Demoing Demo Skis

Demoing Demo Skis

Guidelines For An Objective Assessment. One of the great things about ski rental shops today is their willingness to rent top of the line skis. This is a great deal because for $35 – $50/day, you can try skis that will set you back $1,000. For the CPAs, math and economic majors, the break-even at $50/day on a $1,000 pair[Read More…]

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Why I Don’t Read Ski Test Reports

Why I Don’t Read Ski Test Reports

[Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Seven Ways To Make Ski Tests More Objective. Way back in the late 20th Century, while running the SKIpp Testing program for SKI Magazine, John Perryman and I learned the most difficult problem to solve and the biggest variable was the ski tester. In conversations with almost every[Read More…]

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The Personal Ski

The Personal Ski

Does The World Need A Custom Ski Just For You? [Please consider supporting with a donation. We appreciate your help. Click here.] Way back in the winter of 2018, long before Covid raised its ugly head, I asked the heads of marketing (none of whom would qualify for a SeniorsSkiing/com subscription) from three manufacturers a simple question: “Has ski[Read More…]

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Senior Skier? Here are the Best Skis for You.

Senior Skier? Here are the Best Skis for You.

This is the time of year when, with input from the website, we publish’s annual listing of the best new skis for older skiers. Arrival of the pandemic virtually wiped out implementation of the comprehensive women’s test. But was able to collect sufficient data to pick the best models for senior male skiers.  The 2021 Best Skis[Read More…]

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Subscribers Only: The Best 2020 Skis for Senior Skiers

Subscribers Only: The Best 2020 Skis for Senior Skiers

  Each year, collaborates with to inform its readers about skis that allow older skiers to turn more easily and to ski longer without tiring. Women’s skis – sometimes engineered for female size and physique – are included.  To find the list on the site, a) click “Community” on the menu bar, b) click “Subscriber Only Content” in the dropdown box, and[Read More…]

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Now Available: List of Best 2019 Skis For Seniors

Now Available: List of Best 2019 Skis For Seniors

We just published the list of 2019 skis identified as the best for older skiers. The 61 selected skis generally have a softer flex, which helps them engage snow with minimal exertion, allowing older skiers to turn more easily and to ski longer without tiring. Twenty-one women’s models are included. The skis were selected during the annual national ski evaluation[Read More…]

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Pat's ski collection from narrow to wide underfoot dimensions. Credit: Pat McCloskey

In Your Quiver

Do You Know What Underfoot Measurement Is Best For Your Kind Of Skiing? One of the hardest questions a seasoned skier has to answer is when someone new to skiing or maybe even a friend says, “So what kind of ski should I be on this year?”  Really a tough question to answer without delving into particulars like, athleticism, age,[Read More…]

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The Best 2018 Skis For Senior Skiers

The Best 2018 Skis For Senior Skiers

One Might Say You Can Never Have Enough Skis. My wife disagrees. She skis on a relatively old pair that she loves. They’re relatively soft in shovel and heel. For her, one pair is enough. Mine is a completely different story; too long to get into at the moment. Jackson Hogen, publisher of the ski review site, has been[Read More…]

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Putting XC Skis Away

Putting XC Skis Away

Nine Steps For Maintaining Your XC Equipment. [Editor Note: thanks Roger Lohr of and Andy Gerlach of and StartSkiWax for this article.] The winter and snow cover are leaving us, so what do we do with your xc ski equipment? 1) Cleaning: Use wax remover and Fiber wipe, a chamois-like cloth, to clean the kick zone and[Read More…]

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The Top All-Mountain Skis of All Time: Part II

The Top All-Mountain Skis of All Time: Part II

This article completes the list of “iconic all-mountain” skis published last week. One reader comment on last week’s list stated that better options are available today. In the interest of clarification, skis listed last week and in this article weren’t necessarily the most innovative or game changing. But, at the time they were introduced, they were the best at handling[Read More…]

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The Top All-Mountain Skis of All Time

The Top All-Mountain Skis of All Time

Excerpted with permission from where the full article was published March 20, 2017. All-mountain skis — those that purport to do everything reasonably well – started appearing in the mid-90’s.  Following, listed roughly in order of their debut, are the iconic models that emerged since the term “all-mountain” came into common usage. My picks aren’t necessarily the most innovative[Read More…]

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Ready to ride on a firm day at Stevens Pass. Credit: John Nelson

Gear Review: K2 Pinnacle 105

Big-Mountain Lovers Won’t Find A Better Age-Busting Ski. By age-busting, I mean the K2 Pinnacle 105. makes everything easier — and it made me feel about 20 years younger. The Pinnacle 105 is on’s list of best Big Mountain skis for seniors in the West. If you’d like to receive the list, click on this link and subscribe on the form[Read More…]

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Demo staff are knowledgable, helpful and welcoming to first-timers.
Credit: Val E.

Demo Day: How To Participate And Enjoy

Here Are Some Tips For Taking Part. Don’t Be Shy. Every season ski shops, ski manufacturers, and ski resorts organize events when anybody could try new ski equipment. Demos range from a local mom-and-pop ski shop get-together to major on-snow events run by SIA (Snowsports Industry America). Why do you need to take part in it? Technical progress never stops,[Read More…]

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The Best Skis For Senior Skiers

The Best Skis For Senior Skiers

 Soft Flex. Minimal Exertion. Skis for Six Different Scenarios. Update Dec 27, 2016:  Subscribers can now download the list of recommended skis by going to the top navigation bar, click on Community, select Subscriber-Only-Content, choose the download and reconfirm your email address.  If you are not a subscriber, consider subscribing. It’s free, lots of interesting articles for seniors who love[Read More…]

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Portland-based ON3P are hand made.  And you can customize.
Credit: ON3P

ON3P Ski Review From A Reader

A Reader Has Discovered A Perfect Ski For Seniors.  Here’s His Story. Editor’s Note:  We received this ski review from subscriber Tom Levak, an enthusiastic skier who skis in the Portland, OR, area and also hits Mt. Hood every summer.  As far as we know, Tom is not associated with ON3P; this is an example of how our readers[Read More…]

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Each dimension can be varied in different ski types. Know your preferences.
Credit: Brittanica

Picking Your Next Skis: The Essentials

When buying skis, choose a ski based on matching width and turn radius to the kind of snow you like. Hard snow: select a ski with a narrow waist – 76mm or narrower. Soft groomers (or general western front-of-mountain skiing): select a moderate waist – 75 to 85mm. Resort powder (with firm surface underneath): select a mid-fat waist – 85[Read More…]

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Coalition Snow has skis and boards for women only.
Credit: Coalition Snow

Women Only Skis and Boards? Yes, Says Coalition Snow

Coalition Snow Fills Women’s Needs For Quality Equipment. Last spring, we’ve were impressed by Coalition Snow’s CEO Jen Gurecki when she talked with our friend The Ski Diva about her line of ski and boards for women only.  She recognized a niche market, defined a set of unique needs, and she put together products that are based on research. Now her challenge was getting[Read More…]

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Jen Gureki saw a clear need for women's skis and founded Coalition Snow.
Credit: The Ski Diva

Skis Just For Women

Should We Have Ski Equipment Just For Seniors, Too? At the ski shows last fall, we heard rumblings in the ski industry about products for specific segments.  Now, our friend and colleague The Ski Diva has tracked down and interviewed Jen Gureki, CEO and Founder of Coalition Snow, which manufactures skis for women.  Her rationale for developing a ski for women[Read More…]

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