows nor water runs, and where nothing is to be seen but lava.” (Washington Irving, The Adventures of Captain Bonneville, 1868 ) Some things leave a lasting impression.[Read More…]

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Skiing Weatherman: Haves and Have Nots

Skiing Weatherman: Haves and Have Nots

So It Begins, Unevenly. As is often the case at the start of the ski season, the weather pattern is designating “haves” and “have nots” in terms of sufficiently cold air for snowmaking and natural snow.  Consistent with first year La Ninas, as this season will be, November has brought winter weather to the West while the eastern half of[Read More…]

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Question For You: Preparing

Question For You: Preparing

What’s On Your Agenda? Last week, we noted that Warren Miller’s new movie Future Retro has hit the internet. For many, the premier of a Warren Miller film has been the starting gun of the season. Which got us to thinking about routines we have developed to start our own personal snow sports season. As we mentioned, perhaps it’s something[Read More…]

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Credit:Creasy Mahan Nature Preserve

Snow In Literature: Dust of Snow

By Robert Frost   The way a crow Shook down on me The dust of snow From a hemlock tree   Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued.  

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Nov.6)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Nov.6)

Warren Miller’s Latest, Skis For Senior Recommendations, Rent Your Ski House, COVID Rules, Sun Valley XC, Mystery Instructor, Early Visitor Question. November 7 marks the Eastern premiere of the new Warren Miller ski-a-rama movie, Future Retro. This year, the crew of extreme skier-athletes and videographers tackle remote mountain settings in Antarctica, Iceland, Alaska, Montana, Switzerland, and more, all blue sky,[Read More…]

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Sun Valley Nordic Center has beautiful vistas and trails. Credit: Visit Sun Valley

Make More Tracks: Sun Valley Sabbatical

Classy And Classic, Sun Valley Has Magnetism And Charm. I’m a total sucker for romance, and Sun Valley, ID, radiates charisma, beauty, diversity, skiing history— the whole shebang. Known as “America’s First Destination Ski Resort,” it’s 2.5 hours from Boise. Happily, there’s a jet airport only a dozen miles away. Set in the rugged Sawtooth Mountains, Sun Valley Nordic &[Read More…]

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Mt. Norquay early birders on opening day.

Question For You: Early Birders

Yes, It’s Early Days, But How Is It Out There? Wild Mountain is open in Minnesota (Oct. 19). So is Mt. Norquay (Oct 24) and Lake Louise (Oct. 29) in Alberta. And Wolf Creek, (Oct. 28) Arapahoe Basin, (Oct. 9th!), Killington, VT (Nov. 6th), and perhaps a few others are spinning lifts by the time you read this. Perhaps we[Read More…]

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This is an online message from Mt. Hotham, a popular Australian ski resort the eventually closed for a good portion of the season this year. Could we be seeing these messages here?

Ski Areas Ready For 2020-21 Season

This Is Probably Not The Year To Try To Ski Your Age. Precautions may reduce the number of days you ski, but rest assured that resort managers have been huddling on defensive plays. They got a head start this summer when we all flocked outdoors to bike, hike, paddle, and golf. “We feel there is going to be a strong[Read More…]

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The author's ski house has a rental apartment over the garage.

Finding A Ski House With Rentable Space: Part 1

A Rental Apartment Can Pay For Your Ski House. Perhaps you have daydreamed about buying your own ski house in a great resort, but dismissed it as out of your reach financially.  But don’t give up your dream!  In July 2018, my wife and I took the leap and we landed happily with a ski house in beautiful mountain country. [Read More…]

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Lots of Black Swans this year. Enough already!

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Oct. 30)

Snow On Halloween! Skiing Weatherman Predicts, Resort Options Question, Mystery Air Ride, Nordic Exercisers. This year is unprecedented in many ways. Perhaps another oddity to add to how unusual things have become is that we have snow forecast for the Boston area on Halloween. Well, the evening before Halloween, but still. If you know anything about statistics, you have probably[Read More…]

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Take it easy, wait for perfect conditions, think positive. Credit: Liftopia

What You Said About Joint Replacement

“Not a day goes by that I don’t marvel at my pain-free knees and thank my luck stars I had this technology available.” Nancy P. We had a number of comprehensive, well thought out, and even emphatic responses to our Question For You last week. Recall, we asked for advice about getting joint replacement as an active snow sports-loving senior.[Read More…]

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Credit: David Zalubowski

Question For You 16: The Right Thing To Do

Let’s Do Some Scenario Planning. We all realize that the snow season we are about to enter—or which has already started in some places—is going to be the most remarkable in our entire lives.  We’ve asked what you were going to do about heading or not heading to resorts, and it’s clear everyone has a plan or at least an[Read More…]

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Make More Tracks: No Snow? No Problem

Make More Tracks: No Snow? No Problem

Training Tools Are Worthy Substitutes. “… In winter in the woods alone Against the trees I go. I mark a maple for my own And lay the maple low. … …I link a line of shadowy tracks Across the tinted snow …” –Robert Frost Those of us in the Northern Tier of the U.S. always hope for a snowy winter[Read More…]

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View of Mt Washington from Wildcat, Oct 18

Skiing Weatherman: Winter Weigh-In Time

What Does A La Nina Winter Mean For Snow Sports? After seeing a web cam shot of snow-covered Mt. Washington, NH this past weekend, I quickly contracted a case of “calendar shock”, realizing that it was time to submit some ideas on where I think this winter is headed, weatherwise.  Co-Publisher Mike Maginn wrote a nice piece on La Nina[Read More…]

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REI's checklist of  equipment to bring for day hikes is definitely worth bookmarking.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Oct. 23)

Classified Launch, Response, and Advice,  Chile Season Review, Serious Question For You, Mystery, Maine Guide Advice, How To Ski With COVID. Last week, we launched our new Classified Ad feature with a special introductory $1 for 30 days offer.  We are happy that there are readers who are posting their ads and hopefully getting some responses.  Here’s what Bill Cohen,[Read More…]

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Question For You 15: Returning With New Joints

Question For You 15: Returning With New Joints

What Does It Take To Come Back With Artificial Parts? Here’s a question for a subset of our readership. This question is being posed by your faithful editor because he is facing the prospect of a hip replacement.  Assured by our capable and competent orthopedic surgeon that skiing and other athletic activities (not running or impact sports) are in the[Read More…]

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NSAA recommended signage for this season. Credit: NSAA

2020-21 Survival Guide

Buckle Up, Bundle Up And Buck It Up. Never before has there been as much trepidation about a ski season as for this one.  Given all the tumult that occurred during this year, it’s no surprise we’re anxious.  What follows are some insights that will help us get the most out of what will be a most unique season. Above[Read More…]

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Alone In The Woods Maine Guide Survival Manual

Alone In The Woods Maine Guide Survival Manual

Whether You Day Hike Or Trek, There Is Some Woodsy Wisdom You Need To Know. [Editor Note: We are reprising this article from July 2014 to remind our readers that there are definite skills and knowledge needed when heading into the woods. As noted elsewhere this week, people are going into state and national parks without proper preparation, some getting[Read More…]

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Oct. 16)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Oct. 16)

Gala Classified Launch!, Mystery Glimpse Returns, Question About Buying Decisions, Rendezvous Ski Trails, MT, Early Season Quiz, Book Review: Staying With It, Prepping Your Mind. SeniorsSkiing new Classified feature is active and ready to accept ads! Readers Said It Would Be A Good Idea. And Here It Is.
  Since we started SeniorsSkiing seven years ago, we’ve received many emails from[Read More…]

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