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Sunny break at Alta

This Issue: April 15, 2022

I remember a Spring weekend in the early 70’s when I skied my butt off at Mt Mansfield, drove back to Manhattan, showered, changed into business clothes, and hopped on a flight to Atlanta for an early Monday morning meeting. It was the last trip of the season, and before I hit the highway, I walked down to a rushing[Read More…]

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This Issue: March 18, 2022

In Short Swings!, Jon pairs French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir’s thoughts about aging with giving the finger to some disrespectful kids at Park City. Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens, previews what to expect in ski country over the coming weeks. Wendy Clinch of TheSkiDiva discusses what the women on her forum are saying about the state of on-hill safety. Tamsin Venn[Read More…]

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This Week: March 4, 2022

While the annual fund-raiser will continue through March (can you believe we’re already in March?), poster and stickers will start to be mailed over the coming days. Short Swings! explores a different way of understanding our age by subtracting our years from our date of birth. Using that formula, Jon winds up in 1865. Herb’s weather report bodes well for[Read More…]

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This Issue: February 18, 2022

This Issue Short Swings! starts with some contrarian thoughts about the Beijing Olympics. It’ll be interesting to see if you agree with Jon’s observations. They’re followed by news and other curiosities related to the world of skiing. Herb Stevens, the Skiing Weatherman, explains why snow is happening in some sections of mountain country and what to expect, weather-wise, over the coming[Read More…]

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This Issue: February 4, 2022

Today, we start passing the fund-raising hat. Your contributions allow this shoestring operation to send you 8-10 original articles and other content, every-other-week, free-of-charge. We’re requesting a minimum contribution of $14, or $1 per issue; more if you can. All donors will receive the new Senior Skiers Rock! stickers. Donors of $50 or more will receive the Licensed to Ski[Read More…]

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This Week: January 21, 2022

This Week: January 21, 2022

Last issue, a handful of readers had difficulty accessing articles. If you find yourself in that situation, please see the guidance at the end of this document. Several weeks back, we introduced LUV2SKI, the photo gallery of of skiing-oriented license plates. So far, we’ve collected about 100 of these clever combinations of letters and numbers gracing vehicles around the country.[Read More…]

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This Issue

Unfortunately, Covid continues to impact our lives…even on the hill. Jon’s Short Swings! column explores the different ways two neighboring Utah ski areas – Park City Mountain Resort and Alta – are handling Covid. He also describes the time he was banned from a ski area in the 1970s. Don’t miss the link to an informative critique of the trails[Read More…]

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This Issue

This is being written from Salt Lake City, the day after 20” fell at Snowbird. It’s almost at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon and just a short distance from Park City, where the total was 10”. Compare that to Mammoth Mountain in California’s Sierra range… 44” in 72 hours! Jon’s Short Swings! column is a bit self-confessional this time,[Read More…]

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