Poll Results: Non-Snow Activity

Poll Results: Non-Snow Activity

Amazingly, More Snow Has Fallen And Has Been Made Since Last We Checked In. Several weeks ago, we asked our Eastern readers whether they were done or not.  You can see the results here.  Since then, cold has persisted in northern New England, and there is a forecast of three-feet of snow this week in the west! See the latest post[Read More…]

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Bowdoin College ski team circa 1958 with state championship trophy.  John Christie is third from right.  He was originally a reluctant competitor. 
Credit: John Christie

Returning To X-C: New Technology, New Found Serenity

John Christie, Ski Industry Veteran, Re-Discovers His Love For Cross-Country Skiing. Editor’s Note: SeniorsSkiing.com is proud to have this contribution from John Christie. John is a legend in the ski business. Founder, owner and/or manager of several New England ski resorts (Sugarloaf, Mt. Snow, Saddleback),  John has served as president of Vermont and Maine Ski Areas Associations, was a board member of[Read More…]

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Boots waiting to be evaluated. 
Credit: MasterFit

Test Animal In The Annual Ski Boot Lab

How the Magazines Get Their Boot Evaluations. Since the mid-80’s a group of serious skiers has convened at Mt Bachelor, in Bend, Oregon, to evaluate the boots store buyers have purchased for the coming season. This year the show, which is organized by MasterFit Enterprises, moved to Solitude in Utah. I was invited to participate. The collective impressions of the[Read More…]

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Professional athlete Candide Thovex makes gravity work. Click below for video

Candide Thovex Hops Down The Alps

Folly Or Finesse? Hold my beer while a take a run, will ya?  Actually, it’s Candide Thovex, professional athlete, making a spectacular run off-piste somewhere in the Alps.  Some might say this kind of extreme skiing is irresponsible; others might say there is skill here to be admired.  Whatever your stance on this kind of dramatic skiing activity, you have[Read More…]

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Harriet Wallis is a veteran journalist who regularly skis the resorts around Salt Lake City. She is a long-time corresponent for SeniorsSkiing.com.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Apr 8)

Wrapping The Sierra, Harriet In The News, Wave Skiing, Another Master Clinic And More. The snow season moves along, evaporating in some places and persisting in others. More recent snow in the West and Rockies, odd-ball weather in the East has outdoor enthusiasts in a confused mood. Many folks are still doing their snow sports thing while others are waiting[Read More…]

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Bear Valley Pond Skimming.  Silly season is in out in happy, snow-filled California.
Credit: Steve Peixotta/ Bear Valley

California Wrap: Sierra Nevada Resorts Are Jubilant!

…And There May Be More Snow Coming Next Week! As one of the best ski seasons in the Sierra Nevada in the past five years winds down, resort operators can look back and smile broadly about the steady stream of mid-size snowstorms that rolled over their resorts on a regular basis all season long, making for consistently ideal conditions and[Read More…]

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We Want Advertisers Who Want You

We Want Advertisers Who Want You

SeniorsSkiing.com has a GREAT End-of-Season Ad Special! SeniorsSkiing.com is seeking advertisers and sponsors wanting to position their products and services to our audience of active, older snow sports participants. And we’re asking you, our readers, to help. At the height of the 2015-16 season we received almost 18,000 visitors and almost 59,000 pageviews.* Readers stayed an average of three minutes,[Read More…]

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Chuck Patterson slaloms down "Jaws" in Maui.
Credit: Salomon Freeski

Wave Skiing In Maui: The Future Of Freeski?

When The Need To Ski Takes You To The Ocean. Here is former Freeskier Chuck Patterson handling several big ones off Maui in 2011 on skis.  He’s experimenting with the idea of skiing down monster waves like Pe’ahi or “Jaws”, shown here. We do wonder, however, what he is doing with those poles. We guess that’s part of the experiment.

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Harriet is getting back in shape after hip surgery

Holy Cow! Harriet’s Got Two New Hips!

How To Be A Good Friend While Your Friend Heals. Like many seniors, I’m rebuilt with mechanical parts. For me it was two knees and now it’s two new hips. I’m a heap of stainless steel. While my hips learn what they’re supposed to do, I’m mostly stranded at home with a lot of pain, inability to do what I[Read More…]

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Gore Mountain Resort is headquarters for the Back Country Ski Club. It's not always this foggy.
Credit: Pat McCloskey

Backwoods Ski Club: Informal Senior Group, No Rules, Just Fun

Good Times On Gore Mountain With Senior Skiers. I am riding the chair at Gore this week with my good friend Mike Smith.  He said to me, “McCloskey, I have found the meaning of life—speed, horsepower and altitude.” Mike is an avid skydiver and pilot as well as a real good skier.  At 66 years old, he has more energy[Read More…]

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Kirkwood Mountain Resort in the sunset.  A free test Masters Program will run on April 14 for all seniors.
Credit: Kirkwood

Masters Program At Kirkwood: The Trend Continues

Sierra-Tahoe Resort Hosts Seniors “Ski For Life” Special—Clinics, Education, Socializing. Kirkwood Mountain Resort in the Sierra Tahoe region is joining a number of ski areas that are conducting programs focused on their senior skiers.  Kirkwood says they have found their senior skiers and riders want to socialize with others, get the best value for their dollars, and ski confidently on[Read More…]

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Check Out Jay Peak's Video.

Jay Peak Making Lemonade From A Lemon Ski Season

Vermont’s Jay Peak’s Video Shows How Creative Eastern Skiers Can Be When Making The Most Out Of Lemons. The clever skiers from the Northeast Kingdom discover a lemon tree right on the ski trail.  Can you count the number of ways they make lemonade?  Nice work, Jay Peak.  Next season will be better.  

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Harriet Wallis is a veteran journalist who regularly skis the resorts around Salt Lake City. She is a long-time corresponent for SeniorsSkiing.com.

Harriet Wallis Hailed As Ski Utah’s Journalist Of Year

It’s The Second Time Harriet Has Won This Award! Harriet Wallis earned Ski Utah’s top award – Journalist of the Year – for outstanding and consistent ski stories and photos about skiing in Utah.  She’s had 64 stories and 71 photos published this year in a variety of publications, including SeniorsSkiing.com. It’s the second time she’s earned the award. The[Read More…]

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Western states got ka-powed last week.  Here's Breckenridge.
Credit: Joe Durzo.

This Week In SeniorsSkiing.com (Apr 1)

Skiing In Literature Series Launched, Fun Products, Snowshoeing At Ski Resorts, Plus A Report On Roads Scholars Trip to Telluride, CO. This isn’t an April Fool joke. There is a forecast of snow for this weekend in the Boston area. Come on, Old Man Winter, make up your mind. Our friends in the West are celebrating even more powder as[Read More…]

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A great idea whose time has come.  Get those boots off easily! 
Credit: Debooter

DeBooter: DeLovely Way For Easy (And Painless) Boot Removal

A Smart Ski Boot Jack That Really Works. They are the collective sounds of people removing their ski boots: the moans of agony and the sighs of joy heard in lots and lodges around the globe. I’m simply relieved to get the damn things off, but getting the top of my foot past those two nasty tabs of plastic are[Read More…]

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