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Meet 96-Year-Old Ski Legend: Junior Bounous

Meet 96-Year-Old Ski Legend: Junior Bounous

Ski industry icon Junior Bounous, 96, is a mover and shaker whose passion is to keep people skiing throughout their lives. In a nutshell, he tells seniors: Just “keep moving.” Junior’s career spans nearly eight decades with a list of accomplishments and awards longer than both my arms: Intermountain cross country and national gelande jumping champion, national race course setter,[Read More…]

Kathy Brennan, new CEO, PSIA-East, at Seven Springs, PA

A Day With Kathy Brennan, New CEO, PSIA-East

I recently skied with Kathy Brennan, the new CEO of PSIA -E (Professional Ski Instructors of America- Eastern Division).  Kathy has an impressive background in the snow sports industry and is currently on staff at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. She has been touring areas in her division which extends from Maine to North Carolina. An accomplished skier and excellent teacher, Kathy[Read More…]

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Celebrate Winter: Anecdotes and Insights from a Cross-Country Skier’s Experience

Celebrate Winter: Anecdotes and Insights from a Cross-Country Skier’s Experience

Over the past 50+ years, John “Morty” Morton has cross-country skied around the world, been an international-caliber racer and coach, and, as far as I’m concerned (this is homage from a friendly competitor), is the premier Nordic ski trail designer in North America. Morty has seen dramatic evolutions in the sport – from wood skis to synthetic, wool to spandex,[Read More…]

PSIA Podcast: Not Just for Pros


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James Niehues in his studio, creating maps by hand. Credit: LA Times

The Man Who Paints Mountains

James Niehues Creates Hand Painted Maps Of Ski Resorts And Now There’s A Book. If you’ve ever taken a second look at the resort trail maps you casually pick up and put in your parka pocket, you are most likely looking at a painting by James Niehues. James has created trail map art of over 200 resorts around the globe[Read More…]

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Alan Engen (l) and Jim Gaddis hold the Intermountain Ski Association Alpine Combined trophy. Each won the championship 3 times. c. 1959. Credit: Alan Engen Collection

Ski Champion Jim Gaddis: When Life Got Tough, He Surged Ahead

Advice Jim Followed: When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It. From the time Jim was a youngster, his single goal was to be an Olympic ski racer. He lived for that. He trained for that. But when he was shut out of the Olympics, it didn’t stop him. He generated ways to help others in the[Read More…]

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Klaus Obermeyer

Klaus Obermeyer Turns 99

Klaus Obermeyer, the legendary skier and innovator, whose eponymous ski clothing brand is found almost everywhere, recently has his 99th birthday. The following interview with Klaus appeared in, January 27, 2017: “It’s Easier To Ski Than To Walk.” Klaus Obermeyer is a skiing legend and innovator. The 97 year old founded Sport Obermeyer Ltdbased on insights about ski wear[Read More…]

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Alf Engen and Alan Engen jumping at Alta, circa 1949.

SnowSports Leader: Alan K. Engen

When Alan Engen was born, Dr. Wherritt put wooden tongue depressors—like miniature skis—on the bottom of his little feet and handed the newborn to his legendary father, Alf Engen. “I think I can safely say that I came pretty close to being born on skis,” says Alan. He learned to ski when he was two. Thus began a lifetime of[Read More…]

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The University of Utah’s ski team won the NCAA Championship, and the ski team members have high GPAs.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Coveted Honors Awarded At Ski History Gala

Rossignol’s Top Executive And The University Of Utah Ski Team Earned Top Honors. The country’s largest ski history and research organization, Ski Archives, held its annual gala and fundraiser to help support its mission. In addition, the event honors individuals and organizations that set a high mark for their influence on the ski industry. This year, Ron Steele, philanthropist and[Read More…]

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Innovator, pioneer, snowmaker, Herman Dupre is a legend in snowsports.

Snow Sport Leaders: Herman Dupre, An Original Maker Of Snow

Son Of Immigrant Parents, Herman Dupre Found A Way To Give The Sport Snow. Aside from building the Seven Springs ski area in western Pennsylvania into a major mountain resort, Herman Dupre’s claim to fame is that he is a pioneer in snowmaking.  He always tinkered with how to utilize high pressure air and water to help Mother Nature spread[Read More…]

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Johannes Von Trapp: Climbing Every Mountain

Johannes Von Trapp: Climbing Every Mountain

Scion Of The Famous Family Is The Inventor Of The Modern X-C Center. [Editor Note: This article first appeared in  Our thanks to publisher Roger Lohr for allowing us to reproduce it here.] If there was an American Cross Country Ski Hall of Fame, Johannes von Trapp would be one of the surefire inductees. The famous story of the[Read More…]

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Melanie Mills, CEO, Colorado Ski Country USA

SnowSports Leaders: Melanie Mills, CEO, Colorado Ski Country

Last Season, Colorado Accounted For Nearly 25% Of All Skier Visits In The US, More Than Any Other State. The Rocky Mountain High state has iconic areas like Aspen, Steamboat, and Telluride. But it also has a well-developed trade and marketing organization, Colorado Ski Country USA, currently headed by Melanie Mills. The group’s scope is widespread, covering public policy, domestic and international[Read More…]

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Dave has the same smile!

Snow Sport Leaders: Dave Scott

“I Don’t Believe In Slowing Down.” [Editor Note: Dave Scott spent most of his adult life working in multiple facets of the ski and sport industry both in the United States and in Europe. In 2009, David Scott was honored as a Sport Builder by the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame. Beginning his ski-racing career in Pennsylvania, David first came[Read More…]

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Klaus Obermeyer

Snow Sports Leaders: Klaus Obermeyer

“It’s Easier To Ski Than To Walk.” Klaus Obermeyer is a skiing legend and innovator. The 97 year old founded Sport Obermeyer Ltd based on insights about ski wear while working in the late 40’s as an instructor in Aspen. One of his many innovations was the down ski parka, stitched together from a goose down comforter. Other product innovations[Read More…]

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Steve Cohen, CEO, MasterFit Enterprises

Snow Sports Leaders: Steve Cohen, CEO, MasterFit Enterprises

[Editor Note: Steve Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Masterfit Enterprises, oversees the Masterfit University Training Centers, the America’s Best Bootfitters organization of top ski bootfitting shops, and Masterfit’s insole and bootfitting products lines. He created the annual national on-hill boot testing program in 1988 while serving as executive editor of Ski Magazine. He is a senior contributor and co-authors all[Read More…]

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Jackson Hogan of

Snow Sports Leaders: Jackson Hogen, Publisher of

Jackson Hogen’s career encompasses many roles in the world of skiing: from freestyle competitor, instructor and extreme camp coach to ski designer, product manager, and marketing director. He has been testing skis and boots for decades. His list of best 2016-17 skis for older skiers is available free to subscribers. Your bio indicates you’re a skiing everyman. You’ve[Read More…]

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New CCSAA Exec Director Reese Brown brings energy.
Credit: Roger Kohl

Snow Sports Leaders: Reese Brown, X-C Ski Area Association Exec

New Ideas For X-C Skiing With New Director. Reese Brown is taking over the reins at the Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CCSAA) as Executive Director after a long run by former leader, Chris Frado. CCSAA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977 with about 350 ski area members in North America and is dedicated to promoting growth and improving[Read More…]

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"Bernie Weichsel speaks at the Jerry Awards at the Ishpeming 100 Film Festival during Skiing History Week in Steamboat Springs."

Snow Sports Leaders: Bernie Weichsel, BEWI Ski And Snowboard Expos

Bernie Weichsel is the country’s major producer of ski shows and expos. He founded BEWI Productions, Inc. in 1979 and has successfully marketed snow sports to audiences in the US and internationally. He assists with fundraising for the U.S. Ski Team and other non-profit organizations. Bernie also is a valued member of the Advisory Council. How did you start[Read More…]

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Snow Sports Leaders: Earl Saline, National Ski Areas Association (NSAA)

Snow Sports Leaders: Earl Saline, National Ski Areas Association (NSAA)

Editor’s Note: With this article, begins a project of publishing interviews with snow sports leaders. We want our readers to learn more about the people who are influential in snow sports development and their views of the role of older participants in skiing, boarding and snow shoeing. Earl Saline, Director of Education Programming for the National Ski Areas Association[Read More…]

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