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Using a Scheduling App for Co-ordinating Ski House or Club Stays

Using a Scheduling App for Co-ordinating Ski House or Club Stays

The Challenges of Shared Vacation Property. I’m connected to a group that has access to a special piece of real estate. It’s not grand or luxurious, but it’s in an epic location and holds years of memories of celebrations, vacations and good times with family and friends. It’s a privilege to be able to go there, and the co-owners work[Read More…]

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Has your ski club thought about managing a shared ski house?

Sharing a Ski House During a Pandemic

How Does Everyone Stay Safe In Close Quarters? In the Internet era, we keep hearing about the “new sharing economy” with tech companies like AirBnB, Uber, Zipcar all capitalizing on otherwise under-used assets like spare bedrooms and cars. But in the ski community we’ve been ahead of the curve for years with ski clubs maximizing occupancy of ski houses, families[Read More…]

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