A mariachi band gets people dancing before the Outdoor Retailers show opens.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Hot Finds For Seniors At The Winter Outdoor Show

The Innovations Are Amazing. Here Are Three Top Picks For Seniors. Vibram – the company known for its hiking boot soles – has a new sole material it calls “Arctic Grip.” You can walk on solid ice and not slip. Really! To prove it, Vibram demonstrated on blocks of ice at its show booth. Arctic Grip is used by six[Read More…]

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Still wearing 35 year old ski clothing? It looks it.

Using Old Clothing And Accessories: Part 2

But Do You Really Want To Be Seen In A Neon Jumpsuit From The 80s? [Editor Note: Correspondent Val E. rummages through his closet to assess what old stuff is still useful and what isn’t.  Here’s the second part of his report. The first part dealt with skis, boots and bindings.] Clothing Base layers— cotton is NOT for skiing, silk could[Read More…]

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Well, maybe not 360s.

Use Your Old Ski Equipment? Maybe: Part 1

Frugality Or Familiarity Might Be Reasons To Hang On. Should You? It Depends. Editor Note: This is the first of a two-part article where ski industry veteran Val E. discusses whether using old equipment is safe and/or worth it.  We’ve seen people on the lift line with really old equipment; ours not to reason why. But you should know what the[Read More…]

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Norway-born Snowshoe Thompson delivered mail in the Sierras in the 19th century.

Milestones of Modern XC Skiing In the US

Remember Skiing On Wooden Skis With A Pine Tar Base And Lathered In Klistervox? Wasn’t That Long Ago. Editor Note: XCSkiResort Publisher Roger Lohr has catalogued the main events that propelled XC skiing from a peculiar sport with a small following in the US to a major recreational and racing enterprise with a huge following.  Thanks, Roger, for tracing the trail.[Read More…]

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Electronic Gizmo Gift Ideas Keep You Connected

Electronic Gizmo Gift Ideas Keep You Connected

Wander, But Don’t Get Lost.   “Why am I here? What happened?” I was lying on my back in a narrow 20-ft deep snow hole. My concerned buddy was looking at me from above. I took a few photos and started thinking how to get out of my snow jail without ropes or means of communication with ski patrol. The conditions were tricky,[Read More…]

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Just a sample of the brands on Ski Influencers available to subscribers.

More Gift Idea Discounts For Subscribers Only

Check Out Serious Pro Discounts For Gear and Clothing From Experticity Our Online Partner. subscribers enjoy access to discounts on gear and clothing from the website which hosts links to many top brands. To get these discounts, you have to be a subscriber. If you are NOT yet a subscriber, just sign up using the pop-up or click here[Read More…]

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Head's Easy On boot.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Retail Drop In: Three Shops Make Recommendations For Seniors

[Editor Note: It’s buying season, and we know from our reader surveys that many senior snow enthusiasts are looking for new gear and clothing.  We decided to do an experiment and drop into three different ski shops in three different parts of the country to ask, “What’s hot for seniors?”  That means, what stands out this year for seniors that’s[Read More…]

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The Best Skis For Senior Skiers

The Best Skis For Senior Skiers

 Soft Flex. Minimal Exertion. Skis for Six Different Scenarios. Update Dec 27, 2016:  Subscribers can now download the list of recommended skis by going to the top navigation bar, click on Community, select Subscriber-Only-Content, choose the download and reconfirm your email address.  If you are not a subscriber, consider subscribing. It’s free, lots of interesting articles for seniors who love[Read More…]

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Full Tilt boots: comfort, warmth, convenience.

Back to the Future With Full Tilt Boots

Rear Entry Boots For Comfort And Convenience. If you bring up the subject of ski boots among senior skiers, you’re bound to hear someone lament the demise of rear-entry boots or praise the old Raichle Full Flex boots (AKA Flexon Comps). Today when some oldsters need boot horns to get into their ski boots and boot jacks to remove them,[Read More…]

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Body mapping clothing--allocating insulation in different zones--is an innovative idea being used by clothing manufacturers.
Credit: Berghaus

Layering Redux: More Tips For Senior Skiers

What A Modern Senior Skier Needs To Know About Layers. [Editor Note: Last September, published an article about layering prompted by an unfortunate experience in extremely cold weather when we over-layered and paid the price for it. This year, here’s a list of tips from Val E., our new correspondent who has deep background in the ski industry. He’s bringing us[Read More…]

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Googles, once an after-thought, have embraced high technology as well high style.
Credit: Smith Goggles

10 Tips For Buying Goggles

10 Things A Senior Buyer Has To Know About Goggles. While goggles shopping, take your helmet with you; both should happily marry. It is good to have no gaps between goggles and your nose. Don’t touch the inner side of the lens with your fingers, gloves or paper napkins. You may scratch off the special coating, then the goggles will[Read More…]

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Study up if you're buying new gear this year.  There is a lot of nuanced knowledge to learn.
Credit: SkiSaltLakeCity

Ski Instructor Advice On New Alpine Gear

If You’re Buying, Know Before You Go. This is the time of year when a lot of people buy ski equipment for the upcoming season.  Ski swaps, retail sales, online blowouts, etc. are all in full swing once the weather starts to turn cooler.  But aside from the great deals, caution should definitely be applied when purchasing equipment. As a ski[Read More…]

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Correspondent Yvette Cardozo decked out in Obermeyer plus size ski wear at the top of Mammoth Mountain's expert runs, ready to put the technical skiwear through its paces.
Credit: Yvette Cardozo

Finding Plus-Size Clothing A Problem For Skiing Senior Women’s Correspondent Yvette Cardozo Tells Where To Get Decent Clothing For Plus-Size Women. This is a story of success and failure. And progress. Sort of. I am not svelte by anyone’s measure. But I ski. I cycle. I scuba dive.  And I once rode my bike across the state of Florida … 174 miles in one day. The average temperature was 95, by[Read More…]

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Portland-based ON3P are hand made.  And you can customize.
Credit: ON3P

ON3P Ski Review From A Reader

A Reader Has Discovered A Perfect Ski For Seniors.  Here’s His Story. Editor’s Note:  We received this ski review from subscriber Tom Levak, an enthusiastic skier who skis in the Portland, OR, area and also hits Mt. Hood every summer.  As far as we know, Tom is not associated with ON3P; this is an example of how our readers[Read More…]

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Outdoor Retailers Summer Market is a huge trade show in SLC.
Credit: Harriet Wallis

Top Picks From The Outdoor Retailers Show

Improve Your Balance, Wear The Newest Fabric And Protect From The Sun. Outdoor Retailers Summer Market Tradeshow is the largest show of its kind in the U.S. where manufacturers strut their products and retailers place orders for next year. The massive show has over 1,500 exhibitors, and it covers acres within Salt Lake City’s convention center. A few passes are issued[Read More…]

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