Killington gives Old Man Winter a little feedback. 
Credit: Killington Resort

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar. 25)

Serious Senior Discounts Now, A Seattle Ski Area That Challenges, A New Energy Bar That Tastes Good, Poll Results: Are You Done?, And Fun—A Ski Slope On An Incinerator and Feedback Time for Old Man Winter. This week, we reveal the results of the latest SeniorsSkiing.com poll directed primarily at Easterners.  We wanted to see how done with the season[Read More…]

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Skiable incinerator being built near Copenhagen.

“Waste” Deep Skiing Due Soon In Copenhagen

Incinerator With Skiable Roof to Open in 2017. For reasons I can’t fully explain, Denmark ranks at the top of the 2016 edition of the United Nations “World Happiness Report.” I’ve been to Copenhagen a few times and enjoyed the people and the food. Skiers there have painfully few options: a few tiny runs and an indoor facility. That’s about[Read More…]

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Poll Results: Easterners’ Sense Of Done

Poll Results: Easterners’ Sense Of Done

Short Year Of Skiing For Seniors In The East. As you can see, the results of our recent SeniorsSkiing.com poll reveal that about half of Eastern respondents are done or almost done with skiing this season.  On to taking the cover off the boat, cleaning the bike chain and even gassing up the lawn mover. However, note that there are[Read More…]

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Yes, folks, last year we had too much.  This year, too little. Now this.  Too little, too late.
Credit: CBS News/

Why, Winter, Why? Snow On First Day Of Spring In Boston

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Killington gives Old Man Winter a little feedback. 
Credit: Killington Resort

Winter In The East: Performance Review

We’ve Been Watching Your Performance, And We Have To Talk. Thanks to Killington Ski Resort for this hilarious take down of Winter.  You guys in the West have no idea…  

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This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar. 18)

A Senior Boarder Tells All, Crazy Matterhorn Run, Products and Senior Day at Jack Frost. We received a post card in the mail from a reader who explained that the weekly delivery of SeniorsSkiing.com to her electronic doorstep was lessened by hard-to-read, too-light blue lettering. Notice the new look. There are also some other subtle graphic changes that make it[Read More…]

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Former skier, now boarder, Dave Hayes with son learning how-to.
Credit: Dave Hayes

Confessions Of A Senior Snowboarder

He Went To From Skier To Boarder. Here’s How And What Happened. I have to confess, I was once one of you before I moved to the Dark Side. Yes, I skied in the East Coast and the West Coast, in the Rockies and also in Austria, enjoying the feeling and stability of two boards under my feet and with[Read More…]

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Magnificent views provide a backdrop for senior friendly skiing at Waterville Valley Resort.
Credit: Waterville Valley Resort

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar.11)

Resort and Product Reviews, Another Jackson Hole, Snowless Skiing, Skiing With Life-Long Friends, and An Artist On The Ski Slopes. Well, it was 77 official degrees when we left Boston Wednesday this week to go a-skiing in Vermont.  This is the season of strange to be sure, at least in the East.  Out West, we are learning of 6o” snowfalls[Read More…]

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Where there is snow, there will be skiing. Cwazy Wabbits.
Credit: Real Skifi

Snowless Skiing in Stockholm: The Future?

Swedish Ingenuity Overcomes Lack of Snow. Boston, Pay Attention!   Cheer up New England skiers! There may be no snow, but with some guts and imagination all things are possible. Just look at what these young skiers in a snowless Stockholm did to ring their skier chimes.

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The Colors Of Passion

The Colors Of Passion

An Artist Paints En Plein Air On Ski Slopes. [Editor Note: We are pleased to present a painter-on-skis, Judy Calhoun, who regularly brings her artist kit to the ski slopes. Her biographical and contact information is below.] I try to find a pleasant rhythm as my skis follow the feel of the mountain. With the weight of my cumbersome pack[Read More…]

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SeniorsSkiing.com salutes George Jedenoff on his 98th birthday.
Credit: Ski Utah

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Mar. 4)

Tip Of The Pole To Ski Legend George Jedenoff On His 98th Birthday, Reviews of Resorts In Italy, East, and West, Toe Socks, And A Hilarious Rap Video About Aging And Skiing. This week, the ski community from coast to coast is saluting 98 year old George Jedenoff’s birthday and his 56 year skiing career.  He’s still at it at[Read More…]

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Thanks to Lif' Ticket, whoever you are.  We do put the foot rest down.

Nowadays, We Like To Put The Foot Rest Down

Funny, Funny Rap About Senior Skiing. A SeniorsSkiing.com’s Correspondent steered this our way.  A highly hysterical and insightful ode to what happens to senior skiers.  We aren’t sure who these dudes are, but, man, you have it nailed.

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Groomed trails are only one advantage of skiing at a commercial XC resort or commercial center.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Feb 19)

Reminiscing About A Great Big X-C Race, More Resort Reviews, Why Ski Philosophy, And Snow Kayaking. We celebrate Washington’s Birthday with a remembrance of the “people’s” cross-country, point-to-point race that was held from 1963 to 1973 in various places in southern Vermont. We tracked down Bob Gray, two-time Olympian and winner of the first race, for his views on the[Read More…]

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Someone out there is bored.  But how do you get up the lift?
Credit: Warren Miller

Other Things You Can Do On Snow: Try Kayaking

A Short Clip On A Snow Sport Alternative From Warren Miller.

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Why Ski?

Why Ski?

From NSP Eastern Division Safety Team, Corinth, NY

by February 23, 2016 2 comments Features, Ski History

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