This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar.22)

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar.22)

Odds & Ends, W.S. Merwin, Ski For Light Part 2, Schneider Cup, Resort Reviews, BC Resorts Love Seniors, Mystery Smithy, Crazy Ski Ads. Spring Arrives Tonight. This week, there’s yet more snow in The Sierra, and a Nor’Easter in the East, leaving piles of it everywhere. There are clearly opportunities for extending the season well into the summer. The question[Read More…]

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Blind skier Chris Leghorn and her guide. Credit: Pam Owen

Ski For Light: Why A Guide Keeps Coming Back

[Editor Note: This article was written by Robert Civiak, a 25-year Ski For Light volunteer guide. It previously appeared in the Ski For Light Bulletin, Summer, 2018. For Part 1: A Skier’s Experience. click here.] Part 2: A Guide’s Story. In 1992, after several years of bad snow in the mid- Atlantic region, I signed up to go to Colorado[Read More…]

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Credit: New England Ski Museum archive

Mystery Glimpse: This Lady Created The First…

…What? Hints:  New Hampshire. She went to Smith. Her husband’s last name was the name of the creation. Many thanks to the New England Ski Museum, now with an Eastern Slope branch in North Conway, NH, in addition to their home base at the foot of the Cannon Mountain gondola, Franconia. Last Week Yes, Buddy Werner is the skier on[Read More…]

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Snow In Literature: A Contemporary

Snow In Literature: A Contemporary

By W.S. Merwin (1927-2019) What if I came down now out of these solid dark clouds that build up against the mountain day after day with no rain in them and lived as one blade of grass in a garden in the south when the clouds part in winter from the beginning I would be older than all the animals[Read More…]

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Brodie Mt, home of "Kelly's Irish Alps" was where St. Patrick skied in Western Massachusetts. Credit: New Ski History.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar. 15)

Italian Alps, Ski For Light Skier, Mystery Irishman, Great Glen, Personal Knee Story, Winter’s Spring. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, formerly the unofficial beginning of spring skiing.  But this year we aren’t so sure. Winter isn’t going anywhere. This week’s Mystery Glimpse reveals the story behind the Hard Pak Puliverizer, the ingenious ice grinder machine invented by Jim Kelly, owner-operator of[Read More…]

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Race day at Ski For Light. Credit: Pam Owen

Ski For Light: A Blind Skier’s Experience

Part 1: The Skier [Editor Note: We met Chris Leghorn in a local North Shore community acoustic music jam. She sang and played her Martin HD 28 with both gusto and gentleness, depending on the song. In talking with her, we learned she had taken part in 19 Ski For Light events since 2001 as a cross country skier.  She[Read More…]

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Lots of clues here. Who's in the speed suit?

Mystery Glimpse: 1964 Racer

Who Do We Have In The Tucked Position? Thanks again to the Tread of Pioneers Museum, Steamboat Springs, CO, for contributing this picture from its archives. Last Week If you recall, Brodie Mt was nicknamed “The Irish Alps”, because on St. Paddy’s Day it was definitely the place for skiers to be. It was also the domain of a creative,[Read More…]

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Appleton Farms, Ipswich/Hamilton, MA. Credit: Mike Maginn

Snow In Literature: The Winter’s Spring

By John Clare (1793-1864) The winter comes; I walk alone, I want no bird to sing; Tho those who keep their hearts their own The winter is the spring. No flowers to please—no bees to hum— The coming spring’s already come.   I never want the Christmas rose To come before its time; The season, each as God bestows, Are[Read More…]

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Start of the Vasaloppett March 3, 2019.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar.8)

[Editor Note: We sent packages and envelopes to readers who donated in our recent fund-raising campaign this week. Jon and I are truly gratified by your support. Thank you. If you haven’t received your premium, please be patient. More patches and stickers are being shipped to us.] Vasaloppett And Memories Of The Great Washington Birthday Race, Fat Bike Amateur, Mystery[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Erin Go Grind

Mystery Glimpse: Erin Go Grind

Read The Hints, Connect The Dots. Boiler plate, locally manufactured, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Irish-tinged ski area. Got it? What is this? Who invented it? Last Week This is the famous Al Johnson, ski legend of the Rockies.  According to the Colorado Snowsports Museum, which contributed this picture, Al was a superb skier before he came to Crystal, CO, from[Read More…]

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Ask An Expert: Knee Replacement

Ask An Expert: Knee Replacement

Advice From An Orthopedic Physician. A reader asks: I need a knee replacement. Is there one implant (Zimmer, Depuy, Stryker, etc.) that is better for returning to skiing? Here’s the reply from Dr. Peter Schmaus, Orthopedic Spine and Sports, Paramus, NJ: Thank you for that interesting and timely question. There are nearly 700,000 knee replacements done in the United States[Read More…]

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Perhaps you've seen this picture of Lake Tahoe's cumulative snow this season. Awesome, wow.
Credit: Active NorCal

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (March 1)

[Editor Note: We thank each reader who offered a donation to help us defray expenses. We are extremely grateful and humbled.  We are preparing mailings to our contributors that will begin to go out next week. Thank you so much.] Something Happening Here, Early Colorado Ski Jumping, Resort Reviews: Wolf Creek, E-Bike Italy, NSAA Meeting Report. Indeed, something is happening[Read More…]

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Mystery Glimpse: Ski Legend Of The Rockies

Mystery Glimpse: Ski Legend Of The Rockies

That’s A Big Hint. He sure looks like a rugged dude.  Considering what he did for a living, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn he was a thorough outdoorsman.  Do you know who this is? Where he hung out? What he did for a living? Our bet is a lot of our readers know who this is. Last Week This[Read More…]

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Report From The NSAA Winter Meetings

Report From The NSAA Winter Meetings

SeniorsSkiing.com Correspondent Makes Presentations On Senior Skiers’ Needs and Wants. NSAA is the National Ski Areas Association, publishing the NSAA Journal six times a year. The publication’s audience, along with its competitor, the independent Ski Area Management, are those who manage and market ski areas. A growing topic of interest is the senior skier and how to bring them to[Read More…]

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Not us.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Feb. 22)

Thank You So Much for your supporting SeniorsSkiing.com. Your response has been gratifying. If you haven’t sent a donation, please help us defray expenses. There are different premiums for different contribution levels. Please click here to make a donation.  Senioritis, RV and Ski, Flat Light Blues, Mystery Jump II, More Gratitude When we started SeniorsSkiing.com, we struggled with what to[Read More…]

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